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Daily Pokemon Discussions

When I was younger I was terrified of it's old sprite. That freaking maw! I looked away when ever I saw even a hint of that sprite. Now, though, I just point and laugh.
At the sprite or myself is the question.

No, but seriously, those things ruin Victory Road for me. I'm in there fighting the resident tanks for defense EVs and these things swoop in, confuse me, poison me, and when I get around to defeating them I waste a few EVs on speed. I love to draw Golbat because their design is just so "wat" anatomically, but I cringe at the thought of battling a particularly skilled/lucky one.
SPATZ! As a youth that is...

As much as there are often twenty other Pokemon that are more usable, as well as better movepools, I always have a soft spot for this evolutionary line (though I prefer Rai better). Pikachu became truly usable (to a sense) by the third gen when it learned Volt Tackle. THis made it unique and interesting, and thus a much more viable Pokemon, if not just for the lulz...
Arceus, stand aside, Golbat here is the new god!

The new god? Argh... The closest they could get to gods is replacing Dusknoir as Giratina's nightgaunts, and that's still unlikely.

Anyway, Pikachu: The original electric rodent. Its stats look promising, but they tried too hard to make it cute. It looks better than Raichu, but still pretty much meh.
I have a nostalgic little soft spot for Pikachu. Even though there are other Pokemon I like better, I would still be thrilled to have Pikachu as a pet. I had a life-sized plush of one, and a smaller talking one with light-up cheeks and a moving mouth when you squeezed his hands... they went with me everywhere!

I've also always wanted to have one of those crazy broken sweeper Pikachus. I spent the longest time in Soul Silver trying to get a Pikachu with Surf using the PokeWalker... I wanted to teach it Thunder and Rain Dance so I could make all my friends shit bricks. After a few weeks I gave up on that though...
Ha, looks like I forgot to add my two cents.

Well, let's just start out with for a mascot, Pikachu is a pretty good choice. Definitely appeals to multiple demographics and is pretty adorable in my humble opinion. A single mascots is silly, especially with a series with a ton of potential ones. I do understand, though, why some fans can't stand Pikachu and its overexposure (or just plain don't like it), but I'm sure if Pokemon's mascot was another Pokemon, it'd have a similar amount of Base Breaker-ing. Clefairy!

It might be that I started out with Yellow or that I used to watched the anime religiously, but I still like the little bugger. Pikachu isn't my favorite, but, like Alraune, I definitely have a nostalgic little soft spot for it. I prefer the old chubby Pikachu, but I don't mind the current design. White bellied ones are the best. They have the best tail ever, too.
Pikachu are pretty cool. I rarely use one, just out of simple unluckiness in Viridian Forest, but I distinctly remember how estatic I was when I found one in Leaf Green (my first game).
Here comes yet another entity. Who might it be?

Oh, it's just Combusken.
I don't like Fighting-types, and this one is just plain meh, despite the Fire aspect. And with the voice it has in the anime, it should be able to learn Screech or something.

Its shape makes it look like a very inappropriate pun.
Pre-cursor to the only starter to ever hit Uber tier.

I dunno, not exactly the most enjoyable starter mid-form (I have a formula that: basic stage are cute-esque, stage 1 are cool, and stage 2 are supposed to be over-sized, and look powerful), but it's also not exactly the worst.

I often got it to the Blaziken form quickly enough to have too little of an impression on it.
Asdf I can't believe I missed the Pikachu discussion! The little guy has pretty much always been my favorite Pokémon ever. He's just adorable! How can you not like him? <333 Well, unless you're one of the people who is annoyed with all the attention he gets, but...still!

As for Combusken, he's pretty...meh, as far as second evolutions of starters go. I like Torchic and Blaziken quite a bit, but not their middle stage.

And Golbat: I actually used one on a poison mono of FireRed (you can't evolve golbat until you get the National Pokédex in that game), and he was pretty good. Except for the fact that he couldn't learn Fly until he evolved in that gen, which was incredibly annoying. I agree that Crobat is much cooler, though.
Ugh, second-stage starters.

Second-stage Pokémon in general should be made more apparent, most are barely used at all in games. Gamefreak should have every Pokémon's maximum level raised to 200 and then have the starters evolve to their second stage at 70, then third at 140. We would have to get used to them a lot more.

Combusken is pretty cool, though.

Today's Pokemon is:


The living cannon, and LoZ reference at the same time!

Octillery is meh looking to me. I've always wanted them to make a new octopus, hopefully one with all eight tentacles...
It does have eight tentacles, it just drags six of them behind.

Kind of slow and fragile... A Glass Cannon that is also slow.

When it comes to lasers, I somehow prefer the Porygons.

The strangest thing about it is the mouth. Isn't it supposed to be among the tentacles?
I can do a perfect Octillary impression, and the episode where they introduced it in the Anime was funny.
....and that's all I've got. :p
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