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Couldn't find a thread like this when searching. So, I'm sure some of you have weird, funny, or just screwed-up dreams? Post here~

A few days ago, I dreamt that I was friends with Poland from Hetalia, and we were working on a school project, which was writing a book report about some book where a guy finds out his wife and kids has been abducted by aliens. Anyway, instead of writing it, we spent most of out time loling and drinking some weird purple drink he brought. A while later, England(also Hetalia) slammed in the door, looked angry, and went up to Poland and started fighting him. ...yeah.

Right after that, I had a dream where it was Halloween, and my brother was going to come home from trick-or-treating. I waited for a long time, but he didn't come back. (For some reason we lived in a completely different house in another place) I tried to walk out the back door, but it was blocked... by various monsters and villains. Then, he got back, and was being chased by them. I ran out the front door, and tried to help him, but we both had to run away in the end. They chased us into some huge open place, and a RPG-ish fight started. They had big swords to stab us with, and we both had items. After some turns, they used one of their own(some light green thing) to steal one of ours(some weird animal/creature) and with another item, they mixed it with another of their creatures, into a kind of demon creature. They told me it would unleash its full power when it got blood to drink, and I saw they had prepared a tombstone for me. O_o Then I woke up.
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Oh my god. You asked for it. Seriously.

Weirdest dream ever. This one beats the dream where I was raped by the queen.

Okay - like they say in Inception, I can’t remember how it starts, but the first thing I remember is that I’m pretending to be someone who is Chris’s friend from the Netherlands (made-up friend, she doesn’t exist irl). They’re really, really close but they’ve only met like, a few times and mostly talk via webcam / instant messenger / texts / phone. Okay, so somehow I get her password for these things and I’m pretending to be her.

We’re talking via webcam and Chris is all excited but obviously I can’t pretend to be her if my side of the webcam is working, so I just act creepy and keep my side off and don’t reply either because I can’t fake her voice, so Chris is talking for like, 15 minutes, to no one. Eventually I sign off and text him saying ‘sorry my computer died’ or something of the sort and he buys it, and oh my god I am the worst creep in the entire history of the universe.

Okay - so we keep talking via instant messenger and he tells me he used to have a crush on me (well, who he thinks I am). Awkward. Apparently we met online or something and he thought I was a guy? Idk, dreams are weird. But, anyhow.

Then somehow we meet irl and I am still pretending to be her (magic of the dream) until she shows up and bitches me out (deservedly).

Then I’m like, ostracized, for obvious reasons. (And there’s a random scene where Chris and actual-Dutch-land-friend are talking and he’s like, telling her about this play he was in or something, and he grabs her by the boobs from the side, and then from in front and then from on top and he’s like ‘this way, and then this way, and then this way, see!’ and it was completely normal. Totally normal. … Yep.)

Buuut. It gets weirder.

Okay, so in dream-land the Glee kids live in this big, old-fashioned mansion-like house. And for some reason I have joined them. And, even though the other kids (well not really kids but… well) know of what I did, they think I’m cool and think Chris is over-reacting so they suggest I stay in the house with them. Since Chris finds this idea to be completely abhorrent, I decide to leave the dinner table (we were all eating dinner… for some reason…) with Mark/Puck (he was in character? I don’t know, dreams are weird) and go upstairs and have sex. Yes. We just get up, tell everyone ‘okay you all fight it over we’re gonna go have sex’, or something of the sort, because that is totally my thing, you know. What the ef.

Anyhow we’re halfway upstairs (the house had lovely stairs, carpeted and such) when they call me (well, us) back down because Chris has decided to forgive me. Boy am I glad that happened. >>;

Anyhow. Dream end. My brain = cloudcuckoolander. Sigh.
Jsyk - Chris = Kurt's actor (from Glee), Mark = Puck's actor, and uh. I think that's it.


The fastest girl in town
Well, I've been having sort of recurring dreams...not exactly, but they always have the same guy in them, a late night talk show host (Craig Ferguson) I watched at night during the summer. I assume it's because I miss staying up to watch him. But they usually turn out to be interesting....

