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Emergency Ref Outpost

Some of you may have noticed that I disappeared for a few months. Following my academic dreams has resulted in a much stricter amount of free time, alongside many more productive thespian ways to spend it. Unfortunately, this means my reffing has fallen by the wayside, and these two battles will need emergency referees:

Sangfroidish v Skyman
Birdcrest v Zero Moment

I'm terribly sorry, perhaps during the summer I can take a battle on, but for now I can't get anything done fast enough to be useful as a referee. I'm still going to finish the last round of the Baby Bug Ball Brawl.
I'm in a very old battle with Totodile, and the ref doesn't seem to be around any more. Totodile has let me know she's okay with it being closed, so would it be possible for someone to wrap it up on the db for us?
Unfortunately I think Zhorken is the only one who can close a battle outside the primary referee. I'll pass on a request to close this one, in any case.

(If I'm wrong and I should be able to do the closure just generally as a referee, please let me know! I could be missing something totally obvious.)
Yeah the interface for that stuff still sucks. I had such big dreams for it, lmao....

Done, in any case.
Could someone close my battle vs Sglod? It has not been updated, and Sglod has not been on in a while.
Sure. Just to be polite, I'll send Sglod a message about it, and in the likely event that they don't get back to me in a few days, I'll close the battle.

Scratch that, I see you already asked! Closing it now!

Meanwhile, I unfortunately am going to need to throw my battle against Gzhoom back up here.

Edit: Also, hell, I'll do ILS vs Superbird.
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