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Open Hybrid's War


It's over. I'm sorry, but it's over.
The following is an excerpt from the journal of a scientist who wishes to remain anonymous. This excerpt was taken following attacks by beings known as hybrids

Month IV, Day XII
We've finally done it!

It's taken years of tedious experimenting, countless failures, and cost millions of dollars, but we've finally managed to combine the DNA of a pokemon with that of a human!

The test subject is currently asleep- doubtless he is recovering from the procedure- but I am confident that he will become a great benefit to our society. A new era for humans and pokemon is about to begin!

Month IV, Day XIX
It has taken less time than we have anticipated to create countless more of these human-pokemon Hybrids. Each of them can change their forms partially- or fully -into the forms of the pokemon who they have been combined with. Most, if not all, of them are managing to adapt to their new forms with ease. From here, we can only go forward. I await the day that we can show the world our project, and how it will benefit society!

Month IV, Day XXV
The fruits of our labors, which we initially thought would be welcomed, have now been turned away in disgust.

When we unveiled the Hybrids, the reactions of the public ranged from "shocked" to "disgusted." They demanded that the Hybrids be banished far from Johto, and never allowed to return. Our team directed the Hybrids to an island far to the south. This island is a lush paradise, and has many forms of terrain, so all of the hybrids will be able to find peace there. I send them my best wishes, knowing full well that I would never see them again....

Month VII, Day X
It is with a heavy heart that I write these words, as they are the death sentence of all of the Hybrids.

Three days following the banishment of the Hybrids, two of them somehow managed to find their way back to the mainland. Upon reaching the nearest city, they went on a rampage, wounding and killing several innocents before they themselves were killed.

Comparing this to the reaction of the first unveiling of the Hybrids would be like comparing a tropical storm to a light breeze. The public came to the decision that the Hybrids needed to be destroyed, and soon assembled their own army to destroy them.

At first, we questioned whether or not we should help the people in their efforts. I myself decided that it was for the best, as we had no idea how many more Hybrids would go rogue. We've begun construction airships and other vehicles to help defeat the Hybrids, and the first set of this army has set out to the island, ready to destroy the Hybrids who live there, with plans to take prisoner- or worse -the Hybrids...

I fear for their safety, as well as the safety of the humans who travel there.

The Plot

Experiments have been created that allow humans to add the DNA of various pokemon into their own, allowing them to partially or fully take the form if they choose to. However, the public didn't accept these Hybrids well, and eventually the Hybrids were banished to an island far to the south of Johto. This island is a lush paradise, featuring many types of terrain, freshwater, and even areas where villages would be built. It seemed that the matter was over because the Hybrids had found a home for themselves.

But it wasn't. A combination of extreme paranoia followed by an attack from some rogue Hybrids led the public to decide that the Hybrids had to be exterminated, something that even the scientists who created the Hybrids agreed to. Over the course of many months, an militia of sorts was assembled, and vehicles to complement that militia began to be built, courtesy of the scientists who created the Hybrids. On the flipside, the Hybrids became aware of the impending threat, and continue to go about their lives, all the while readying themselves for the battles to come.

Will you join the humans who wish to exterminate the Hybrids? Or will you join the Hybrids in defending their home?

The Island of Surel

1. Human's landing sites: The three various locations where the first boats for the Human's army will land and unload
2. Cape of Sleeping Kingdra: named for the deadly whirlpools that rage all across it, it is virtually impossible to get through
3. Fire Island: A set of small, dormant volcanoes not far from the mainland. On the larger of the two there are some ruins known as the fire tombs. The prupose of these remains unknown
4. Aqua jet Water way: A strong current carries objects through the waters. It's possible to reach the fire islands from here, but it will cause one to be swept into the Cape of Sleeping Kingdra should they miss
5. Giras beach: A small beach. It's currently here that the Hybrids are gathering
6. Hybrid Capital village: It's here that many buildings exist for the hybrids, the most important of these being the meeting hall
7. Calv Forest: A lush forest that lies in between the two Min Mountains
8. Min-Terra and Min-Celest Mountain: Two mountains that lie in the middle of the island, the latter of the two is the higher one
9. Arc Islet Chain: A small chain of mini-islands named for its Arch-Shape.