These things include

Him interupting his own monologue to do a big musical number
Drew Carey being on his show, seeing a note from one of the characters said talk show host has played (Him and Drew were on the same show), and Craig coming out with a weasel puppet which was apparently the character.
Him getting a robotic version of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch

Yeah, my mind's a piece of work....I've had other dreams.

One which featured a Blue's Clues Creepypasta being chain-emailed or something. It was about some college student obsessed with Steve and Joe. And there was a message in a commercial on a box of Wheaties....

So yeah, my dreams are weird.


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i absolutely cherish and treasure my dreams. they tend to involve love or death, or some combination of those.

somewhat recent ones involved meeting a girl at a party and falling in love, getting brain damage while traveling off-planet (shit sucked), and defending my family's house (like, future family, wife and kids) from some guy who had a helicopter, it was fairly intense.

i've had a few dreams in a recurring setting that's like either a misty or recently rained-on amusement park, and i tend to like those dreams despite the underling sinister feelings that i feel whilst in them. my most important dream was probably the one where i woke up in an abandoned hospital and found corpses rising to take me into their ranks. there was one that lead them (long white hair, red eyes) and as i fled i jumped through a giant window and fell multiple stories to the ground. the hospital itself on the outside was pristine and gorgeous, standing alone in a gigantic beautiful grassy field. i slowly bled to death but it was quite enjoyable really.

and then, the following dream isn't mine but it's obligatory for any dream thread ever:
I died in a dream last night.

It was a cool dream though.

It was during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, and I was some bad ass SPETZNAS dude. We had some crazy heavy metal shit blasting in our Hind, and then the co pilot talks to my squad leader and then squad leader dude (Wish I remembered his name, as far as I could tell we were speaking words that at least sounded russian and everyone had names and it all seemed super real)


So we all rack our actions and do some last minute checks and the heavy metal is all crazy with some hot ass guitar lick is playing and we swoop in over this little stream and I can hear bullets hitting the chopper and we stop for a second like six feet over the stream and we all yell some bad ass russian version of GET SOME and just jump the fuck out the back before it's even done moving and we splash down in the water and I'm all CONTACT FRONT and the Hind leaves and on the way out it shoots some rockets and I'm like FUCK YEAH while I'm all hopped up on adrenaline just spraying my AKS-74 in the general direction of the Mujh while we run to this out cropping and take cover.

I change mags and there's bullets hitting the rock and shit and I'm with SVD guy because I'm his spotter and PKM dude leans out and starts tearing shit up and AKS-74 w/ GP-30 dude and AKM dude bot through grenades and start shooting and I get my binocs and I'm all 'TANGO BIG GRAY ROCK 300 METERS SEE HIM and SVD guy is all SEE HIM BAMPINK and the dude's eye disapears and there's this big ass pink spray bursting out of his head and Squad Leader Dude is all MOVE UP and me and SVD guy are supposed to stay a little back and provide support so I lean out to provide covering fire

and immediately get hit like 8 times and get to experience bleeding to death while SVD guy, who in the dream is like a friend I've had since I was a kid, starts freaking out and crying because I took one in the neck and there's nothing he can do.

My last action while I'm gurgling and bleeding and hurting and starting to black out was to stick a cigarette in my mouth and take one last drag.

Best fucking dream ever.

Blastoise Fortooate

I HAVE NO DREAMS, or at least none that I can remember. I used to, though, and my first dream that I remember having was really creepy.

I am around six or seven years old. I'm asleep, and suddenly a clown is asking to play baseball. Now, for some reason playing a short game of one-on-one baseball seems like the worst thing anyone could ever do at that point, but I play anyway because this is a dream and it wants to do this. The clown throws the ball three times, I miss three times, and then he tickles me and adxakshddsajhjdh it hurts make it stop.
And then I woke up. And the thing is, I'm not particularly afraid of clowns, so ?.



local hellion
I can't remember most of my dreams, but I remember a couple from when I was like four.

On a semi-related note for about five minutes yesterday I was convinced that everything that had happened since Saturday night was just me dreaming.

nothing to see here

...probably not posting here too much anymore.
I have weird dreams all the time. I think I posted half a dozen or so in the last dream thread, so I'll try to leave out ones I've probably posted before... so here's some really recent ones.

