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ASB Rules

I think it depends on whether the trainer says to use the move, or just to charge up. If they say something like 'Use Sky Attack', then it would be done in one round. If they say to charge up, then the actual attack would be executed on the next available action.

Don't quote me on it, though.

(Two-turn attacks can be used in one round presumably because otherwise they wouldn't be worth using)
^Thanks, but I just remembered that the battle is in permanent sun, so it doesn't matter too much. Helps for future reference though.
It's probably obvious, but if a ghost is possessing a rock, and something breaks that rock, would the ghost only sustain damage, or would it faint?
Since I've seen a few arenas like this made here, can we make arenas where you can collect stuff (money or items) and keep them after the battle? For example, an arena where there's gold scattered everywhere, and any pokemon can take an action to collect them so the member gets more money at the end of a battle than they earned under the normal rules.
Yes, provided that the potential payout isn't too extreme (i.e. it's not possible to collect $20 or so worth of knicknacks).
I'm sure I saw something about this somewhere but I don't remember where and I want to clarify. Do extra experience points not needed for a Pokémon's current stage of evolution carry over to the next stage? So, for example, if my Turtwig wins her current battle (D:) she will have a total of 3 exp. She only needs 2 to evolve into Grotle. Does the extra 1 exp carry over into the 4 she needs for Grotle->Torterra, or does it just sit there and do nothing?
I have a dumb question, but I'm not really sure. Would a 2vs2 battle be a double battle?
Yeah, I just got my ASB like, three days ago O.o I'm almost a total idiot.
That depends on what you mean by "2vs2". All that 2vs2 means is that each trainer uses two Pokémon total (instead of one each, or three each, or six each, etc.); it doesn't specify how many Pokémon are on the field at any one time. That's why people generally say "2vs2 single" or "2vs2 double"; the first one means that each trainer can use up to two Pokémon before the end of the battle but only one battles at a time, while the second means that each trainer uses two Pokémon and both of them are on the field at the same time. You can also have something like a 4vs4 double, or a 5vs5 double if you really want to work with odd numbers, etc..

So I guess the short answer is that it can be a double battle, but isn't necessarily.
If Synchroize is Skill Swapped onto a Pokémon that already is paralyzed, poisoned or burned, does the condition get transfered?
No; synchronize only triggers at the moment that the pokémon is first hit with a status condition.
Kind of an odd question, but... what's with the "Ghost Pokémon are actually dead" approach? Just personal preference of the people who came up with the rules?

Because I always figured that Ghost-type Pokémon are just Pokémon with gaseous or otherwise immaterial bodies, rather than actual ghosts. Mainly because they (except Shedinja... but that comes from an empty, discarded bug shell, so I suppose that one really is dead!) actually have genders and can breed with other Pokémon, including non-ghosts, like Grimer, Koffing, Slugma, etc... having an egg hatch into a dead guy seems pretty silly.

Plus there's the ghost Marowak in R/B/Y/FR/LG, which appeared as the generic Ghost before being identified rather than looking like a Gastly or Haunter or something like that... even after Gastlies/Haunters have been identified by the Silph Scope. Which suggests (to me anyway) that Gastly/Haunter aren't dead Pokémon, they were just being mischievous little critters and taking the form of an actual ghost to scare people away from the tower (and failing, since none of the Team Rocket guys seemed concerned at all.)
Ghosts are considered spirits, yeah. Whether or not that means that they died and then became that way is open to interpretation.
Ah, so it's like... Ghost-types could be spirits in the "dead guy souls" sense, or they could be spirits in the "any non-physical supernatural being" sense, or even something else entirely (I imagine Giratina's ghosty immaterial-ness is probably because it's from a distorted parallel universe and all), but it's not something that anyone really knows for sure either way.

That works. Fits in pretty well with how everyone's interpretation of the Pokémon universe is a little bit different from the others, which is always good (I tend to get a little bugged when interaction-based things skew too heavily toward one interpretation, rather than leaving most of the background/"how stuff works" things open.)
Ghosts like sableye and spiritomb can't drop the items they're associated with; they're considered a part of their form, and separating the item from the ghost would cause it to faint or at least be severely injured, much as separating a limb from an ordinary pokémon would cause it considerable harm.
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