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Evolution Station


Bouncing Off Clouds
Welcome to the Evolution Station! If you have a pokémon that normally evolved via level-up, happiness (including happiness in certain areas or with held items), move presence, or beauty (feebas), post here stating which pokémon you would like to evolve; it costs $30 per evolution.

If you have a pokémon that evolves through trading, note the individual post of the trade to approve the evolution. If you have a fossil, it may be revived here into the appropriate pokémon with a random gender. If you have a pokémon that evolves through an evolutionary item, you must possess that item or an Evolution Pass to evolve the pokémon. However, these methods do not require payment.

Special notes:
  • Wurmple evolution is a fifty-fifty chance of receiving a silcoon or a cascoon.
  • Slowpoke evolution requires a shellder in your PC to be consumed in the evolution. (Not, like, eaten, but you know.)
  • Tyrogue evolution is random for the time being.
  • Gender-specific evolution holds - only female combee can evolve into vespiquen, only male kirlia can evolve into gallade, etc.
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You don't have a dawn stone, do you? Please wait for approval before evolving any pokémon.
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Okay, $30 has been removed from your account!

[shiny super special awesome animation sequence...!]


Congratulations! Yummy has evolved into SEALEO!
Good question! I'm not ShiningGlass, so he has the final word, but considering "If you want to evolve your Pokémon, you can do so with the Evolution Station ($30) or with an item if your Pokémon uses one to evolve." ... I'm going to say no! I wouldn't mind if it was mentioned here so I can just make sure you have the item. \o/
If you mean you want to know specifically what item I'm talking about, I have a Fire Stone~ Though I'm waiting for the confirmation on that Growlithe before I'll evolve stuff.
Well, I just mean, for future reference to people who want to evolve their pokémon, post it here to be approved even if it's an item evolution. If you just go and do it yourself, you could end up with, say, evolving a snorunt into a froslass when you didn't have a dawn stone. :P
I happened to have a tab to the PCs up, but also for future reference mind linking to your PC? Thanks.

What? Lanzalla is evolving! [boop boop de doop]


Congratulations! Lanzalla has evolved into ARCANINE!
I'd like to evolve Sedgewater the Totodile into a Croconaw, please.
PC link~

I subtract the money after the evolution is confirmed, right? =3
I subtract the money personally, you don't need to post in the bank.

What? Fire Fist is evolving! [boop boop de doop]


Congratulations! Fire Fist has evolved into COMBUSKEN!

What? Sedgewater is evolving! [boop boop de doop]


Congratulations! Sedgewater has evolved into CROCONAW!
What? York is evolving! [boop boop de doop]


Congratulations! York has evolved into FROSLASS!

Oh, right. From now on, the Evolution Station doubles as the Revivification Station! If you have a fossil, turn it in here and it will count as a free evolution to its given pokémon.
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