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Absence Sheet

So, some things have come up in meatspace, and I'm going to have to take some leave for a little while; I'll try my best to find some time to put commands into my own battles, but unfortunately, the fact that my laptop is on a boat somewhere combined with the fact that I'm just really, really busy at the moment means that it'll be next to impossible for me to roll out any reffings within the next month or so. MrKyurem and Metallica Fanboy, feel free to hire an emergency referee. I was really looking forward to reffing your battle but unfortunately it's looking like I won't be able to do that any further for the time being.
I'm back. I've already caught up on my own battles, and I'll resume my reffings immediately.
Well, I'm back from camp a little earlier than anyone was expecting. I'm going to try and ease back into reffing (again) but I should be around pretty often now
I will be gone from Thursday (the 30th) and out for six days afterwards, until the 5th of June. (I don't think it'll get me a DQ in my current battle, but you know.)
My computer's...well I want to say "on the fritz" but it's leapt off the fritz and it's plummeting towards Hell itself, and while I'm in my hometown (rather than my collegetown) I'm doing my utmost not to take it out of the bag, because I'm afraid the next time I open it will be the last. Don't be surprised if no reffings get done until next week, I'm on mobile for as long as I can swing it
I have A JOB so I'm only going to be around on weekends for the foreseeable future. Hopefully I can be more active on some of those weekends??
Okay, so my internet issues are even worse than I thought, so just to be safe I'm going to say now that I probably can't ref for yet a while longer. The power problems my town was having really screwed things up, so I'm sorry about that. If I can post a reffing, I will, and I should be able to do commands via mobile, but beyond that things are hazy until things are fixed.
Okay, so as should be pretty apparent by now I don't think I'm going to get any reffing done. Guess I was wrong when I thought I'd be able to motivate myself to write. I see that at least one of my two battles already picked up an e-ref; if the tournament battle doesn't have one yet, go ahead and get one for it. Since I never actually did any reffing you could probably just consider them a regular ref, actually. Whatever works.

(Superbird, I'm terribly sorry that it dragged on to the point where it runs the risk of ending because MF is gone; it looked like so much fun and I really, really wanted to be able to do it! but it wasn't fair of me to hold on to it rather than just let it go and have another, more capable ref keep things moving.)

Again, I apologize. I really, really want to get back into the swing of actually enjoying ASB again, but it seems that now is just not the time. Have fun with the rest of your battles, ref-ees.
i'm gonna hafta take an indefinite hiatus. sorry, if anyone's disappointed or whatnot. :\ i don't really wanna go into my reasons here so i'll just say i probably won't be back soon at all and uh. yeah. that's all.
eep. forgot to say I'm back now.

Edit: Gah! I'm out again (school year) so stuff might come out delayed. .-.
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I've kind of been slipping up a bit too much lately, so I'm gonna... take a short break from reffing. No more than a week (probably less, because at some point I'm likely to get bored), but your reffings will take a few days longer than you're used to. Sorry :C
I started school today, so I'm trying to adjust. I might be on a few times and lurk around, but I certainly won't be able to post commands. It'll just be for this week.
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