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Open Hybrid's War

Evoli's other character accepted, Yetipenguin Resrved.

For the Time Being, I am Closing Hybrid Sign-Ups.
Okay. Considering how we have no new sign-ups, I'm starting.
Kailani flew around the island in Speed Mode of his other shape.

Most beings would think of it as a blessing to have the opportunity to have so many other forms to switch to. To have the freedom of high speed, attack, defense, and to still be able to retain your being human.

But to be part Deoxys... to be an amalgamation of human and alien being... it was a curse.

And this curse will have to become a gift, Kailani thought, It will need to become a gift if I am to protect my island from the humans... those wretched soldiers.
Celia shifted to full Celebi mode and floated through the trees. She sat down on a branch of one and morphed back into her half-human form. Her favorite. So pretty..
Even when it was quiet here, though.. she still could not forget what would soon happen. The attacking soldiers. She just hoped all the Hybrids would be okay. That the human attack would fail.
Like that will happen...
Charlie sat on the beutiful white beach. He was in his half slowking form, reading a book from his secret stash. It was quite relaxing, but he could not stop thinking about the pending attack. Nothing we can do to stop it now. But we can try to stop them when they get here.

Charlie put his book down and morphed into Slowking form. He sensed another psychic nearby, approaching fast. They're not here already are they? He looked up and saw the speed forme Deoxys rush past gracefully. Charlie sighed, sat back down and changed back. He picked up his book and continued reading.
Dimetri leaned against the wall of his cave, re-wrapping bandages around his hands, in half form. Quickly finishing up he walked outside onto his own cut off little piece of beach, isolated, it was quiet and calm. He looked up, there was a cliff that hung over the beach just enough that anyone looking down would only see water. His perfect refuge. One that would soon be destroyed by humans, if they couldn’t be stopped.

He growled at this thought, letting some small flames escape his throat. Flames he hadn't asked for. He looked down at his hands, he'd been busy all day breaking and making glass, so he couldn't see very much of them, but he knew that they would soon be healed. Healed at a pace unthinkable for humans, but easily accepted when looking at a pokemon.

He and several others were going to be punished for the decisions of two other morphs, he would loose his new home, a place where he was, if not happy, content. And he would loose his life if he couldn't help stop the humans.

"I'll go to the main beach today. See if anyone else wants to play war. Or maybe I’ll just watch, it’s always interesting to watch what the others are doing.”

Stretching, he fully changed fully into Arcanine, wincing as his wounded hands changed into paws, the cuts tearing open again slightly because of the transformation. Dimetri sighed and stepped into the water, swimming around the wall of rock that hid his cave, the other side was open ocean. Unless someone else swam around the island or rock, his home would be safe from prying eyes.
Static drifted through a tree, and let loose an electric spark at Frozen.

"That's the third time you've done that, cut it out," the Weavile growled. "We have to get to-" She paused as she jumped up into the branches of a tree, and slowed down, walking through the trees like a pathway. "To our 'home base'," Frozen spat. With sigh, she sat on the branch she was standing on.

Static paused, and shifted into her half-human form. "What now? Why'd we stop?" Frozen shook her head.

"It's nothing.. Did you see that?" There was a blotch of oddly coloured green among the trees, and it was moving. Static shrugged.

"What, you wanna go see?" She shifted back to full Rotom form, and floated towards the shape, Frozen right behind her.
Three large boats cruised through the waters in a triangle formation, each of which carrying soldiers of the human's army.

Commander Stratis Malak stood at the bow of the front most of these boats.

Ahead lay the island of Surel, and their chance to eliminate the Hybrids.

Ahead lies my revenge against those who wronged me. Already, a handful of scouts have reached this island. Soon, this small infantry will join them, and our war will begin.

"Split up," He ordered, "We'll approach the island from its north, southeast, and southwest sides."

((Thus the island finally gets a name. I've yet to find a good map for it though. If someone can find a blank map of a decent-sized island, let me know.))
Lilac changed into full Suicune and started running across the small lake that had beed on the island.

It was fresh water, as her last name; Freshwater.She had runs like this every day, because it helped to calm her down. She was quite happy on the island, naive and content. I wonder what happened to those two Hybrids that ran off... she shook the thought and stepped off of the lake. She changed into human forme and lay down amongst the trees surrounding her lake and took a nap.
to be an amalgamation of human and alien being... it was a curse.

((D: and I keep trying to convince myself otherwise, but otherwise how did the thing get its name?))

Rhys was crouched in the cover of the leaves, tail raised as camouflage. He was completely Leafeon, hiding in the dense undergrowth. Thanks to all the plants, he could survive. Catch small prey and gather healing herbs.

But if I let this place be stolen by the humans, all will be lost. He gritted his teeth at the thought, and almost cried out in desperation. But knowing that would reveal his place, he kept his jaws clamped shut and blocked noise from his throat. He had to be silent if this place was going to stay where it was.


Collyn, however, was not as lucky to be a Grass-type. Instead, he was an Infernape hybrid where he could stay on the edges of the island and move his way about the trees with extreme agility. Contrary to Rhys, he preferred eating fruits that hung from trees and shrubs dotting the island.

He had the same thoughts as Rhys. He couldn't let this place be lost to inferior creatures... or were they superior? It was both, enough to leave anyone in a quandary. His fire blazed brighter with furious determination, and he flipped from a tree into a clearing. Growling, he vented his anger by kicking a stump. The pitiful thing fell over into the tall grass, cushioned by the foliage with a soft whump.
Micah sat on the sand, doing nothing in general. He pretty much just there, looking at the sky. A gentle breeze blew at his face. he was currently in half-Umbreon form, so he was naturally covered in black fur. Micah eventually got up and walked away, waving at Charlie as he happened to pass by.
Static floated closer to the patch of green, and grinned. It was Celia, then, not a human, or anything. "Hi, Celia," she chirped. "We're just passing by." Frozen, in full Weavile form, jumped onto a branch beside her, and nodded to the half-Celebi.