Follow all usual RP Rules (No godmodding, snubbing, etc.)
No chatspeak/spamming
This RP is at Semi-Lit level.
Two characters maximum.
Relationships are allowed (yes, even ones by characters on opposite sides,) but keep it at a PG-13 level, please
Swearing is also allowed, but that, too, must be at a mild PG-13 level
Legendaries are allowed for Hybrids, but no version mascots (Barring Suicune), or Arceus. Not only that, your form must be above standards. There will also be a four-RPer limit to legendaries, which will be issued on a first come-first served basis. (I myself plan on making one of my characters a legendary Hybrid)
Those who play on the humans' side will be part of the first scouting team that has gone to the island when I start the RP. Other "infantries" will go to the island will do so when I decide.
Put "ruin" in your form to prove you've read the rules
Have fun, of course.

Sign up sheets
Gender: (Male or female)
Age: (15-25)
Side: (Hybrids or Humans)
Pokemon: (If a Hybrid, then this is the pokemon that you're merged with. If human, then this is your team, limited to four)
History: (Why they want to fight the Hybrids/ how they became one. Try to make it at least three lines)
Appearance: (Pictures are accepted)
Personality (Try to make it detailed. I'll accept PO in the case of a detailed history)
Other: (Anything else you might want to mention)

Exo-Raikou: Kailani Gian, Deoxys Hybrid; Commander Stratis Malak
Evoli: Celia, Celebi Hybrid; Private Simon Godfrey, Human's Army
Dragon: Static, Rotom Hybrid; Frozen, Weavile Hybrid
Cryptica: Rhys, Leafeon Hybrid; Colin, Infernape Hybrid
Darksong: Kyura, Ninetales Hybrid
PMW: Private Robert Wilson, Human's Army
Male Gardevoir: Micah Bronson, Umbreon Hybrid
Charizard Morph: Dimetri, Arcanine hybrid; Private Emily Hays, human's army
Mewtwo: Lilac Freshwater, Suicune Hybrid
Psymon: Charlie Jones, Slowking Hybrid
Arcanine: Sargeant Daphnia Morris, Human's Army
YetiPenguin: Hybrid Reserve; human Reserve
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Can I reserve a spot as a Celebi-Hybrid? I don't have time to make a good form at the moment.
Name: Private Robert Wilson
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Side: Human
Pokemon: Cerebus (Houndoom), Leveler (Machamp), Petey (Magikarp, his favorite)

As a young boy, Robert despretly wanted to escape his sleepy town for a life of adventure. People that knew him thought that he was not mature enough to be a good trainer on his own, and so it was difficult for him to acquire a starter. He restored to using the old bobber, line and stick to fish himself a Magikarp, which became a very loyal friend. After a very very long string of failures and losses, he eventually managed to capture a Houndour and a Machop. While he never even acquired a Gym badge, traveling with his Pokemon gave him the adventure he wanted. At around seventeen, Robert decided to settle down in a town laughably close to his hometown. Before long, though, he got the itch for adventure again, an itch the Hybrids would inadvertantly assist in scratching.

Of course, any army that wants to recruit soldiers is going to put out propoganda to enlist able men and women to its cause. Robert had been nowhere near the sites of the Hyrbrid attacks personally, and knows all he does about them second-hand- Easy prey for the ads saying that the force gathering would be the only thing to save the world. He enlisted as soon as he could, and was instantly put into training for the front lines. He's a natural crack shot, and with proper training his already good aim was made even more deadly. Other soldiers joked that he could get a headshot on a fly a mile away, and it isn't entirely without cause.

Appearance: He's got the average build you'd expect from a soldier- He's decently muscled with little fat, and the standard shaved head. He tends to wear his uniform even when it is not required. Robert always keeps his rifle within easy reach.
Personality: I'ma play it out
Other: He may or may not know how to drive a tank if the situation depends on it
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Name: Rhys

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Side: Hybrid overload

Pokemon: Leafeon

History: Rhys, at first, never knew the anonymous scientist. He was completely oblivious to the Hybrids... that was, for a long time until he heard of them. Half human, half Pokemon... it was interesting, but not the best fate. The night after he first got word of Hybrids, he found himself stumbling into the abode of some strange man. Frightened and shocked, he was at a loss of words when the "strange man" asked him questions he couldn't answer himself. Stuttering things he couldn't remember or hear, he somehow got himself injected with the DNA of a Leafeon. At first he didn't know, but the day after while in his yard he found that he had the ability to transform himself into a Leafeon as he sat underneath a leafy tree.

