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Buying, Selling, and Trading Thread


Bouncing Off Clouds
The Trading Area

No more than a quarter mile away from the commercial center stands a small, slightly rusted silver machine and a large cork bulletin board. The machine looks more like something you'd use to prepare espresso than pokéballs, but there's a torn-out sheet of notebook paper taped to the front that reads, in what appears to be purple crayon, "MAXIMIZED POKÉBALLS HERE" - complete with relevant arrows - "THEN PRESS BUTTON" - another arrow, and below that in smaller print, "no we are not going to upgrade to something fancier, this does the job just fine. and you can technically trade without it, hand to hand, but there's more of a chance of the pokémon disobeying you and the pcs will make a mess of it and all your hair will fall out, so just use this."

From what you can gather, it's a device for the trading of pokémon from one trainer to another.

The cork board is littered with everything from nearly-illegible notes scribbled on the back of business cards to full-color advertisements printed on photo paper, most listing pokémon they would like to see go to a good home, with some calling for requests of one particular pokémon or item or another. Prominently on the top-middle of the board hangs a nicely-typed, laminated sheet of paper:

"This thread is for users looking to buy/sell/trade items and pokémon without opening up their own large-scale shop. If there is something you want to sell, buy, or trade, post here saying so."

Off to the left, there's even a blonde in a fancy blue dress standing on an overturned potions carton and holding up a bellsprout, with a handful of trainers calling out numbers in a makeshift auction. You figure you could take bids like that too, if you wanted.
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Spares and repairs~
[Mary] Mawile (f)
[Mike] Mantyke (m)
[Quigy] Quilfish (m)
[Gloria] Goldeen (f)
[Stan] Surskit (m)

$2 each, I guess. ^^;

Pee sea
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I have a male Gastly. Current asking price: $2. Negotiable.
Also I have a Female Abra. Same asking price, still negotiable.
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Yup. Confirming what Darksong said. Her Libella for my Neji (I could rant for a year about that statement but I don't want to flood the thread :P).
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