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Open Hybrid's War

Male gardevoir accepted. Mewtwo, your form is missing something important. Edit that in and you'll be accepted.
Hmm. I'm thinking about making a human also, because that side seems to be a little bare. So save me a spot for the humans too i suppose, since it seems like they're sorely needed.
*shifty eyes*

Name: Frozen
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Side: Hybrids
Pokemon: Weavile

History: Frozen's been a street kid, homeless, for as long as she can remember, with Static. So one day, she saw an ad for people who wanted to participate in an experiment, fully reimbursed, and she signed herself and Static up. Frozen woke up in a cage, and some faceless scientists told her the experiment would have her fused with the Pokemon of her choice. She chose Weavile, and was released onto some island.

Appearance: Valkyrie is Southeast Asian, dammit, and will hurt you if you get that wrong. Her hair is a bit short, but she doesn't care. If it gets in her eyes she'll chop it off with the kitchen scissors. Valkyrie usually wears a black shirt with a white fractal design on it, grey pants, and plain green running shoes. She has a blotchy scar on her lower right arm from getting splashed with oil when she was cooking, and little healed scars all over her hands from playing with knives, cooking or not.

In her hybrid form, Frozen has Weavile claws, tail-feathers, a longer canine tooth, and the gem on her forehead.

Personality: PO'd?

Name: Static
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Side: Hybrids
Pokemon: Rotom
History: Static's been a street kid, homeless, for as long as she can remember, with Static. So one day, she saw an ad for people who wanted to participate in an experiment, fully reimbursed, and Frozen signed them both up. Static woke up in a cage with Frozen, and some faceless scientists told her the experiment would have her fused with the Pokemon of her choice. She chose Rotom, and was released onto some island.

Appearance: Static is Southeast Asian, and has brown eyes, black hair. She only ever wears her hair back in a low ponytail. She usually wears a faded green-gray jacket with sleeves up to her elbows (she whacked the longer part off with a knife), over a brown shirt with a fractal design underneath, and darker camouflage brown cargo pants. Around her waist, Static wears a piece of rope as a belt, and also carries a rather empty messenger bag.

In her hybrid form, Static has a glow around her, usually light blue, but it changes around other Pokemon, or certain objects.

Personality: More of a follower, rather twitchy and loves to cause trouble.
Other: Always wanted to investigate a ruin, because they're cool.

And I copy pasted the history 'cause I suck~ Appearance in a bit.
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Name: Celia (Horrible pun~)
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Side: Hybrids
Pokemon: Celebi
History: Celia lived a normal life; yes, too normal for her taste. Everything was so dull, even herself. She didn't like talking to people and hated how she was exactly the same as everyone else, at least to her. She had always had an interest in Legendary Pokemon; they were rare, almost unknown, and very powerful. So when she had the opportunity to become a Hybrid, especially with her absolute favorite Pokemon, it was a no-brainer.
Appearance: Celia has a very slight build; very slim and not very tall, about 5'3. She has very pale, almost white blond hair and enormous blue eyes. She has a very round face, which is exaggerated by her short hair. She likes dressing in bright pastel colors; a normal outfit for her is lime green tights and a short, bubblegum pink dress with a colorful necklace or hair ribbon. In her part-Celebi form she is smaller, with larger eyes, blue antennas and tiny wings. Her skin and hair in this form have a slightly greenish tint. Overall, in this form she looks like the classic fairy, which is why she prefers this form and uses it the most.
Personality: Celia, while quite friendly, prefers to do things alone. She likes sitting somewhere quiet and reading, and hates loud noises, and loud places like parties and schools. However, when she's in a very good mood, she likes talking to people and can be quite playful and happy. She is a little spoiled and has a big head, secretly thinking that she's smarter than everyone else. Celia thinks she can do anything, which, surprisingly, has not gotten her in too much trouble. However, with the humans attacking, that will soon change.
Other: The internet will ruin your life. Trust me on this.
Evoli, you are accepted.

Now, i might have miscounted, but I believe there is now a total of three Legendary Hybrids. One slot left for those who want one.
Mewtwo is now in.

Once we have two more Hybrids. (Not counting Dragon as that's a reserve) I'll be closing Hybrid sign-ups.
I made a human.

Name: Private Emily Hays
Gender: female
Age: 18
Side: Humans
Pokemon: Lanturn, Charizard, Kabutops, and Crobat.
(she also has a Bayleef, heracross, ampharos, and fearow that she won‘t be using but may be mentioned.)

History: She began traveling across Johto when she was ten, like most trainers, and was able to get a full set of badges. After this she decided to train in the kanto region, and eventually settled down there. She had been working at the store in vermillion city when she heard about the Hybrids on the news, and was immediately angry at the scientists, being a huge Pokemon rights activist and humanitarian the hybrids and the scientists disgusted her. A week later, she got news that her mother had been killed by a couple of rampaging hybrids that had escaped their sentence on the island. When she heard about the war from Lt. Surge she immediately signed up and has been training with her Pokemon for the fight ever since, holding a grudge against the irresponsible scientists and their creations.

Appearance: (Screw the sprite) Emily has brown hair and Gray eyes, she's usually seen in her army uniform since joining, but when out of uniform usually wears Jeans and a nice T-shirt, she also has a baseball cap she wears all the time, which has a blue bill and front, and a white back. She's a little taller than average for a girl, and always keeps her pokeballs on a necklace that she never takes off.

