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Buying, Selling, and Trading Thread

I have a female Politoed, male and female Sableye, and female Darmanitan up for trade. I suppose I'd accept money (in which case make an offer), but I'd prefer to trade them for Pokemon of roughly equal value which I don't already own one of. My profile's in my signature if you need to see what I have/don't have.
Since I love Sableye, I'm willing to offer anything from my PC except for my Piplup, Swablu, Cubone, or Anorith. Although I do understand if you don't want any of them, I do have a small selection :P
Hm... I do like your Glaceon, but I'm pretty sure Glaceon is rarer than Sableye. :s How about a Sableye for the Cherubi and Darmanitan for the Glaceon? Unless you like the Glaceon. But I'm pretty sure Darmanitan and Glaceon are around the same rarity.
Ooh, a politoed you got from my area! :D I'll trade you my male Meganium, Alraune.
oh! does anyone feel like trading a haunter and then trading it back so I can evolve it

I'll gladly trade with something else that needs a trade evolution
Sounds like a deal to me!
edit: Dar, I'll just assume you took the male one or something :v
edit edit: Trixie, how much do you want for your Venusaur? I'm a fan of Venusaur.

You can take it for free if you want. I have no need for a Venusaur. ^^
You really super sure? It's not like you have more than one (unless I missed it)... I have more money than I can do with, but then I guess we both kinda do

I'm absolutely, positively, super duper superly redundant sure! I'm not so crazy for Venusaur anyway, so I don't mind giving it away for free. ^^
Would you be willing to trade any of those (except Spearow) for a male Corphish or female Sableye? :o I'm most interested in Ditto and Spoink

you can have all or any of them for a female sableye! sableye are wicked awesome cool.
you can have all or any of them for a female sableye! sableye are wicked awesome cool.

:D no way
Well, I guess I could take the Spearow anyway so I can evolve one of my Spearow into Fearow and still have a Spearow... yeah
So just to clarify, for records' sake (whenever I link these guys' sources in my PC), your
ditto (x) source
Munchlax (m) source
Bronzor (x) source
Machoke (f) source
Remoraid (m) source
Barboach (f) source
Spearow (f) source
Spoink (f) source

for my
Sableye (f) source ?
Alligates, I want your Riolu. Here's my profile. What would you like? I'd like to buy that male Burmy,too, although the post is almost 2 years old.

Looking to evolve Von Count, my Haunter.

I'm looking to trade my Crobat, and the 'mons I received in trades.
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