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Grand Festival 2010

Well, I was gonna pass at first cause I have no creativity at all and probably won't pass the first round, but hey, you never know till you try, right?

Count me in if there's room.
Eh, I've sort of considered back and forth, and.. well, may as well try. Worse that happens is I flop on my face and put another hole in the stage. :3 Insies~
The union will, of course, partake in these "festivities"... it's all a front for our plans for world domination, of course, but don't tell anyone.

The first round groupings are now posted, as well as all judge assignments. I think I managed to avoid having any judges grade themselves and make sure that everyone would only have to be secondary ref for three groups, but let me know if I screwed it up somewhere.

To prevent total mayhem, each appeal block will take place in its own thread. The person with the highest score in each block will advance, and an eigth entrant into round two will be picked based on who has the highest overall score but did not win their block. This will give us a second appeal round with eight participants, a third with four, and then the final contest battle between the remaining two.

As a reminder, this round is taking place outdoors in a small, grassy clearing. There is a deep pond in the middle of the clearing. Remember that you can use any pokemon on your team here (it doesn't need to be in your active squad) and your signature moves and attributes can't be used/won't have any effect during the contest. You have one week to post appeals.

Judges, once you've finished writing the appeal descriptions, send them to the secondary judges in your block for grading. Secondary judges should then send their grades back to the primary judge once they've finished them, so the primary judge can add up the final scores and post the results. Since people are secondary judging for more than one block, it would probably be a good idea to include what block the descriptions belong to so that the secondary judge can easily see who they should be sending their grades back to.

Also, for those submitting ribbons, please just send them over PM rather than posting them in this thread. The ones I've seen so far have been fine.
The first round is finally over, and the eight contestants in round two have been selected. Congratulations to Kusarigamaitachi, Kratos Aurion, Chiropter, blazheirio889, Kammington, Blastoise, and RandomTyphoon, the winners of their respective appeal blocks. And congratulations are also in order for Grass King, who advances to the second round with a score of 26.5, the highest non-winning score in the first round.

I'll be putting up the second-round thread soon. All pokémon that participated in the first appeal round may claim one EXP.

Edit: Mike the Foxhog and Metallica Fanboy will be doing the secondary judging for this round and the one after.
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