Personality: She can be pretty naive still even though she’s eighteen, but this has changed, at least in the issue of the Hybrids and the war, there are still quite a few things that she can‘t seem to wrap her head around. It’s easy to make her laugh still though, and she laughs a lot when she’s nervous or in a bad situation, not just at corney jokes. Very kind and caring she hates to see Pokemon mistreated and will stop what she’s doing immeadatly to help anyone who’s hurt.

Other: Anyone also implies the hybrids, even though she hates them she can’t stand to see anything suffer or in pain. I hope this doesn’t ruin my character. (She has ten badges, all from johto and the vermillion badge and the pewter badge)
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Me wants to join too.

Name: Sargeant Daphnia Morris

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Side: Humans

Pokemon: Kizz (Alakazam), Ruin (Dusknoir), Dusk (Honchkrow), Imzi (Scizor)

History: Daphnia is the daughter of a wold-famous general, her father, and the leader of the best aerial squad of her parents' time, her mother. From her roots, she always aspired to be a general on the army, to follow her family's footsteps. She went to the military school at a very young age, and excelled at mostly any form of exercise. However, she refused to be the cold, terrifying stereotype, and put an effort to make people respect her by her actions, not by fear. After knowing the news about the Hybrids, she volunteered immediately. She was accepted right away, both for the lack of volunteers and for her outstanding capacities. Her objective is to find a place where they can live in peace.

Appearance: Daphnia is small and pale, with black curly hair and big green eyes. She wears a dark green army suit, with the Pokéballs hidden under the shirt, because of the color contrast.

Personality: Daphnia is a happy person, who always tries to help other people. This is also good for her, because it makes people forget she is a cunning strategist too. She is loyal, merciful and respectful. Her weakness is not liking blood or killing, while she tries to knock her enemies unconscious.

Other: I guess nothing.
Name: Damian Kara
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Pokemon: Darkrai
History: Damian's childhood was very brutal. His parents hated him and didn't like letting him leave the house. Soon he repressed emotions started to show themselves by way of the image of the Legendary Pokemon Darkrai appearing to him in what he thought was his dreams. Turns out that Darkrai had appeared to him and had hinted at a way to escape. Damian's mind came to the conclusion that Darkrai was trying to help him and thus he was lead to becoming a Hybrid. Damian escaped from his parents house and fled. Under Darkrai's directions, he was lead to the place in which the hybrids were created. He was then offered to be fused with Darkrai and out of spite of his parents he agreed.
Appearance: http://wwemad.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/darkrai1_2.jpg
Personality: Damian has become a rather cold person over the years. He is not one to start a conversation and he doesn't attention being focused on him. He is also easily distracted.

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Charizard Morph accepted. Now, to edit in my human profile:

Name: Commander Stratis Malak
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Side: Humans
Pokemon: Kabutops, Gliscor, Magmortar, Jolteon
History: Stratis was, at one point, a scientist who had a hand in creating the Hybrids, though nobody but him knows this. He was severely injured during one of the experiments, which might explain his deep hatred for the Hybrids. He lost his family and friends during the rogue Hybrid attacks, and it was then that he formed the Human's army, with the intent on obliterating them. He also has an enmity with Kailani, though the reason for this has yet to be discovered
Appearance: He has a standard army uniform, but it's black, and he also has a cloak/hood that he has up. His arms and hands have multiple scars on them.
Personality: Stratis is a brilliant tactician; able to turn losing battles into winning ones. He is a bit short-tempered, and doesn't take well to failure. His intense hatred of the Hybrids will not cease until every last one is dead. He has a rather commanding air about him, but is a good leader.
Other: Two more humans before we start, otherwise the sheer number of hybrids will ruin the RP
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I finished~

And is it alright of Static has the Rotom.. appliances hidden somewhere on the island, so she can change form..?
Yes, and accepted. (Though I do wonder why you put Valkyrie in your form)

We need a few more humans. If nobody signs up by Tuesday I'll start, and just have a crapload of NPC humans.
What the heck, I'll make a human character. C:

Name: Private Simon Godfrey
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Side: Humans
Pokemon: Male Typhlosion (Red) Shiny Female Milotic (Valentine) Female Furret (Mimi)
History: Simon is just an average guy, really. He was a trainer since he was a kid, and has the badges to prove it. He didn't feel particularly strongly on the subject of Hybrids; while he disapproved of it, he didn't really care enough to do anything until recently. Still, he felt like he ought to do something about it, and after several of his friends joined the army to help eliminate the Hybrids, he did too. After that, he became more and more convinced that the Hybrids should be destroyed, especially after the attack.
Appearance: Simon still looks like the average teenager; he has short, light brown hair and blue eyes, and pale skin with a lot of freckles. He's pretty tall, about six-foot, and not particularly heavy or muscular. Overall, even in the army uniform and with a gun, he just looks like a normal guy.
Personality:Simon is normally pretty nice. He rarely gets mad at people by nature, and won't really react much unless extremely provoked, or someone threatens his Pokemon. Still a trainer at heart, he usually has one of them out of their Pokemon at any given time, generally Mimi. Despite his usual laid-back demeanor, he's not afraid to fight and kill if necessary, especially when he thinks he's doing the right thing, regardless of what it is, and would not hesitate to "eliminate" a Hybrid, given the opportunity.
Other: Gasp! I created a male character! The world is in ruins!!
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