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Objection! (Ace Attorney fan-club)

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I'm pretty sure most players think it's just Edgeworth using his influence so that word that he's been defending won't spread.
But Gumshoe explicitly tells you that Godot seems to just have vanished into thin air and nobody could locate him, doesn't he? Sure, it could just be him being mysterious when he isn't interested in the case, but at least I didn't just dismiss it as that outright.


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Then again didn't gumshoe also say godot was recognized by edgeworth or something? And later edgeworth doesn't even know who he is.

Kai Lucifer

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I got AAI the other day and I've been loving it. The new, smoother sprites, the way that each case is connected and of course the amounts of sharp wit from Edgeworth.

Notice how both PW3 and AAI have last cases involving a man with a green shirt and white hair and a woman who isn't who she appears to be.


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HELLO /uses phoenix down on thread

SO I finished Ghost Trick recently (it's by the authors of ace attorney, it's amazing, go play it) and hopped onto its tvtropes page, as I do. Blahblahblah, clickclickclick, come across a link to fic: Complete Turnabout.

And just. Wow. I've been singing its praises all over #tcod for the past few days, and following my personal history of doing the same to TWEWY, Tangled, Ghost Trick... when I start googling it up to find any possible reference to it and telling everyone to go play/watch/read it... I dunno what I'm saying. I can't type right now.

But it's good. Awesome. Excellent. Midnight-seal of approval.

QUOTES: "Still, I decided that randomly punching Edgeworth probably wouldn't be a good idea."

"It was either going to make Gumshoe wait at the high prosecutor's office for hours just to have nobody show up, or to make Franziska von Karma wait even longer. The latter sounded like a more child-friendly way to say 'commit suicide'."

Guys go read it so I can squeal over its awesomeness. It is so good at characterization and witty one-liners and evocative scenes and aaa. It's called the best 'original flavor' Phoenix Wright fanfiction for a reason -- it really reads like you're playing a post-T&T episode! Just. Yes. Link. Read. (I have the first ten chapters in a txt here and the rest here for on-the-go reading if you have a flashcard or something like I do!)

(<Clover> oh man. "Chapters: 21 - Words: 199,697". the story begins at eight am on may first and the last chapter concludes at eight pm on may second.
<Clover> i feel a deep personal connection with this woman's pacing.)

PS more relevant to thread perhaps: is anyone else playing GK2 :D (my jp-fu is not strong enough for the crossexaminations :'()
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Crazy Linoone

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I just spent my whole day reading fanfiction instead of writing my essay and it's all your fault, Midnight!

How could you do this to me >:(





oh man, good times.
I just spent my whole day reading fanfiction instead of writing my essay and it's all your fault, Midnight!

How could you do this to me >:(

I spent six hours reading that fic.

I started at midnight.

So I wasn't the only one! Where did my Friday night and most of Saturday go and what do I do with my life now that I've read every chapter ; ;

I love this author's dream sequences and the characterization and the cool lines and the
coffee metaphor
and and and :3 (Idk if that's really a spoiler but I spoiler-tagged it just to be safe!)


neither simple, nor coherent.
RE: ficreaders: oh my god you guys are the most awesome ; ; I love you all you have no idea


Chapter seven is my /favorite/, was my favorite the very first time I read it and still is. Like Emerald Espeon with the dream sequences, I have a particular preference for all the 'Apollo Justice' hints, it would seem. The white psychelocks bit with Gavin, and then later with Trucy... my favorite bits.

BUT reading chapter seven again after I finished just amazed me with the amount of foreshadowing this lady puts in!

"'The same with the little girl?' Gavin asked.

'Yeah. Well, actually, I told her to stay at home. She tried to insist on coming despite what happened, but I thought standing on the big stage now would probably be a little bit too much. She just lost part of her family too, after all...'"

