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Absence Sheet

I don't think I'll be able to ref for a while. Superbird vs The Omskivar will need an e-ref, and I'll be adding another to TruetoCheese's pile of unfulfilled promises. So sorry, guys :C
Yo hey speaking of The Omskivar, I'm coming up on show week and then a massive slew of auditions, callbacks and Theta events through like the middle of October. I'm mostly posting to provide an explanation for, and apologize for the continuation of, terrible reffing habits. Though I am still working on everything, if I'm taking too long (BBBB notwithstanding) to ref a battle you're in, I won't be offended if you snag an e-ref, but maybe poke me first in case I'm in the middle of it or something.
Yo, I'll be in Louisiana with my dad/grandparents for two weeks. Probably low to no internet. Leaving tomorrow morning!
Yo fam so I just got done with the show and everything so other than preparing for Friday's audition, I have very little to do this week. Today notwithstanding, expect my reffings to be done by Thursday
I've been busy visiting surskitty; I'll probably get ASB stuff done Tuesday to Friday since they've got class and I'll be here alone in the afternoon.
Real life is taking a toll and I can't focus on internet things too much. I'll be taking a leave until the end of the month.
Urrgh this weekend did not go well. Give me... another week... I guess? Sorry. Hopefully I can get commands up sometime during the week.
I'm probably going to need another week for tournament commands. All my other battles should be fine, since I have no reason to take them seriously. :p
First of all: The last time this battle had someone post on it was back in August. It needs a new ref.
Second: I won't be able to post for a few days. I will probably post again in this thread when I can post again.
Just a quick post to say I've been pretty busy for the past few weeks and unfortunately will be for a couple more, so commands and reffings will still be a little longer - sorry for the inconvenience! In the meantime, feel free to poke me repeatedly about commanding or request an e-ref.
Hahahahaha school hahahahaha first "B" ever in my life and i have two hahahahaha science teacher is literally senile and can't teach hahahahaha she may be getting fired hahahahaha living in RV bc house is getting remodeled hahahahahaha may be moving to louisiana permanently hahahahahaha love you all but I'm too busy laughing to give commands, see yall later <3
ahh forgot to post about this earlier. I'll be on a trip and out-of-wifi until Wednesday, Dec. 9, so don't expect commands until then.

although they may still miraculously appear!! you never know!!
I won't be able to post commands or reffings until December 23rd, though it's likely I won't be able to post either until January 6th.
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