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Open Hybrid's War

Private Robert Wilson sat on the deck of the boat, rifle in hand. He was making his last-minute checks of the weapon as he waited for landing; It wouldn't do for there to be a jam in a stressful situation. Unlike several other soldiers, he had few qualms about this mission. It was what he had been trained for, and he knew for a fact that it would be better in the long run. Once he was done with the rifle, he set it down next to him and drew a pistol, making the same checks on it he did for the larger weapon. Off to the other side lay three Pokeballs- They had already been polished clean. Once the checks were done, the soldier holstered the pistol and clipped the Pokeballs to his belt, and then looked over the boat's edge towards the island in the distance. He had an uneasy feeling about this- They were close enough to see some activity on the beach, and what he saw was slightly unsettling.

"Sir! Several sighted, possibly hostiles!" He had a grip on his weapon and held it out. More likely than not these were those hybrids, and their mission was to search and destroy. He could probably land a few shots from this distance, but he was not going to fire unless given orders to at the moment. At least it looked like they were making a stand... This would hopefully be easy.
"Hold fire," Malak said, "We don't want to open hostilities quite yet."

He glanced at the other two boats before giving his next orders:

"All three boats, split up. The boat I'm on will head around to the southwestern corner of the island, and the other two will head to the northeast and northwest corners, and set up base camp. If we attack them head on then they'll cut us down, one by one. Is that clear?"

((I'll be soon updating the front page with a map of the island, as I've found a great image for it))
((That's really for you to decide. All three are close together at this moment, so if you're unsatisfied, you could switch before they break formation))
Private Godfrey murmured a yes sir without looking up, focused entirely on the island that they would soon arrive at. More Hybrids were gather on the beach. A small green creature looked up at him.. no, just at the boat. Not him. There was something disturbing about them seeing him, a person who was going to..
He didn't know where this train of thought was headed, and stopped. Hybrids had to be destroyed. Of course. There was absolutely no room for guilt in this situation.
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