See, the first time through, I totally assumed that was Pearl! But now looking back, it's obviously Trucy! Especially when she says "But I can't really perform it with both the other actresses missing, can I?" Trucy wasn't even... that whole plotline wasn't even introduced until chapter /nineteen/. So now I wonder: who died? I suppose, given the chapter nineteen reference/lack of her father, it was Zak... But... Hm, maybe he didn't die? MAYBE oh my god maybe Godot-- /Diego/ took the place of Phoenix in the whole replacement-defense attorney bit! After Zak played Kristoph and lost! ... Actually I don't know if that jives with everything, hm.

ANYWAY and then and then just a few lines later:

"'Y-You... came?' she stuttered nervously.

'... I was given a VIP ticket.' I didn't mention who I got it from, since I wanted to spare Edgeworth the 'Rage of Maya Fey'. However...

'Y-Yes, I know...'


DUDES. okay so now with the power of foreshadowing, I am totally reading that as: Maya's Letter? /included a VIP pass./ I would like to know what all it says, though. When I first read that Edgeworth wouldn't open it in all his lawful goodness, I immediately thought back to the letter-reader machine in AJ. Hmmmmm. (Aww, /Ema.../)

Actually that deserves to not be a parenthetical. When she first died, I was just, /D:/ no no no /emaaaa/ ; ;. Ema had a futuuure! She's supposed to be in that cool Investigations outfit and then wow Apollo and Trucy with the power of SCIENCE! D: Dammit, Phoenix, another lady lost due to your not showing up on time! You'd think he'd make sure to get to any place he had an appointment with a woman he liked at least twenty minutes early after this.

I kind of like Lilie. I like her an awful lot more than Calisto, anyway. (By the way, with the off-hand rewritten mention of AAI-4 in the Gumshoe and Phoenix's Excellent Adventure to Kurain episode, does that mean Calisto got locked up and thus no more Shih-na? That's kinda lame.) Even if she is a pedo. I liked her performance in front of the judge.

OH going backwards a bit to where Ema died (because I am the best at organizing thoughts):

"'P-Ph-Phoenix... I-I'm so... s-sorry... th-they took... it...'

'Took? Took what?' I finally noticed that I couldn't see Ema's handbag anywhere... Did they rob her? 'Who did this to you?'

'The... black... hair...'

'... What?'"

DO YOU THINK it means 'they' took a black hair, as in the scientific evidence? OR could it be an answer to 'who did this to you'? If it's the latter, I'm so totally reading it as 'the black-haired twin', aka Iris, who is actually Dahlia and Iris is in prison, because I just can't trust Dahlia come the freak on. Espeeeecially after what Edgeworth said about her acting skills.

By the way: fanboy Edgeworth? Did anyone not just crack up laughing at that scene, tell me now. Even more hilarious when you can totally, totally see canon-Edgeworth doing like the exact same thing.

I loved Kay's entrance so much. It was so amazingly /Kay/. Even if it was like. Three lines.

I wonder who the janitor will be in the next chapter. I'm guessing Larry. Larry or Oldbag, but she says it's one of her favorite characters, so...

Oh wow that went on way too long okay. Blather blather blather. Fans who have played all five games (I probably should have mentioned that in the first post; you really should have played at least the first four if possibly not Investigations): read this fic. (Updated the first post with a link to the txt of the next ten chapters.) One more quote to convince you:

Finally, I reached for my own wallet, took a quick look around me, pulled out five one hundred dollar bills, and held them right under Gumshoe's nose.

"Whatever you buy with this..." I whispered, "please make sure it has nothing to do with noodles whatsoever."
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Oh man, I am so saving this on my computer and reading it the next time I have to go somewhere and need something to read to entertain myself. I'm very excited for it :D

Crazy Linoone

broke ASB
I wonder who the janitor will be in the next chapter. I'm guessing Larry. Larry or Oldbag, but she says it's one of her favorite characters, so...
I'm placing my bets on Apollo, just because she says that "A character you all know and either love or hate will make an appearance" and Polly would totally make an awesome janitor.
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