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Absence Sheet


groove out!
they or she
If seeking to venture out and explore lands beyond the reach of League jurisdiction, trainers should change their status to inactive by entering their name on the Absence Sheet, which is tacked to the side of the Registration Office in ASB Central. Inactive trainers are immune to the normal penalties for dropping out of sight, so don't forget to leave your name here before you head off on any exciting adventures.

Absence Sheet

If you're going away or won't be able to get on the Internet regularly for any reason, just make a post about it here to let people know. If you can't make it onto the forums for whatever reason, you may also ask another member of the boards to post here for you. If you choose, you may also post a note when you return, especially if your absence has been long. Usually a post in the Absence Sheet will save you from disqualification and so forth, but if you're gone for significantly longer than you say you will be, you will start to rack up penalties anyway.
The universe did that thing again where it gives me a lot to deal with at once. I was already gone for a few days, I'm somehow managing to catch up here but my activity will probably be spotty for a bit

EDIT: I'm working third shift this Thursday through Saturday night, so it's unlikely I'll have time for ASB in that time (though I'll certainly try). Same goes for next weekend. Blame Wal-Mart
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Sorry, brain's fried; still sick; have been for the past week or two; will get stuff done at some point.
Yeah, I'm more or less going to be out from tomorrow to like Thursday. Spring break means I actually have stuff to do, surprisingly.
TL;DR I probably won't be around until Sunday.

So I changed my availability for 3rd-shift work, but it doesn't take effect until next week, so I'm working Thursday-Friday-Saturday night again this weekend (for reference, it's 2:43 Friday morning right now and I walked home for my lunch break because there's never any fucking coffee in the break room and I have to be back at 3). I was trying to get to everything after I played catchup with my schoolwork this week, but I got additional schoolwork on top of that and it didn't pan out. I'll be powersleeping all weekend around my second job and student radio shifts so I probably won't be around otherwise

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience, if people need to pick up e-refs I understand and I'll get my head on straight soon
I'm taking a course on how to be a kayak guide from Saturday through Wednesday. The course is in a tiny coastal town, and I'm staying in a hostel without my computer, so no reffings, and only commands if I can find free Wi-Fi. On the bright side, when I come back I'll be on Spring Break, and should have lots of time.

EDIT: I do have WiFi, commands should come.
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Welp my house just lost power, and I have no idea when it's coming back \o/ Hopefully it won't be long

Edit: Aaand it's back! That wasn't as dire as I expected.
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May or may not have internet access from March 19th to March 21th, and also March 25th to March 27th. I might pop in every now and then if I can snag free wifi from somewhere, but it's probably best to not count on it.
Gonna be at my sister's until Friday and I don't expect to have a solid internet connection, so posting this in case...
my brilliant habit of storing all my reffings on my backup laptop has finally been punished as the battery has given out and the whole thing now refuses to run. my reffings will take even longer than usual (ha) until it is replaced (a week at most, hopefully)
I'm still super stressed out after recent events, and I think it'd be better for me to take a break than for me to keep going and burn out. Feel free to PM me your ref quizzes in the meantime but I'm not gonna grade any until Friday or Saturday.

I'll be paying close enough attention in case something comes urgent up with the Database or something, but I'm not anticipating anything. The db will also probably get a new banner and maybe a couple minor updates this week; like I've said a few times, it's the most impressive project on my résumé and I really need to get on with the whole job hunt thing. But, like, nothing huge.
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It shouldn't affect anything, but just in case, I'm going to be away for a few days, and while I may be able to check in, I doubt I'll be in a position to post well thought out commands.
I'm actually heading home for spring break! This means that I *probably* won't have time to ref anything until Sunday at the earliest because classes start again on Monday. If I can get to it, I'll get to it!
Going to be out of the house for a day, will have spotty net connections. I should be able to post stuff, hopefully, but mentioning just in case.
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