"Hi." she looked at Static again, and the two kept moving. "But I did feel something, like.. I don't know. There was something else."

Static sparked again. "It's because you know the humans are coming. Don't worry.." She paused, how could they not worry? "Well, don't get too stressed. If we go down, we're taking as many humans with us as we can." Frozen sighed.

"You know how cliched that sounds, I hope." They leapt down from the trees and reached a kind of burrow, both hybrids crawling in. "I never really liked this hole." To the side were five machines, the Rotom appliances. Static moved to the fan, and it came to life.

"Okay, let's go, then. We still have almost a full day to do absolutely nothing," she sang.

"Great," Frozen muttered, and climbed out of the hole.
Daphnia leaned over the boat, looking at the sea. She was very unhappy about the objective of the mission; it was completely different from her original desire. Dusk appeared and silently rested on his trainer's shoulder.

"Is the coast clear on the north?" she asked. Dusk nodded, and a moment later let out a cry of disapproval. Daphnia nodded too. "I don't like the path this mission is taking either, but it's our job." She sighed. "We should report to the commander now."
((@ Cryptica: How did what get its name?))

Kailani flew off toward his home in the mountains, with a few ideas in mind.

He needed a plan, and soon. He could see three boats in the distance, no doubt they were belonging to the Human's Army; each filled with humans who had come to exterminate them.

I've sent out the bait in the form of the two rogues, and it worked. All that I have left is to spring the trap... my trap.

He would have to be patient. Once the humans had arrived, he would attack, as a warning to the others, a warning they would no doubt ignore.
Emily took a deep breath of the salty air, looking out at the open waves, sparkeling in the sunlight. They were nearing the island. It's form just a thin line at the horizion so far, but the boats were moving fast.

"Here we go, i guess. For my mom. The hybrids were such an irresponsible thing to create, why can't those stupid scientists left nature alone?" She said to herself, gripping her seat on the boat tighter.


Demetri shook off the water from his fur, it was heavy when soaked, so he transformed into his human form, which dried much faster, although much slower to swim with. Looking around at the beach he noticed a Slowking Hybrid sitting in the sand, and an Umbreon Hybrid walking away. Neither seemed to have noticed him, but he made his way to the trees just to be safe. "No point in drawing unecessary attantion to myself," He muttered, "even if it's just other hybrids, i'd prefer to stay out of sight, you never know who your real friends are."

The shadows of the trees provided enough cover, but he felt far to visable among them. Much more used to the allyways of cities and the dark halls of unlit buildings, it seemed to him as if the trees didn't provide any cover at all.
Charlie looked around. He thought he saw some boats on the distance. He blinked, looked and they were still there. He could barely see them but they were approaching fast. He morphed into Slowking form and sent out a telepathic message.

'The humans are coming! If anyone can hear me, Come to the beach now!'

He opened his eyes and saw the boats on the horizon again. "Well," he muttered, "we're screwed.
'The humans are coming! If anyone can hear me, Come to the beach now!'

Lilac heard that telepathic message inside her head. Oh no, what happened to the two that were sent out? It had to be bad. Lilac transformed into her full Suicune forme; she ran faster that way. She was at the beach in two minutes flat. She saw the boats in the distance. "Great..."
Simon looked out across the ocean at the island. They were close now. Soon they'd be there. Soon.
Mimi was curled up on his lap, sleeping. Scratching the Furret's ear, he felt a small tinge of regret. The Hybrids were people. Wouldn't killing them be murder? Was this right?
Of course it is!
They were murderers themselves, the Hybrids, dangerous. They'd attack and kill the humans if the humans didn't first. This was the right thing. For the good of humanity.

'The humans are coming! If anyone can hear me, Come to the beach now!'
Celia looked up. Morphing into her Celebi form, she flew quickly the the beach. Charlie, the one who had sent the message was there, as well as a Suicune. Lilac.
It's time..
'The humans are coming! If anyone can hear me, Come to the beach now!'

Dimetri winced slightly as the message went through his thoughts.

"Do i go home and get weapons, or do i wait here and see what happens....?" He thought for a moment. "Weapons, but nothing too dangerous, don't want to end up chopping them up into bloody pieces until they attack us themselves. Better go with the spears, get about ten, hand em to a couple of hybrids. I hope that they all have the sense not to go slitting throats until we've been cornered."

He ran down the beach and transformed at the same time, jumping into the water, no time to worry about anyone seeing him, his home would be much less safe if he didn't get some extra protection. Running up to his cave, still a soaking wet Arcanine, he grabbed some of his homemade spears in his teeth and went running back to the water.

A few minuites later he was back on the beach, half form holding his weapons. He silently walked up to a Celebi, Suicune, and Slowking standing there, offering each one of the weapons.
"Just in case. Keep them point down in the sand, we don't want to alarm them."


Emily could see tiny standing forms on the island now. "Crobat, come out here!" She released the pokemon into the air. "We don't know what to expect, best to be prepared." Her pokemon sounded his agreement, staying by her side.
When Kailani heard the message, he wasn't surprised. He had, after all, been the one who'd given them reason to come to Surel.

Still, he knew that he'd have to show up to make the act look convincing. Shifting to partial speed form, he jumped down from the mountains and took flight.
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