Appearance: Rhys wears his dirty-looking, straight hair as it is. It's a light brown, halfway between blond and umber. He has pale skin and a rather confident countenance, although it doesn't always reflect his feelings. His build is rather lean and graceful, like a Leafeon itself. He wears a grass-green t-shirt (which is about one size too big for him; he likes it that way) and plain, smooth khaki jeans. If he's walking in grass on a nice day he occasionally goes without shoes, but otherwise he wears generic black sandals.

Personality: Rhys, when he comes across something new, usually can't think of anything to say. This includes meeting new people and entering new places. At synchronization with this he's slow to adapt to some things, and gets nervous while doing so. However in terms of doing something he's done before, he's confident and manages to get the job done... most of the time. People have to fail sometimes, and Rhys is definitely one of them. He's practically well-rounded and likes to stick with plans.


Name: Collyn


Age: 17

Side: Hybrids

Pokemon: Infernape

History: Collyn was never very secret about anything that could be shared with others. Of course, he had common sense and could be mysterious about some things and overt about others. He didn't brag too much, but it's not like he never did anything good. However, being open and not-hidden can have its flaws. His personality made it easy for Collyn's presence to be revealed to the anonymous scientist and his comrades, allowing them to capture him. Finding what fit him best, they infused him with an Infernape's genes. Being careful, they placed him in a stone alley for about ten minutes so that he could figure out his new ability. But when he did notice it, he used his superior agility to escape and go back home... or was it really home?

Appearance: Collyn prefers monochrome. He wears his short, smooth black hair in a fire-like style. He has dark brown eyes and a well-set and agile build. He usually wears a long-sleeved shirt patterned white with a gold-spotted decoration and casual gray sweatpants. Most of the time he wears cobalt-blue gloves with a golden swirl on the back, like an Infernape's hands.

As mentioned in his history, Collyn doesn't like to be secret about too many things. Since he's used to being overt instead of hidden, he's not really a person to trust to keep a secret. He's very modest and doesn't like people to expect too much of him. When in a tough situation he generally will be able to handle it well, although there's usually a flaw in it.

Other: Are you going to ruin my self-confidence or will you destroy the world?
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I'd like to reserve my form but I need to go to dinner so I'll finish later...

Name: Kyura (see History for info on why her name is odd)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Side: Hybrid
Pokemon: Ninetales
History: Kyura always had a fascination with canines. Growlithe, Electrike... she loved all dog Pokémon. It started with a Vulpix that Kyura had as a pet. The Vulpix, named Roku, the Japanese word for six, had never evolved, so Kyura had always had a dream to see a real Ninetales. She was also interested in art; she always sketched what she thought Ninetales looked like; she had only heard of it. She never heard of the experiment, but one day was captured by the scientists to be merged. She was to be combined with a graceful Ninetales; the scientists thought many people would be fascinated by it. However, since such a mystical Pokémon was toyed with, something in the experiment went wrong. Although Kyura turned out fine physically, she had lost virtually all her memory and willpower, and as she fled through the ruin, had to create a name for herself. She found Kyura to have a pleasant ring to it, and it stuck.
Appearance: Kyura stands about five feet tall and weighs about one hundred and thirty pounds (the nine tails she has must add to her weight). Her hair is golden, just like a Ninetales's fur, and she wears it in the same style as the tuft on Ninetales's head. In half-Ninetales form, she would gain fox ears. Her irises in human form are permanently red, like Ninetales. Normally, she wears golden or orange clothes, and in half-Ninetales form she would have the mane and paws. Her skin is noticeably golden as well. Usually her clothes are short and slightly loose. Kyura almost never wears shoes, as during the experiment her hands and feet got stuck as paws.
Personality: As mentioned in history, Kyura has almost no memory or willpower; as a result, it is very easy to convince her of something and so she changes sides quickly if she has something to persuade her. She is serious and doesn't really joke around, often having an annoyed edge to her voice for no reason. However, that's only when she does talk; normally, she's quiet-natured and secluded. Although she doesn't remember much, she is intelligent, and deep inside herself, she has a strong desire to protect those who are close to her. Kyura has the graceful movements of a Ninetales, and is very curious; her personal goal in life is to merely explore and achieve small things.
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Cryptica and Darksong reserved.

