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If you were a Pokemon, based on your personality, which would you be?

Arylett Charnoa

Barely existent.
The TCoD Quiz said I was Togetic... and then Pikachu. Which I honestly thought were horribly inappropriate.

I always thought Poochyena fit me, because of the way it's described as like... biting and chasing its opponents unless they attack and then running away if they do. It's quite timid and cowardly like that, and I have a similar attitude. Very stubborn and tenacious and sort of attackative about things I perceive as being weaker than me. Although I mainly only act like that around one person. I try to be intimidating too, but I fail horribly.

Another one I've thought is Flaffy. Other than the large amounts of wool... well, I just see it as mild and sort of timid. It doesn't seem like the type that likes to cause lots of trouble, and well, I don't really like to cause trouble either. I tend to like to just lay low and follow the crowd a bit like a sheep.

Cyndaquil's another one that sort of harkens back to me, I think. It seems very timid, but when it gets angry, it like... fire explodes from the back. It's actually very fiery, and that sort of makes me think of like... passion, I guess. How I can be very just... emotional and have these strong passionate feelings about things even though I'm timid and very anxious about stuff.

...So yeah, there's my long explanations about stuff. Ahaha. I overthink these things, clearly.


Not an Ace Attorney
As can be seen in my signature, I got Togetic on the the Cave of Dragonflies quiz.

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team, I was made a Mudkip. "The calm type."

Based on this, I could probably be a Ralts or a Kirlia.
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Slugma is adorable and cool!
Pikachu or Torchic, based on the Pokemon Dungeon quiz, because Pikachu is a hasty and Torchic is a rash, though I think I'm more rash than hasty.

Cap'n Sofa

Cow Zedong
A combination of Espeon, Umbreon, and Alakazam. I am loyal to friends, ready to whoop my enemies, am sometimes misunderstood and angry, and want to figure out how everything works.


Dirty minds think alike~
I guess TCoD test wise I'm an Absol or when I'm not in an emo-mood, Mewtwo. Both mean I don't give a flying fuck about anyone ((mostly)) so that's kinda right.

By Pokédex probably Cubone because i tend to be by myself whenver when can work in groups.

By choice, Alakazam.


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I'd go with Cubone here, not for the "I am so ronery!" but due to the fact that.. well, okay there's that but mostly due to having skewed view on what is friendship and generally be an asshole to friends. Since Cubone is often portrayed as not being terribly friendly too. :v

Perhaps from a Smeargle parent too since I like smearing paint on blank surfaces in hopes it makes it look like something. :c

Primeape might be an ancestor, for anger issues. >:c


Judgemental people GTFO
I duno........I see myself as a snubbull o.o; Kinda!

I can come off as scary due to my temperment from the autism but I really just wanna be cute.

Also sometimes I put on a bit of a tough front, even without meaning. Even though i'm like the girlyest girl ever.

Yeah i'm a Snubbull lol

ミ☆ ᴍyᴜᴍᴀ

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she, they
There's so many Pokemon that for any personality, there's at least two or three good candidates. My answer to this question varies each time.

Right now... I'm going to go with Cottonee/Whimsicott. It doesn't take things seriously, and plays a support role in battle (causing status effects/chip damage) instead of attacking directly.


Judgemental people GTFO
I'd love to be Pikachu. He's the best. I wonder if my personality would match up.... :P I would say i have things in common with Ash's Pikachu, at least. Also I own a Pikachu hat now (i got it around christmas) and i wear it ALL the time.


All is fair in love and war
I feel like I'd be a Whismur, because I'm pretty shy and sensitive to noises. Either that or Nosepass, because of favouritism... but you could also argue that Nosepass is pretty shy! And it definitely has a sensitive nose!


Judgemental people GTFO
As well as Pikachu, being a Keldeo would be cool he's a fighting type UNICORN that seeks out battles in the anime, sooo.....xDDDD

I even have a keldeo themed name on my white 2 (keldela). He's one of my top favorite legendaries. soooo adorable~<3