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yan ya yan ya yaa iii yaaa
I ship all kinds of things, but my perpetual shame of yaoi fangirls always makes me reluctant to post ships. (It's not all slash. Just... Mostly slash.)

The only NoTPs I have are things like main villain/hero or sibling pairs because they squick me. I wouldn't call a ship my NoTP just because I don't ship it though. NoTPs give me a visceral reaction not "meh" or "not my thing" or "shine on you crazy diamond".


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I don't ship much at all. There are some I can understand more than others, and ones that I'm tired of seeing brought up but don't actually dislike.

However I am prone to people pointing out that a ship is possible within canon which leads me to notice it more in the actual show. An example of that kind is Mugi/Sawako in K-ON.

Then there's ships that make so much sense that I didn't have to know that it was a thing to know that it was a thing. Like Luigi/Daisy. I don't think there's any canon backing that up but it's so obvious. Not sure what Luigi did to merit two statues of him built on Daisy's circuit. (Side note: if Daisy's circuit is owned by Daisy, which if it isn't it makes even less sense for those statues to be there, does that mean it's in Sarasaland?)

Then there's ships that definitely aren't a thing in canon but it's still obvious that people ship them even though I haven't seen people ship them. This is either because the dynamic between the characters is adorable and/or because they have annoy each other all the time or are enemies. Examples of this kind are Spock/McCoy from Star Trek Bashir/Garak from Star Trek DS9.

Then there's real life shippings! I shipped two of my lecturers in my first year. Not sure why, it just popped into my head one day and I found it hilarious.
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Ether's Bane

future Singaporean
I'm an avid shipper.

Here is a list of all my ships, though not all of them qualify for OTP status.

The ones that do are:

Rose ♥ Kanaya
Karkat ♥ Terezi
Terezi ♦ Vriska
Aranea ♠ Meenah
Vinyl Scratch/Octavia
Marceline/Princess Bubblegum

As for NoTPs:

Eridan ♥ Sollux (FUCK. THIS. SHIP.)
John ♥ Dave


Witch of Light
Pete/Myka from Warehouse 13 (HG is interested in Myka too, but Pete is the main guy)
Aranea ♥ Meenah
Roxy ♦ Calliope
And when it comes to seeing quadrants outside of Homestuck...
Worf ♦ Martok
Sisko ♦ Jadzia
Doctor ♠ Daleks (Big ship here. The Master is no competition because the Doctor doesn't hate him that much.)

I definitely don't ship obviously incestuous stuff. Why do people even ship the Latis as lovers?


spooky? do you think i'm spooky?
Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope are my #1 OTP because I just love their chemistry and they are actually a couple in P&R so that makes me happy :'D
Some others include real life shippings including my jazz band teacher and the colourguard instructor for marching band, Cheerliee and Big McIntosh, Nick and Jess from New Girl, etc. etc.


Doctor ♠ Daleks (Big ship here. The Master is no competition because the Doctor doesn't hate him that much.)

I definitely don't ship obviously incestuous stuff. Why do people even ship the Latis as lovers?
I ship the Doctor and a Dalek SO MUCH-----
Anyway, I also love:
Derpy WhoovesXDoctor Whooves
PerilXClay (Wings of fire)
OakXBlue (Warriors)
EDIT: Just gonna add this:
DoctorXMaster -runs away-
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Oh, we're supposed to post all of our shippings? I should probably read the firstpost a bit better in the future. :p

Hm, this is kind of hard.