Also, I've forgotten my own rules. President Micheal, you're missing a certain something
My form is finished! :)

By the way, Cryptica and I will be away from the computer in Portland (probably swimming most of the time) from about twelve hours from now to late at night on the 25th of May. If you want to start the RP before then, go ahead, but don't do too much without us! ~
Alright, I'm going to try to finish my form soon so that it's done before I go to Portland tomorrow :) Look for this post to be edited when it's finished.

EDIT: Whoo! It's done! (May 22, 9:21 PM)
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Reserve please. I have other things to do right now.

Name: Micah Bronson

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Side: Hybrid

Pokemon: Umbreon

History: Micah grew up in a small village before eventually moving to the big city with his parents. But they separated and Micah moved to his grandfather instead. He eventually decided to become a Hybrid test subject, not seeing what there was to lose.

Appearance: As a human, Micah looks pretty average, somewhat thin but rather average, having black hair of medium length and yellow eyes, carrying a blue cap, blue T-Shirt and blue shorts, all of the same colour. His Umbreon form looks pretty much like a anthromorphic Umbreon, he also tend to change clothes when having that form, not wearing a shirt, but a big red collar and a pair of red shorts instead of the usual blue ones.

Personality: Micah isn't hyper, nor is he calm, he's neither in other words. He's a kind guy, but he can become rather suspicious of people even if they don't do a lot, but he's happy in general.

Other: har har har I guess I ruin this RP because I based my character around Klonoa because he owns. :C Also he tends to be in his Hybrid form more then his human one.
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Name: Charlie Jones
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Side: Hybrid
Pokemon: Slowking
History: As a little kid, Charlie read hundreds upon hundreds of books. His pet Kadabra found interesting books in the library and levitated them to him. He thought that the more he knew, the better he was than everyone else. When the chance to become a Pokemon hybrid came about, Charlie jumped to it. The thought of knowing the sensation of being a Pokemon was to much to resist. He became a Slowking as that was the smartest Pokemon
he could think of.
Appearance: In his human form, charlie wears a red top, Blue framed glasses and baggy jogging bottoms. His hair is dark brown and spiky. In half slowking form, he becomes shorter and fatter, he gets the slowking crown and neck ruff.
Personality: Charlie is quite arrogant, thinks he is smarter than other people, but will help other hybrids if he thinks it will benefit him. He likes to be on his own and fight on his own. If someone insults him. he will get extremely angry, and sometimes if he gets annoyed enough, he will start to fight.
Other: Has a big pile of books hidden in a hollow rock on the island.

EDIT: Put in the age. Shame I had to ruin such a great form.
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Psymon, you forgot your age, and a certain something else that's important. Edit those in and you will be accepted.

Darksong and Cryptica accepted.
Name: Dimetri
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Side: Hybrids
Pokemon: Arcanine

History: Dimetri joined team rocket because he was always good at getting in and out of places undetected, and was offered a huge sum of money for his services. When given an order to steal information from an unmarked building he managed to get deep inside, but after finding what he was supposed to(supposedly information on the hybrids) he was captured by the scientists. Soon after his capture his DNA was spliced with that of an Arcanines, but during the process he lost his mind, which I will touch more on in personality.