The weird bulleted-ish format of the first one is because I actually keep records of some of my weird dreams in text files, and I'm lazy so I just copy-and-pasted that one without reformatting it. The more recent ones were mostly copy-and-pasted too, but I had given up on the bulleted format by that point. XD

sometime this summer said:
First dream of the night:
* Weird fat French guys had me and a bunch of people tied up to a tug-of-war rope

* Me and some old guy decide to try and escape by pulling in the other direction

* Eventually most of the people on the rope decided to help out, and we were pulling the French guys around the middle school

* The dream ended right before we got out into the parking lot.

Second dream of the night:
* I was up on top of buildings in a city somewhere

* A bunch of people (really crappy assassins?) kept coming after me and trying to kill me, but not doing very well

* Apparently I got annoyed every time they used swords, because none of them ever knew how to use them

* The last one was an old lady who tried to *lightly poke* me with a huge samurai sword

* I kicked her and she dropped the sword; then I beat her up like the others.

Third dream of the night:
* In a school that I didn't recognize, with a bunch of people (some I knew, some I didn't)

* I got a notice that I was going to be arrested in the mail; apparently someone was trying to set me up for a crime I didn't commit

* The crime was apparently stealing blood packets and giving them to a little girl who was a vampire

* This apparently happened when I was a little kid

* I remembered the vampire girl, but not the stealing--this part was made up to set me up for something (I'm pretty sure the statute of limitations would've already passed on such a minor crime...)

* Other people were freaking out; some said I probably wouldn't get the full time in prison (2 years) and that it might get cut down to 4 days

* On the way out of the school, I bumped into a vampire guy and wondered if this would be the time when humans found out about vampires existing

* One of us referred to this as vampires "coming out of the coffin," like gay guys "coming out of the closet," but then pointed out that vampires don't really sleep in coffins... just like how gay guys don't actually sleep in closets.
And yes, Dream-Me actually said something along the lines of "Well, gay people don't really sleep in closets" in response to Random-Vampire-Guy pointing out how silly it is to say "coming out of the coffin" even though vampires don't really sleep in coffins.

I found out months later that some recent vampire series (can't remember which, there's so many of them now) actually did use that as the term for vampires revealing themselves... but I had never heard of it at the time. Kind of weird how a random dream came up with the exact same term somehow.

A couple weeks ago said:
First dream of the night: Can't remember much of it, except that several Dragonball Z characters were wandering around in Clifton Forge (an old railroad town near where I live.) Piccolo and Mr. Popo were there; I can't remember who the other two were. At some point Piccolo went to my dad's house to change clothes; he had normal human-ish clothes on before, and he changed back into his usual clothes (but thought about changing back to "Demon King Piccolo" clothes for a minute before someone told him it probably wasn't a good idea.)

Second dream of the night: Batman was standing on an old castle, trying to commit suicide by shooting himself with a CANNON. Someone else was there trying to talk him out of it. The dream ended before he decided either way.

Third and final dream from that night: Someone had invented some kind of superpowered armor, and the Riddler wanted it. I had to convince him not to use it by telling him that wearing it would cause cancer and sterility, and also that it had a tracking device inside it that would tell Batman exactly where he was at all times. This worked, and he left the room and apparently got arrested. For some reason this all happened in a room split in half by a huge volleyball net, and Comissioner Gordon was there (and mentioned that the Riddler wouldn't go to jail, he'd go to the asylum.)
last week said:
For some reason I was with the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. They had gone down to some planet and some guy from there was giving them a ride across some body of water with an old wooden sailing-type ship. Apparently, this guy had the power to hypnotize people and control what they saw and thought about things, and everyone else in the crew had already been hypnotized except for me.

Eventually the ship stopped on land, and most of the important people got off and headed over to a picnic table in some grassy area. Picard, Riker, Troi, Wesley and Dr. Crusher, etc. were all there; I don't think Data was there and I can't remember if Worf was or not, for some reason, but pretty much everyone else was present.

