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Emergency Referee Outpost

I have one.

KMew can't possibly still be on his trip started on August 13, because he's posted since then. The challenge's DQ time is one week, and it's been that long and a bit more (I fit in some extra time to see if he would show up). No rounds happened yet.
Emergency ref needed!

That's how I do it, right?

Quoting this because being on asb for a month and a bit without doing anything isn't that fun. :(
I need a Ref for this battle Since our Ref has been demoted off the list.

Please, we need a Ref until she comes back onto the list.
Hi, I'm Seri and I have a battle I need an emergency ref for.


Keta hasn't posted, like in a lot of other battles.
Ugh, I feel really bad about this but can some kindhearted person take this battle? It's not that I'm actually unable to ref it due to being busy or whatever, I just... can't. I don't really know why, I just have this really nasty block or something that is preventing me from taking enough interest in it to continue any further. You probably don't have to rush rush it, as surskitty is apparently mentally unavailable for ASBing right now anyway, but if you could get the next round up around the time that she comes back that'd be great.

I know the title makes it look like a 3-person battle but JD was disqualified and it's just a regular 3v3 now.

Sorry, surskitty and Ruieko, it isn't your fault or anything. I just... can't D:
MurrMurr hasn't posted a reffing in a week and a bit since the last commands, so I'd like an emergency ref.
Battle link

Never mind, he seems to be alive.
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