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Pokemon Memorial Thread

RIP Kyge the Kyogre, Erased because of my stupidity, reborn and then traded in the "HOLYCRAPOLAIGOTFRIGGINWIFI' Rush.
Why do I keep deleting/trading you. :(

Also RIP Kippy the Swampert, who I forgot to trade to Emerald before restarting my Sapphire.

RIP The Butterfree I had in my second LG playthrough, I wish I hadn't restarted.

RIP Pidgeot, Nidoking and Dugtrio from various yellow files. Actually, my whole yellow, which vanished when I was 9.

And Gary the Cradily, who was deleted via cloning glitch. :(

Oh, and I shouldn't forget Salami the Salamence, who I worked effing hard to find and train. Lost from restarting.

And my Level 64 Clamperl. :(
My poor Lv. 96 Espeon. Oh how I miss you so.

He was erased because of that stupid cloning glitch. The only way I have to remember him is a Lv. 72 copy. But since it's not the real one, I refrain from using him. Right now I'm raising another Espeon, and this one's female. But of course, she cannot replace him.

Celebi Lv. 96 @Miracle Seed
"Psychy" (couldn't nickname since it was an event Pokemon)
Giga Drain

Lost when the internal battery died on my crystal. Originally on my Gold, traded to Crystal so I could beat the elite 4. I remember waiting around my local shopping centre so I could download one and one of the helpers told me to release my magikarp because it was weak. I was the happiest 7-year-old ever :)
Ohh jibaku from my ruby version. We never had much time to bond because I lent out Ruby version to a friend who never returned it. Never shall I forget you and your lvl 33 Mudkip ;o;
And Jasmine from my Crystal version, my first Pokemon game, my first trainer. You and the level 32 Quilava I had at Goldenrod are never far from my thoughts when I turn on my Crystal version. If only my dad hadn't decided to play and saved over my game, we might still be together.
And Steffyn of Pearl version. Curse me for not training your Pokemon well enough to take down the Elite Four and erasing you. You live on as Steffyn of Diamond version with an overpowered team and the collection of all the Pokemon I caught on Sapphire and LeafGreen.
To Amarille of LeafGreen...Curse me for loaning out LeafGreen. Now there is no possible way to reclaim it and you have for sure been deleted. Your Charizard lives on under the supervision of Steffyn of Diamond version.
Ali of Sapphire version...I don't know how your Blaziken dissapeared, or why you don't have your Rayquaza any more, but what I regret most is deleting you. You were my first playthrough of Sapphire version and you were replaced with jibaku who I will discuss next. Your Blaziken's Torchics live on in Steffyn of Diamond version's PC box.
jibaku of Sapphire version...I don't know where my copy of Sapphire version has gone, but I promise that I'll try my best to find it and continue your adventure which never truly started.
To Sabine of Platinum...I nearly deleted you on that day a month ago when I was frustrated with getting owned by Maylene so hard, but if I had done it, I would have sorely and bitterly regretted it.
To any other trainers who have been deleted throughout the last few years: I'm really sorry that you won't ever be able to continue your adventure...;o;
To my Swampert, who is virtually stuck on my Ruby game. The best battler everrrr. And he was the best Mudkippy.

To my Nidoking on my Yellow game that got killed off because I restarted the game. He was also quite the fighter. ;]

And to my Croconaw on Silver, who got accidentally released. It wasn't my fault I didn't know the Bug Catcher Contest Helper would hold my other Pokes for me and that I insisted on putting the Pokes into the box. He was destined to be the best Feraligatr. But sadly, that did not happen.
To my Typhlosion from my Gold cart...That was my first Pokemon ever...then the battery died...I will always remember those 400+ hours we had together buddy...You will be avenged in Heart Gold!

To my Typhlosion, Pigeot, and Tentacruel on Crystal...
Recently I played through Crystal again and began messing around with the various Bad Clone glitches and used them to get a Celebi. Unfortuanlty, It turned half of my team into Raikous...I trained that Pigeot, Typhlosion, and Tentacruel with respect, actually giving them TMs that I didn't clone...I came to love those guys as much as a guy could love a bunch of pretty pixels...Now I replaced them with Ho-Oh, Lugia, and Celebi >.>
I recieved a legit Mew at a Toys R Us event, and got really attached to it. I forget what level I raised it to, but it was pretty high, and had one of my better movesets.