Tierno ♥ Trevor (deal with it).
Also Iris ♥ Shauna (I'm probably the only one that ships this but they're essentially the same people, c'mon guys, also they're both adorable).
Um I adore Ferriswheel shipping (N ♥ Hilda) because it's adorable also.
Still ship Deacury even though they're both dead (John Deacon ♥ Freddie Mercury).
I ship Roger Taylor and everyone because he's a sex god.
Buneary ♥ Pikachu is pretty great.
Also Lysandre and Sycamore is ♪.
Totally shipping Korra ♥ Bolin at the moment, even though it'll never happen, but it would be adorable.
Iris' Axew ♥ Iris' Emolga (I mean come on guys, adorbs).
Mewtwo ♥ Amber ;-;

Also, my experience with shipping, virtually everyone shipped two people in my school, and they didn't really like each other (in fact, they were probably mortal enemies), so no one actually expected it, and then the guy came to school one day and announced that they were dating and it ended in about three days, so I think maybe they did it just to sate people's horrible ships? They'd still be adorable together, I continue to ship it. ~

Brian May ♥ Freddie Mercury.
Basically anyone ♥ Ash (I hate Ash so much oh my god).
Dawn ♥ Cynthia (I can't even believe that's a thing).
PalletShipping above all. Yuck.
Oak ♥ Tracey.
Oak ♥ Delia.
Hell, anything with Oak in it, really.
Cheren ♥ Hilbert.
Max ♥ Jirachi (really? really???)
And that's about it. Thank you for your time.


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Still ship Deacury even though they're both dead (John Deacon ♥ Freddie Mercury).
deaky isn't dead. he's retired/invisible.

sure is a lot of RPS in here........

and as to not make my post completely off topic, my otp to end all otps is me/clay (pokemon).
but if that doesn't count, then byron/brandon.

Connoiseusse Burgundy

Like a piece of burnt toast!
Hinata X Komaeda
Mako X Korra
Mako X Asami

Mako X a rusty knife through the heart
Veigar X Lulu
Naoto X Kanji
Teddie X Everyone
Voltar X Leon
Ness X White Sesame Seed
Nazzy X Fridge
Roxio X Minimoose
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Staff member
shipping real people creeps me way the fuck out to be honest

but then again basically everything i ship is canon so maybe that just says something about me


local hellion
Max ♥ Jirachi (really? really???)
Why is this even a shIP

do i even HAVE any NoTPs? actually well i guess Max/Jirachi counts because WHY.

I'm actually pretty complacent about ships in that I don't exactly have OTPs really? Like I'll be like "aww that's cute" and maybe read fic but I don't know of ones that make me hurt deep inside.

(except my own characters, oddly enough)
I don't really ship, since I never had any interest in it... I guess I just have no interest in romance Though for some pairings I can see why people like it/think there might be something (even when I disagree)... and for others I just don't see it. Maybe because I'm oblivious to this kind of thing.

As for NoTPs... I'm neutral to most pairings, but real people ships kind of creep me out. Also, I tend to dislike "enemy" pairings, or when one is shown to hate the other.

Vipera Magnifica

Aquatic Artiste
I don't really ship, per se. There are some characters that have perfect chemistry together that I can appreciate, but often times these aren't necessarily romantic pairings. For example, I love the relationship between Zuko and Iroh. And I love the relationship between the tenth doctor and Donna. I really get annoyed when some people reduce deep, meaningful relationships into overly saccharine fantasies or "lol they just wanna fuck."

Though I did see this a few days ago and if you don't ship these two then it is scientifically proven that you have no soul.


Witch of Light
I forgot one: Kurloz/Damara. I haven't seen them interact much, but they could be creepily cute together.


loves terra "brain cells? idk her" kingdomhearts
Listing all the ships I support would probably take up twelve pages because I see every ship as "cool, this could be really cute!" and the only ones I actively say no to are incest (Pinecest = nopenoPENOPE) and Doey/Zuncan.

My absolutely true OTPs are Zoke (Zoey/Mike from Total Drama, and I refuse to let Duncan be with Zoey because holy fuck they're just friends and Mike and Zoey are so happy TD fandom why) and ShinRan (Shinichi/Ran, did I mention how amazing Detective Conan is?).


Witch of Light
Shauna/Player Character
Vriska ♦ Meenah
The predominated Calliope out there ♠ Lord English (I'm OK with these being sorta related... Might even be a stable time loop. Well, two loops.)