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Attacks and Abilities Guide

If a Pokémon has an ability that renders them immune to the opponent's attack, like Motor drive, would their substitute be immune too? And would they still receive the stat boost?

Also, do substitutes block attract? I could have sworn they did, but I saw a couple of people reffing it differently, so yeah. :B
Jump Kick and Hi Jump Kick are still listed by their old BP of 85 and 100. As of Gen V, they're 100 and 130 respectively.
When a multiple hit attack like Fury Attack is used, stat changes take effect upon each individual hit's damage or upon the whole total?
Knock Off - 20 Dark 100%
Target: Single
Class: Contact
Stat: Physical
Contest Type: Pure Points
Contest Score: +10, -30

The user swipes at whatever the user may be holding or wearing, knocking it away and causing the target to lose whatever benefits might be associated with its possession. If the user isn't holding anything, this attack is merely a mild swipe charged with dark-type energy.

This says it takes the item away from the user and that the user needs to have an item for that effect, but also says that the targeted pokémon loses the items effects. I have bolded the parts where it says user but probably means target.
Yes, it does.

To answer your question, Metallica, I think so. Because of the variable amount of hits.
What do you think so? I didn't ask yes or no, so that answer makes no sense.

Sorry for sounding like a grammar nazi, but, I really don't get your answer, so, I'd appreciate it if you could be clearer.
@Fireflies: yes it does affect the final totals. A lot.

@Metallica: sorry. What I meant was...Well, a +1 stat boost adds 1 or 2% damage to the attack, right? Well, if that was cumulative, /how/ would the pokémon actually get in that damage? I'd think they lash out with the attack boost on every hit; and that might affect the energy levels as well. So the Attack boost takes effect on every hit of a multi-hit attack.
Well, that's a valid point, but game balance is a more important concern in this issue. If a Pokemon reaches 6+ in the given attacking stat, they'll be landing an extra 6% at least per hit, and that bunches up fast.
...And that's part of the strategy. At least, that's how I would ref it, and when I used that strategy recently that's how my ref reffed it.
oh thats how stat-up works in ASB. I was thinking it was a multiplicative boost, like x1.25 or something. But that means that +6 Fire Blast will only deal 18%? thats not a lot for a maxed sp atk...
oh thats how stat-up works in ASB. I was thinking it was a multiplicative boost, like x1.25 or something. But that means that +6 Fire Blast will only deal 18%? thats not a lot for a maxed sp atk...

Depends on the ref. Actually, it depends on the calculator the ref uses. Some refs add 1% damage per attack boost, and some add 2% per boost. In particular, the calculator at Altered Origin adds 2%, and I know several referees use that. So depending on the ref a neutral Fire Blast could do either 18% damage, or 24% damage.
What if someone uses Double Team twice in a row? I assume that they can't generate more than their maximum number of clones based on their speed, even if they try it twice. But I'm not sure.
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