After a couple minutes of sitting there, I pointed out to the hypnotizing guy that I was probably the only one who hadn't been hypnotized yet; he had apparently forgotten to even try before, and he reached out one of his fingers and touched my forehead. These weird images popped into my head (one of them was my face) and flipped back and forth between what they actually looked like and what the guy was trying to make me think they looked like. I was able to force the images to stay in their "real" form, without any real effort, and after several of these attempts I opened my eyes and said "Nope." For some reason, I was somehow immune to the guy's hypnotizing power, which freaked the guy out. The dream ended after that.
Yeah, most of my most recent dreams have involved Batman and Star Trek characters. I can kinda understand Star Trek stuff showing up, since I've been watching a lot of TNG reruns lately, but I have no clue where the Batman stuff came from (especially the Riddler, I don't think I've seen anything with him in it for years.)


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I used to use my LJ for recording my dreams, but I haven't been able to remember a lot of my dreams, only small sections of them.

I do remember one dream where I was at school and the guys from Inception appeared and were like 'WE HAVE TO GO DEEPER' and transported me to another dream. Then I was being chased by a bear of something so I'm like 'oh crap better use my Inception powers' and I teleported to these headquarters where the Inception guys worked and they asked me how I managed to teleport without a totem.
The weirdest thing is that I haven't even seen Inception yet O_o

Then there was another dream that involved me being Italy from Hetalia and getting captured and tied up by the Romaheta version of the Italy brothers (in the Catholic uniforms). They kept me in their garage and would occaisionally bring me food and stuff. Eventually I developed Stockholm Syndrome-esque affections for them. Now that I think about it, my dream sounds like something you'd see on a kink meme lol.
I had this dream a while ago. It was... weird.

It started with Captain Falcon hanging from a cliff. He hung there until some background people started singing a song that went something like this: "Spiderman climbs in the hall, Spiderman climbs on the wall". After that he fell down.

Later in the dream, I was sitting inside some big building that looked kind of like a church, with lots of unknown people. A small glass bowl with some red sauce/soup was passed around, and they drank from it with a spoon. When it was my turn, I saw it had small chunks of what looked like dried tomatoes in it. I sent it to the next person without drinking. This person was a girl about my age, and she showed me a fanart of Krystal from Star Fox, and what looked like a blue Fox.

Even later, I found a cave/hole somewhere. Krystal and the Fox-recolor was in there, lying down and hugging. I went into the cave/hole, and was with them until the dream ended.


A few months ago said:
I dreamt I was at a cabin, and found a secret room somewhere. In this room, I had to play some kind of game to get out. The game was very similar to the Clue Game, and the question was always in a note at the door. I suddenly was holding a computer, and had to write what I thought the answers was on some page. There also was a forum where we could discuss the questions and answers. If I had the right answer, the door got unlocked and I got to the next room. The questions could be about whatever, and they could also have something to do with the room I was in. (All the rooms looked like the same bedroom, pretty much.) The only (half)question and answer I remember was: "*something something*, so, where is this?" "In Soviet Russia" There were 6 questions total, and in the 7th room I wondered why there was no questions, until I after some minutes figured out the door was actually open.
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i don't know if you guys are familiar with the concept of lucid dreaming, but i attempted a WILD just this morning around six and became aware in a nightmare, it was /not/ pleasant.

i remember getting up thinking it was morning, turning the corner and discovering all the lights in the house are off, and i see the TV flickering in my parents' bedroom. dad's in bed, mom's seemingly gone, and as i try to walk past a door on the way there i get held back by some terrifyingly strong force. that's when i realized "oh shit i'm in a dream, awright". so i tried to change things and ... it wouldn't happen. i tried to force myself to wake up and it wouldn't happen.

so i said "shit i guess i will just go along with this" and got into the bed with my dad. we watched TV together for a few minutes and i was like "who is this actor" and he reaches over and stabs me in the chest with this huge knife. of course i am like "ow". it was just a dull pain but i could feel it.

so at this point i'm just really afraid of what could happen next, so i tear the knife out of my chest and run out of the room into the kitchen. i stare at myself in the mirror (absolutely horrified about what i might see, because mirrors are usually terribad in dreams, especially nightmares) and i'm still completely aware at this point. i bring the knife up to my face and i'm about to cut myself to see what would happen (trying to end the dream) then i hear "michael, time to get up"

so i run into the living room trying to see what's going on and hear "aaron, it's time to wake up" and then i woke up and here i am :|

Leaf Joltik

About a week ago, I had a dream where I was a Lepardas (or was it Kirlia?) in a fun amusement park with a Porygon2! :D I think it also involved some stuff from the Klonoa games, can't remember...

