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Emergency Ref Outpost


groove out!
they or she
A referee's work can have its thorny sides. A job description that involves standing between two people with super-powerful fighting creatures and attempting to keep things clean and safe between them as claws swipe through the air and flames burst across the field is bound to have its share of hazards. Sometimes, a referee on the field just needs some time away from the action, at least until they're conscious again. However, if the battle had to stop right there and only continue when (and if) the referee came to, every single time, one can only estimate how few of them would ever see completion. So, what are the trainers to do when greater circumstances have made their referee incapabale of doing any further work for a given stretch of time? The common response has become that of summoning a stand-in to resume and oversee the fight. It takes only a call to activate the service, which will seek out a referee eager to help the ASB League running smoothly, even if it takes standing where others have been struck down.

Emergency Referee Outpost

If your referee has failed to write a reffing for your match within the DQ time without posting in the Absence Sheet or has stated that they will be gone for a long time and are offering his or her battles up for emergency reffing, you may post here to request that a new referee take over your match, at least temporarily. Your post should include the rules for the match, a brief description of how far along it is and, of course, a link back to the battle thread itself so that it is easy to find.

Please do not post here if your referee is just being a little slower than usual or because you have a challenge on the board that has yet to be picked up. Referees do have lives and are offering you their service as a courtesy; if you're unduly demanding, it's likely that no one at all will want to ref for you.

Information for Emergency Referees

For each round of a match you ref as an emergency stand-in, you receive $1 more than you ordinarily would for each Pokémon on the field. If you are still functioning as an emergency referee when the battle ends, you receive only half the usual referee prize, however, and the referee who initially handled the match may claim the other half. If the original referee eventually comes back and closes the battle, they too receive only half the prize, and you may claim the other half. If your emergency reffing consisted only of posting that the battle would end in a draw or to DQ someone — i.e. you don't do any actual reffing — you can't claim any money for it; likewise, if the original referee contributed nothing to the battle but posting the thread, they are not eligible to receive any pay for it.
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Erm...I think our ref..left? I'm not sure really, but if anyone would like to take this up I would appreciate it.
Obviously an e-ref will be finishing the battle here; anything special needed to do database things with that?
The database supports e-refs but there's no actual way to proclaim yourself as an e-ref yet. I've handed it over to you though.
Like allitersonance told you, Zekrom, the whole point is to have the original ref finish the battle because it's testing the new refs skills. Be patient. You can't get emergency refs in test battles. It'll end soon enough and there'll have to be a new, different battle due to the circumstances.
I think Zekrom means it wants another referee to come and take Mai's place as the mentoring referee.
No, the post is definitely asking someone to take Gevaisa's place for a round so that Mai can be DQ'd faster. The first line is a c/p of a previous request for someone to replace the examinee as well, so.
Well, looks like half of my battles exploded.

I'm gonna need someone to come in and close this in a draw for us, we decided. If you need the other players to give permission lemmie know.
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