But then I stupidly restarted without checking for valubles, and lost it. ;-;
I miss you, Mew~
R.I.P. Every Pokemon from Bulbasaur to Celebi in my Silver. THEY WERE ALL LEVEL 100.

My mom's old boss wanted to get a Gameboy for his son. He played mine with Silver in it. And he deleted my file. The stupid idiot.
RIP LG Team - Lost due to the game being broken by my cousin.

BluCannon the Blastoise Lv. 95
Butters the Butterfree Lv. 100
BuzzRush the Beedrill Lv. 100
Venomous the Venonat Lv. 70 (in its 70s, I refused to evolve her)
MrMiner the Dugtrio Lv. 55
Blazes the Magmar Lv. 62

You were the best team.

My new Platinum team shall resemble yours.
RIP to the Ampharos on Silver. I don't remember whether I erased the file or if it just died but know you shall live on in my HG/SS team. Only with a nickname. And a better moveset.
Happy the togetic Collesum -> spahire-> Ruby -> Firered -> Emrald wich i lost :( It even used pshcho boost once! (meteronome)
And my manaphy a put it up for trade 30 seconds later went back to find a hack dialgia i even got it to lv100
RIP FlaminFury the Typhlosion. >.> I know, the nickname, but give me a break. I was little.
Anyway, that Typhlosion was my first and only Lvl 100 due to my short attention span. A moveset of Swift, Flamethrower, Thunderpunch, and Fire Blast... He'll be reborn in the 2nd Generation remakes, mark my words. With a different nickname, of course.

Also RIP Raisicune the Suicune. It was close to becoming my second Lvl 100 (It was Lvl 95 or so) and had a moveset of Cut, Surf, Blizzard, and Hydro Pump.
Both, along with a ton of other Pokemon, were lost when my Crystal restarted itself. And I was this close to completing the Pokedex too.
My level 99 Typhlosion on Gold, and his friends Pidgeot, Gyarados, Ampharos, and Hitmonchan. All deleted when my Dad's friend decided to play it while I was asleep. I should've just not let him play it and taken my Gameboy to my room... When I played the next morning, the player's name was FART and had Chikorita. It was...awful. All the time I spent, gone.

My Crystal team that was deleted ages ago, but whom I miss now:

Feraligatr, Crocojaw [M]
Graveler, Bother [M] -- named because of my silly mood, you were caught as a Geodude to help with the Flying and Bug gyms...
Hypno, Comet [M]
Farfetch'd, Binary [F] -- the codename for Tenten at the time, you were very useful at helping me defeat the Ghost-type gym.
Heracross, Shino [M]
Umbreon, Eve [F] -- the first and only Umbreon I had in second generation.

Also, my level 54 Suicune. But most of all...

my Entei, precious Ranmaru... level 64 before he was deleted. It took days to find him, and I caught him in my Master Ball. I miss you...

They will all be back in my team of Soul Silver.
R.I.P. my lv. 92 Rayquaza from Ruby, who I traded to Pearl, and then my data was lost.

R.I.P. my Mew, who I got from a distribution at Toys R Us, which was also lost in my data loss.

R.I.P. my shiny Quagsire, who I caught in the Safari Zone, and then forgot to save.

Goodbye Rayquaza, Mew, and Quagsire. You will be missed.
R.I.P Blaziken

R.I.P Leafer the Tropius
That Blaziken was nearly Lv 80. Oh, how I took him for granted...
Every single Pokemon in my Firered... And whats unusual is, that on my game, I had a Diglett that had a Black nose! It didn't shine as a shiny. It was male I think...
RIP everyone on my Gold game. Particularly Rapid Dash the horribly-named-and-renamed-and-renamed-again shiny Rapidash, and his daughter Swiftie, the not-shiny-but-still-adorable Ponyta, as well.
My Meganium in Gold, who I lost after I saved in Mt. Silver, got lost, realized how pathetic my team was, and started a new file. I got a Totodile named Juan, and eventually I reset again.

Wasn't much of a loss.

Also, my internal battery hasn't died yet, even though my copy is about 4 years old. Lasted a while.
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