I can still remember it 0.o I usually don't remember dreams for this long. Of course I can only recall most of it...


I am the master of cakes
I had a dream I think last year, that I was a contest star with a pokeball. Well, I couldn't open it so I went to my public library and my school libraian opened it for me and it was an odd colored Masqiran(?) coming out of it. And the guy Harley, from when May was on the cartoon, was there and he just stood there. I had to run so I wasn't late for the contest, I had gotten there just in time and I was just standing posed like, 'Fwah!' It was odd because after that I was hiding behind a shelf in the library. And then...I think I woke up, but I had won the contest somehow...it was very strange to have a dream like that...


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A lot of my dreams involve alcohol. I don't even like drinking.

A lot of my dreams also involve fandom. but these are usually different.

I just woke up from a nap, in which the dream involved me finding a Kotaku article on a bar graph that Xikaze had made, with "more like a pokémon master" on one side and "more like a rock" on the other. A picture of Ash was on the far left, a scientific picture of a carbon atom was on the far right, and a picture of Brock was in the middle.

It was apparently the latest hilarious meme.

After that I dreamed that a woman in a brown dress cornered me, rikuu, and Eloi into a corner and attempted to drown us in cooked rice. I think I've been eating too much rice.


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i don't know if you guys are familiar with the concept of lucid dreaming, but i attempted a WILD just this morning around six and became aware in a nightmare, it was /not/ pleasant.

i remember getting up thinking it was morning, turning the corner and discovering all the lights in the house are off, and i see the TV flickering in my parents' bedroom. dad's in bed, mom's seemingly gone, and as i try to walk past a door on the way there i get held back by some terrifyingly strong force. that's when i realized "oh shit i'm in a dream, awright". so i tried to change things and ... it wouldn't happen. i tried to force myself to wake up and it wouldn't happen.

so i said "shit i guess i will just go along with this" and got into the bed with my dad. we watched TV together for a few minutes and i was like "who is this actor" and he reaches over and stabs me in the chest with this huge knife. of course i am like "ow". it was just a dull pain but i could feel it.

so at this point i'm just really afraid of what could happen next, so i tear the knife out of my chest and run out of the room into the kitchen. i stare at myself in the mirror (absolutely horrified about what i might see, because mirrors are usually terribad in dreams, especially nightmares) and i'm still completely aware at this point. i bring the knife up to my face and i'm about to cut myself to see what would happen (trying to end the dream) then i hear "michael, time to get up"

so i run into the living room trying to see what's going on and hear "aaron, it's time to wake up" and then i woke up and here i am :|
These kind of dreams are the only kind I ever dream (except they aren't all nightmares) I always know I'm in a dream and I consciously move around and stuff in the dream but...yeah, it's just weird. You know the whole monster under the bed thing? I will never forget when I was little and I had a dream where everything was really dark and scary and a slipped out of bed and was standing there looking around, the floor feeling that kind of dull pseudo-cold kind of feeling that you get in dreams, against the wood flooring. Right as I started to step forward, something reached out from under the bed and grabbed my ankles, yanking my feet out from under me. My chin hit the floor but it didn't hurt, just felt a dull pressure (Is it just me, or is all pain and feeling dulled?) Whatever was under the bed was pulling me under and I was grabbing at the smooth wood floor trying to stop from being pulled under and I woke up about when I was up to my waist under the bed...Weird dreams =/


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Sometimes I don't remember my dreams thought the times when I do they are either a) completely and utterly insane b) scary as hell or c) memory

Example A:

I once had a dream that it was a new school year. (My high school) In my dream the school was the same... but at the same time it wasn't. But I remember that first day back feel, trying to quick say hello to everyone again... and trying to find your locker.... I found mine, for some reason it was on the ceiling of the lunch room. I couldn't get to it. So the choir teacher had to fly me on his piano to get to my locker.

