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Buying, Selling, and Trading Thread

i needz the money.

are there allowances in safari zones?
^Yeah, you usually get allowance every Friday. It's like $4 or something
And I'd buy something from you, but I have a /grand/ total of...a dollar right now.
Ok I have way to many pokemon, come buy some.

I will sell mostly anyone, but some I may charge an extra fee because I like them.
Anyone wanna buy my Pokemon?

I'm selling my Shiny Shieldon for $15. It's a shiny.

Selling my Flygon, and Rampardos for $4

Selling my Meganium, Venusaur for $3

Mewmew, I'll sell my Garchomp to you for $2. (Garchomps dont seem valueble to me)

And I'll trade pokemon for a good pokemon in return.
Ok sweet, I love garchomp. Man I really got to organize my PC tomorrow it is a train wreak. Worse then the ICE(look up seconds before disaster ICE train crash to see)
Rizadon, I will buy your Flygon. Mew, I'm thinking of buying your Joltik, but it will depend on how much it costs.
Everything from there is up to sale (for free), one Pokémon per person and first one posting gets the first pick, except for the Breloom which I would want to keep in case I decide to re-join Safari Zone someday.
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