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Attacks and Abilities Guide

Half the damage dealt, or the amount of damage the pokémon takes, whichever way you want to look at it. It's the same for all countering moves.
Is facade's damage affected by the attack drop caused by a burn? It works that way in the games, but In ASB it doesn't really... feel right.
I have it still affected by the burn attack drop, but if you don't think it makes sense, you can have it be at full power.
A Pokémon using moves like Surf or Earthquake won't damage their own Substitute, right?

Also, I don't recall what this ASB's stance was on certain moves not being allowed to be rolled, so, could Sleep Talk roll Protect?
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So wow, not sure how I managed to

Sleep talk won't roll itself, but other than that I can't think of any restrictions on it off the top of my head. Protect could be rolled, but would be useless unless the pokémon was actually faster than its opponent.
Mkay, as far as Dragon rage, Seismic Toss, Sonicboom, Night Shade, anything with a set HP damage, how is that calculated?

Seismic Toss's power is based on weight differences in ASB. Night Shade is based on the amount of EXP the user has. Dragon Rage has 40 BP while Sonicboom has 20; pretty sure they do a fixed 4% and 2%, respectively.

Except for the "fixed" part of Dragon Rage and Sonicboom, it's all in the guide.
Can Taunted Pokémon utilize attacks that won't immediately cause damage, such as Bide or Future Sight?
Taunting a sleeping pokémon would fail, and attacks that cause damage but not immediately/directly (bide, future sight, counter, endeavor) are not blocked by taunt.
Is it possible to roll rest when using sleep talk, and if so will it have any effect? I know it doesn't say it can't on Veekun, but of course moves work differently in ASB.
How exactly does Trick Room's duration work? Using it on the first action of a round and getting to rig the command order to work to your advantage three rounds in a row (without having to use up another action cancelling it with a second Trick Room) would be ridiculous, so I would assume that it's something like "six actions, not including the action it's used on". But I like to avoid assuming.
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