Example B:

I was really young in the dream, like six.
I dreamed my dad was accused of murder, and we were hiding at my grandmother's house. The police came and confronted my dad, but they were like agents or something, not regular police. My dad said he didn't do it. He fought against them, and they killed him in front of me.

Example C: (I get these a lot really creepy)

I was little, really little, like two or three. I saw someone lifting a couch down the steps and onto the sidewalk, it was my father. The couch was an ugly orange-yellow-white combination, and I remember my dad dropped it on his foot, swore loudly, and I thought it was funny.

I asked my mother about this dream the next morning, and she said that's the couch we had back at our old house. And my dad did drop it on his foot on the way out, he broke his toe.

Also anyone have dream.. themes? I keep having nightmares/dreams involving my teeth, and them falling off, breaking, etc. It freaks my out to the point that when I jump awake... I feel my teeth and check a mirror.


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I could have sworn I'd posted in a thread like this before, but apparently not. I keep a dream diary, so this is so my thing. The only dreams I haven't really had are intense nightmares and dreams where I die- other than that they range from seemingly mundane, every day life, to extreme fantasy or even a mix of the two. They get really philosophical and deep, too, or at least they seem that way while I'm dreaming them. They might also include random sex acts going on right beside me while I and the rest of the world go on without paying them any mind at all...

Some of my favorites include anthropomorphic badgers, writing down a dream I actually woke up from minutes before but forgot to write down before falling asleep again, a lucid dream I had once where I gave Kurotowa from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind a hug, and a dream where Michael Jackson gave me a ride home from school.

Some interesting dreams I've had lately, though...

August 7 2010 said:
There was a place where one end was a beautiful forest, the opposite and was an old grocery store with dark, mustard yellow walls and mysterious employees who seemed like they should not be there, and in between the two halves was a chaotic world with a maze of canyons where mammoths and ogre-cyclopses were to be found. Pyramid Head was also there! He was a villain.

In the forest were many animals. Some of them were mysterious and wise, and the others were cute and silly like in Bambi. There was a cave covered in vines and moss in the heart of the forest where special flowers grew at its mouth.

An evil force led by Pyramid Head was using the flowers to create ugly monsters. The bubbles in the centers of the flowers were used to create hollow gray-web monsters, with the bubbles at their center looking like distended stomachs.

The dream is in first person but I am not myself ([Vixie] was also in the dream, but could only exist in a computer, and see out through a webcam). I was in a group of about four people trying to save the forest from Pyramid head's horde. We found ourselves in the canyon maze fighting a mammoth that was atop a mesa-like formation. My friends are on a mesa across from the mammoth's using ranged attacks, while I am in a canyon below. There's a large cyclops in the canyon maze not on a mesa, because it was as tall as one. To make sure it didn't see me I would move around to stay on the opposite side of the mesa, but eventually it did see me and gives chase. I try to lose it through the maze but it tosses spears at me. I am close to death, impaled in several places, when I finally lose him and find myself at the other end of this world, in the section of grocery store. There is an old-fashioned cash register on a counter looking out of place and against a wall. An old woman behind the counter asks if I will be okay, and I inform her that eventually I have auto-regen [FF term for regeneration without having to have the spell Regen(-erate) cast on you] so I'll be fine. There are some other shoppers, but like everything else they seemed like they didn't belong.

I walk through a couple of isles and see that there isn't a wall perpendicular to the one the counter is against, and instead the floor seems to have broken off to make a ledge that is standing over an ocean. At the lower end of the ledge I find some crayon drawings of my friends floating in the water. I see them and feel like I have been separated from them for a very long time, and that I had left them at the mercy of that cyclops.

Night falls and I feel lonely. I walk up to a higher part of the ledge that was more like a cliff. From this vantage point I saw a glowing city on the horizon of the ocean, kind of like that one scene in Spirited Away. I sit down on the cliff and a mysterious person joins me, and encourages me to try to go back.