Appearance: In human form he has black hair and his skin is a tad orangish, but doesn’t have the stripes, his ears are a little longer than normal, but other than that he could pass as fully human with a really bad tan. His palms(or pads when he’s halfie or full Pokemon) are scarred from cuts because he works with glass on the island, as a result his hands are usually bandaged.
Here’s a picture for when he’s halfie:

Personality: Dimetri is insane, you can’t usually tell by his outward appearance and the way he acts, but you can tell from the things he says. He has a habit of talking to himself, something developed while working for the rockets to keep his cool while stealing, but it’s increased since his transformation, and he can be seen just walking around having conversations with no one else there. He’s usually able to keep his mouth in check, making an effort to seem normal enough, but the things that go on inside his head are enough to scare the ever living anything out of almost anyone (Be glad he isn’t psychic). He usually gives his opinion only where he feels it is needed, and isn’t very social and prefers to keep to himself. He’ll usually answer most questions with short and to the point answers, and can be blunt, despite this though he has a sense of humor, and has a sarcastic smart aliky side. The island is fine with him, he was able to find a nice place(cave) on the beach to live in, and he enjoys changing sand into glass. He also enjoys swimming, even though he‘s a fire type, because he’s always uncomfortably hot. He has a grudge against the scientists that transformed him, and will often say as much, but originally had no interest in actually going after them. After finding out that they were going to come to the island and destroy them though, he began to act on his grudge and has been making weapons and traps out of glass and sharpened sticks.

Other: I hope that the humans and hybrids don’t completely ruin each others lives. And yes, I do have to have team rocket involved in everything, even if it’s only in the form.
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Name: Lilac Freshwater
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Side: Hybrids
Pokemon: Suicune
History: When Lilac was a young girl, she had always loved Suicune and its grace. Lilac grew up loving to pretend she was Suicune.

Until the day she saw one.

It was the happiest day of her life, she saw that Suicune - even if it was only a blur - running across the water. The same day, some scientiss had captured her. She struggled, until they said they would merge her with the Pokemon of her choice. She immediately said yes, and that her favorite Pokemon was Suicune. After this, she was banished to an island, but it was a nice island. She watched as two of the hybrids went off to try to go back home, but they never returned. She promised herself she would never do that, as she loved her home.
(Human) Her hair is blonde and curly, and her eyes are green. She always wears a blue T-shirt and blue jeans. She looks a bit young for her age - having the structure of a thirteen-year old.
(Partial Forme) Her shirt is once again blue, and she has a purple cape. She has Suicune's diamond thing on a smaller scale on her head, and Suicune's ribbons coming out like twin tails and coming up. Her jeand now are smooth pants, like her shirt, and have the diamond things on them.
(Suicune forme) Not much different - her eyes are green, and her blue with a hint of purple.
Personality: Lilac is very sweet and caring, and cares more for others than herself. She helps those in need, even those on the opposing teams at times.
Other: I just had to go ruin my day by fighting with my sister and getting my friend sent home! D=
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Mewtwo reserved, Psymon and Charizard Morph accepted. I assume you still aren't finished, Male Gardevoir, as your history has yet to be completed.

Now, for my first form:

Name: Kailani
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Side: Hybrids
Pokemon: Deoxys
History: Kailani was the very first hybrid that was created. He did not choose to join with Deoxys, but rather it was chosen because of its shifting properties (After All, what better pokemon to first try to fuse the DNA with than Deoxys?) He did not ask for this experiment, though; he was involuntarily subjected to the process. Because of that, he holds a deep grudge against the scientists. It was also he who encouraged the two rogue Hybrids to attack the mainland; this is something that nobody but himself knows. Why he encouraged them to do this, knowing full well that it would result in war, remains to be seen.
Appearance: Because he is part Deoxys, he can shift between the four forms, though his chest will always remain in the form of Deoxys. He wears a dark cloak to conceal himself while in human form, and while one of his eyes is dark grey, the other is a distinct crimson, and happens to be artificial. He is of medium build, and his right arm has multiple scars on it.
Personality: Kailani is, first off, cold, silent, and antisocial, which would explain why he made his home in one of the barren mountains on the island. He is hateful toward many things- the humans, for making him like this, the other Hybrids, who he sees as the main reason of his exile, and even himself- he is disgusted with his form, his being an amalgamation of human and alien pokemon. It is for that reason that he is looking forward to the humans coming- perhaps he orchestrated the attacks to ensure that he would have revenge.
Other: The RP could be ruined if we don't get more characters on the human's side. Also, his artificial eye sees things in an "elemental spectrum."
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