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Absence Sheet

This week is finals week, so I'll be busy doing that. (Not that it really matters too much, because my only battle has a long DQ time, but in case you're wondering why I am temporarily disappearing!)
I'll probably need a week extension for commands for my tournament battle. Reffings should be fine as usual, though.
I have a lot of stuff I need to sort out right now, so I'm going to need an extra five days or so for commands/reffings.

I'm also going into surgery on the 12th of Feb, with an anticipated hospital stay of four days, so things are going to be pretty rough for me then, too.
I had a lot of homework over the past week, and homework comes first. I'm pretty sure I posted a command on my latest battle just under the wire, but I'm not entirely sure, so I need to justify my actions.
I most likely won't be able to post commands or reffings from the 6th to the 15th. I'm not entirely sure, though, so I'll edit this post if that changes.

edit: Alright, I should be fine to command from today (2/11).
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I have a little trip coming up, so I won't be around this weekend. Should be back by Tuesday at the latest.
I don't think I ever posted that I was disappearing (it wasn't intentional) but I should be around now! If I'm reffing a battle of yours that isn't the Baby Bug Ball Brawl, please see my Emergency Referee Outpost post.
I'm going to be moving in to a new place this weekend and have various other trips planned for this next week, then next weekend I have a bit more travel and start a new job. Things may be hectic and I may not be here often.

(Stryke and Eifie, I do almost have the next round done so I'll try to post that before I leave! Sorry it's so late!)
(oops double post oh well) I still don't have internet in my new place and adjusting to my new job has been pretty difficult and stressful :| Hopefully this weekend things will settle!
I will be going to a summer program quite a way from home. I'll have my computer, but I won't have time to actually come on and think through commands. It's till the end of the month.
Tomorrow, I'll be heading off to Boy Scout Summer Camp for a week, where internet access is pretty limited and frowned upon, unless it's for research. Because of that, I won't be around from tomorrow until the 23rd. (This is pretty much an annual thing, so you can expect me to mysteriously disappear around this time every year.)
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N-not that I've been super prompt on any of my reffings lately, but it is going to be less prompt again :( My family is visiting this weekend and weekends are usually my best time to work on reffings because weeknights are short and I'm exhausted on them, so things will be slow. Sorry to people I'm reffing/writing battles for, I'll try to get them done as soon as I can!
The weekend is over and my evening time is less occupied but now I am also sick >:( reffings are slowly on their way!!
My activity's been pretty spotty lately, and if you're familiar with this thread you know I've been planning to go on a long trip. I'm on my way now, so although I'm going to try to pop into TCoD when I can, my activity will be pretty uncertain for the next year or so. I'll let you know if I think I won't be able to keep up with my battles, and sorry in advance if I leave you waiting a long time.
I was on holiday for the past three weeks, and just got home to loads of work, so I'll be away from the site for a while. At least a month. :(
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