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Bank of TCoD

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The colossal Bank of TCoD is the financial institution of choice for members of the ASB League, and consequently a colossal office has been opened right in the middle of ASB Central... and closed again, boards covering its tall windows, a large sign hung across its barred doors. A victim of its own success, the bank has been closed down, and the new building that it was supposed to be moving into is still under construction. Consequently, the sign over the doors directs people wanting their money down the street, around the corner, and to a gritty old warehouse that the bank staff is temporarily sharing with the pokémon registration authorities. Just in time for the holiday shopping season!

Third (Point Five) United Bank of The Cave of Dragonflies

All transactions at the bank follow the same format and must include the following: a link to the place where you gained or spent money and a record of your transaction in the format "Initial Balance +/- Money Gained or Lost = Final Balance." Multiple transactions may be carried out in a single post, provided there is a link to each place where you gained or spent money and the final balance reported is indicative of all these earnings or losses.

Typically bank staff will not respond to your posts, just edit the post below to reflect the overall change in your balance. Therefore, you do not need to wait for a transaction to be approved before you can consider the appropriate changes applied to your account. If a member of the staff does post for a reason unrelated to his or her own account, it will only be to respond to a question, deny a transaction because of a problem, or approve a new account. If you feel there is a problem with your account, feel free to make a post asking about it.

Opening or Resetting an Account

If you are new to the League, this is your first stop on the way to participating in battles and other League activities. Make a post requesting a new account, and provided you don't somehow manage to screw that up, a member of the bank staff will respond with a post telling you that your account has been opened. The initial amount of money all new members of the league receive is $45, which may be put towards buying a starting team of pokémon at the Pokémon Registration Office.

On the other hand, if you wish to start afresh in the League, you may request that your bank account be reset to $45. Doing so wipes your win/loss record, empties your inventory, and puts all your pokémon up for adoption, although you may choose to keep your job(s) and referee status if you so choose. Simply post in the bank stating that you want to reset your account, and you will receive approval from one of the bank staff. At that point, you're free to go out and buy your starting team... again.

Bank accounts for users who have not posted in at least three months will be removed periodically in order to keep the bank post navigable for the staff. However, the records themselves are kept, and if you return after an absence to find your account delisted, you may request that it be added again with your previous balance intact.

Paychecks and Trainer Allowance

Paychecks for all jobs, excluding referee positions, are distributed at the bank once a week on Saturday. All members of the League, whether they have a job or not, may also post to claim an allowance of $3 for three days after paychecks have been posted.

Business Tills

Business owners can claim money from their shop at any time by completing a till. The till should list the item(s) or service(s) purchased, the selling price for each item, the overhead for each item, and finally the profit for each item, with links to the purchase posts. The total profit may then be added to the business owner's account using the standard format.

Bank Staff

Grass King
Shadow Serenity

Bank Account Records
[O]: $16
Aethelstan: $43
Alraune: $12
Arylett Dawnsborough: $3
Barubu: $2
Bes: $11
Blazie: $10
Bobino: $8
Big Red Cherry Bomb: $30
Blastoise: $65
blazheirio889: $1253
Blaziking the Black Mage: $24
Byrus: $725
Chaon: $2
Cheatmaster: $2
Chiropter: $979
Cloudsong: $15
Cosmic Blueberry: $1
Crazy Linoone: $428
Daren: $3
Dark Shocktail: $10
Dave Strider: $17
Dawn: $5
Deadly Sniper Goat: $0
Deathguise: $3
demonickittens: $9
Draider: $3
Eon Spirit: $14
Eonrider: $5
Flareth: $13
Flower Doll: $45
Fruity Walkerloops: $67
Giraffes: $2
Grass King: $115
Griffin: $9
Hadro: $6
Iento: $0
I liek Squirtles: $0
InvaderSyl: $24
Jack_the_PumpkinKing: $148
Karkat Vantas: $0
Kirby-Chan: $23
Kratos Aurion: $2168
Kusarigamaitachi: $1790
Legendaryseeker99: $45
Little Bluberry Bomb: $20
Littlestream: $10
Lucas755: $63
Mad MOAI: $8
Mai: $12
Meowth: $478
Metallica Fanboy: $391
Mewtini: $1
moon-panther: $187
NegativeVibe: $0
Negrek: $96
ole_schooler: $73
Phantom: $6
Pentimento: $65
PokeGhost: $0
Primal Absol: $3
Pwnemon: $0
Respect The Blade: $56
Risingbadge: $0
rock-ground: $4
Sage Noctowl: $10
Sai: $3
sandstone-shadow: $5
shadow_lugia: $27
Silver: $11
Skylark: $29
Squornshellous Beta: $821
sreservoir: $47
St. Christopher: $8
Steele: $54
Steel Scyther: $10
Sunflower: $6
Superbird: $54
syphondblade: $32
Teacher9985: $35
tehSR: $45
Terezi Pyrope: $14
thunder: $22
Titress: $0
Typhy: $184
ultraviolet: $18
Wargle: $157
Whirlpool: $2
Zhorken: $8
Zora of Termina: $75
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As mentioned over here, I did a little pruning of the bank records (which are more or less ASB's members list) to remove inactive people. Now we show 72 members, down from 250--should be a little easier to manage. If you got left off the list or just want to pick up your inactive account at a later date, just post here and I'll fetch your balance from the old thread.
Reawesome Bankly thing I slack off on becayse 500 things scare me and wiping the system does not sound like fun.
(So we post here to get our bank powers back, yes?)

Reawesome Bankly thing I slack off on becayse 500 things scare me and wiping the system does not sound like fun.
Actually, it looks like Bachuru's turned off the Threadmin hack. I'll ask her what's up with that, but at least for the moment I can't give you your powers back. I'll let you know when that's resolved.

As much as I love free money, I think I have $10, as shown by this post.

Huh...*screws this up*

Uno bank account, please?
Account approved. Welcome to (this) ASB!
$6 allowance this week.


Bank Staff: $10 Each


Team Approvers

Big Red Cherry Bomb: $5
blazheirio889: $5
Kratos Aurion: $10
Little Bluberry Bomb: $10
Meowth: $10
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