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OMFG! Shineeeh...


hopefully back??
Okey, so it happened yesterday when I was about to go sleep. I had beaten the E4 for the fourth time, and I was about to fly to victory road to train my Alakazam. Then I notice none of my pokemon has fly,(I mean, none of the pokemon I use for battling has any HM move, except my Empoleon, which has Defog DX) so I decide to leave Twinleaf town and get my Staravia (which has fly) so that I can train my Alakazam. So, guess what the first pokémon I encounter in the grass is? Starly, and what do I see? Well, it is BROWN! So I think. "What the... A brown Starly? Musta be a gli - THOSE THE BLUE SPARKLY STARS! IT MUST BE A SHINY!" So I turn to my brother, and show him the Starly... Then I catch it with a Ultra Ball :DDD

I named him Glimmer :) All my Shinys have names like that (but I only have two, Anyway :P) He has a brave nature, likes spicy food and has good perseverance. Caught him at level 3.

I have never chained, by the way. I don't like chaining, it takes to much time and it's really annoying when you encounter the wrong pokemon DX And The highest chain I've ever got is 2 anyways.


Crazy Linoone

broke ASB
Wow, you really have great luck. I only have one shiny (my other, in Emerald, disappeared). Congrats!

Chaining is sort of fun though, once you got the hang of it.


< Made by Fujiwara Yaminichi! Isn't it awes
Lucky you! Shiny Staraptors are cool.
Are you gonna evolve him?
And don't worry, Glimmer is a good name. Guess what I named BOTH of my shinies(one is gone now though)?
.... Shiny.


hopefully back??
Thank you :D

And, yes, I evolved him. He is lvl 14 now and a Staravia, but I liked him better as a Starly. Much cuter :/

Not Meowth

Cat, are you drilling?
GIVE IT TO MEH- er, I mean, congratulations :3 You're so lucky, I have no Shinies at all. I caught a shiny Floatzel once, but then I erased the file and started again.

Enjoy, or something.


Actually more of a harmour fan
I have never chained, by the way. I don't like chaining, it takes to much time and it's really annoying when you encounter the wrong pokemon DX And The highest chain I've ever got is 2 anyways.
Good: I've had a bunch of chains with like 50 Pokemon.
Bad: The only shiny I got was a Shellos, whom I named Shiny. I evolved him.

Anyways, congrats on the Starly.


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Hmmm... I thought something really bad was going to happen, based on the title... like your game shut off...

I HATE Y- Congratulations.


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Some people have all the luck. I didnt even get to see a shiny (or maybe I dont recognize one >=[ ) Anyways congratulations !!

Terry. T.

Well done. I've got 2 shinies, Mew and Torkoal. Guess how I got them! (No, I have no cheat device, and it's nothing to do with my 2 DS's.


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I have 1 shiny... a venomoth in fire red ...
me: I'm gonna train my pidgeotto lv 2? in the forest on the sevii island thingy
game: shiny venomoth!
me: zomg what do I catch it with???*checks pokeballs
game: list: 1x MASTER BALL!!!!!! list, over
me:... ... ... FINE i'll use the master ball
game:you caught venomoth!!!
still good on ya'


Sanity not Included.

Mah shiny was a shiny Zigzagoon on Sapphire, it basically went like this:

Me: Doo dee dooooo~ *walks through grass*

Game: *Danadanaananaaaa~*

Me: Oi. ANOTHER Zigzagoon?? -____-

Game: *dingdingding*

Me: OMFG!! SHINY?!?! *catches*

And I was SO original, I named it "Sparkle" -___- He's now a linoone


I have a shiny Weezing! And Noctowl! And Golem! But they are weak. D: Anyway, Thats awesome, I can't do chaining either! Highest I got is 8, lol. Lucky, I want a shiny staraptor.