I do, and find my friends are okay. We defeat Pyramid Head (but I don't remember this part of the dream or how we did it) in the forest and the evil monsters' bubbles pop and they collapse into dust. There is a computer that [Vixie] is in sitting a couple of yards away from the mouth of the cave, and I want [Vixie] to see the flowers returning. However, the computer is too far away. The bubbles re-form in the flowers and pop, sprinkling sparkling water that makes the flowers grow even larger.

I go inside the cave and see all of the "wise" animals curled up against the wall, all looking at me. In the center is a large doe, surrounded by a smaller doe, a fawn, and a smaller buck, as well as rabbits and porcupines. The large doe tells me they are no longer needed, and they have fulfilled their purpose because the flowers have returned. I realize they are about to disappear and I start to cry, and in an instant they are all gone. The cute Bambi animals lament the loss of their spirit friends. I sit on my knees in the flowers and cry.

Suddenly I am myself, and me and my brother and sister are in a hotel room, playing what was supposed to have been a video game we rented while we were there. We're upset by the sad ending and complain to mom, but she says we have to check out and have no time to play through the game again, and that it might not have a better ending.
October 3 2010 said:
I find a small brown dragon. We and a little girl all become friends. The girl and I can ride the dragon and find an island of dragons, where larger dragons and a dragon king live. After doing several "quests" together for the dragons there, I run into Wes [IRL friend of mine] and one of his friends that I didn't know and invite them to come with us on the next one. However, the four of us would be too much for the brown dragon to carry, so I decide to take everyone but Wes, drop them off at the island and then come back for him. I look forward to just the two of us riding the dragon. However, on the way there, the other friend complains and is incredulous the whole time, and the dragon island does not appear to us (apparently it's powered by faith?) While we argue about the situation the little girl is very upset and jumps off the dragon into the ocean. We land on a rocky gray cliff, lost and having no idea how to get back to where we came from.
November 14 2010 said:
I and a group of three others and a brownish waist-high dragon set off for a place called Armageddon or something (pronounced Arm-ig-uh-don like in cat planet cat planet). All dragons have a sense of where it is. I and the others have a small wooden craft with a large sail that we use to skid over the ocean in the direction the dragon tells us. We continue this way for a while until we hit land and have to climb a tree to reorient ourselves. The dragon gets caught in the branches and falls to its death. Two of the other people disappear somehow, and the only people left are myself and the biggest and tallest of us. We press on with a vague direction of where we were headed before. We reach the edge of the island and atop a very small-scale Incan/Mayan looking pyramid we find a dragon's nest. My friend insists we continue going without a dragon to help us because we would be that much more famous if we found it alone, but I insist the dragon would enrich our journey because we would have a third member in our party. The dragon we choose has sparkling deep-blue scales, small wings and oversized, gently curving horns, and is small enough to fit in our hands. We create a new sailboard and set off again with our new dragon in search of the island.
Also anyone have dream.. themes? I keep having nightmares/dreams involving my teeth, and them falling off, breaking, etc. It freaks my out to the point that when I jump awake... I feel my teeth and check a mirror.
Well, some years ago I had 2-3 or more dreams involving portals shortly after each other. They always looked the same, like a tall mirror with a swirly, water-ish frame.
Also, I've had several dreams about Hetalia characters recently.

Anyway...Yesterday, I dreamt I was walking down the road close to my house at night, really tired and trying to sleep as I walked down. (yes, I dreamt that I was trying to sleep.) Apparently, I was trying to have a lucid dream. Soon I saw there was lots of ice farther down on the road, and I sat down and slid down on it. There were a bunch of bikes in the way in the end, so I had to watch out for them.
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The other night I dreamed I went to the recycling centre with my dad. And then we recycled things. It was possibly the most mundane dream ever.

I do occasionally have weird/exciting dreams (last month I dreamt what Butterfree and I had to do a musical pantomime-thing and make balloon animals), and if I have a temperature, I often have these utterly horrific nightmares about complete saturation of the senses (so much noise) that are wake-up-screaming-in-a-cold-sweat levels of scary, but usually I either don't remember anything, or the dream was unremarkable.