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Evolution Station

I know what an Evolution Pass iiiiis~ link to your PC next time!


(... wartortle mewtwo tentacruel aerodactyl I need to say that every time I type 'charmeleon' |D;)
oh my god I lock the starter shop and this happens, why am I even surprised

Mr.Jynx: Request a starter/account at the bank, please! Also please read this important thread regarding the Safari Zone.

Though it did bring these evolutions to my attention! Uh, hi.

Ivysaur Golduck

Alas! Sedgewater shall finally get the treatment he deserves!

He shall finally evolve into Feraligatr! <3
I have the money to spare, so I think I'll evolve Rados. He deserves it, since he used up a lot of energy Bouncing me into the Dragon's Den where I found Cirrus <3 Not to mention that Gyarados is sexy
Kabuto are totally creepy!
Look at that! you would not want that on your head!

But okay~


No one would think of eating him now! In fact, with those blades on him, he could star in his own cooking show.
Prinplup ~ Empoleon



All right! That's $60 from zeKieranator, $30 from Eonrider, and don't forget to remove the dusk stone from your inventory, Patar.
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