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Pokemon Memorial Thread

RIP my Diamond game. I recieved it on the first day it came out and it mysteriously vanished this summer. I had recorded 300 Pokemon in the Pokedex by pure effort, no cheats or hacks or anything. I had all the starters in Kanto and Sinnoh and also a bunch of event pokemon like Darkrai. Plus more than 900,000 Pokedollars that I hadn't bothered spending. RIP T.T
I lost a Groudon and a Blaziken trying to perform the cloning trick in Emerald. I also lost a Swampert and Mewtwo. Apparently, the little brother of one of my friends got ahold of the cartridge when I was spending the night , and traded them with a low-levelled Pidgey and a low-levelled Caterpie.

May they rest in peace.
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First, felt this thread needed some reviving. Second, I may have been five at the time, but I will never forgot my Typhlosion and Lugia. I had gotten my game boy wet, and acouple months later I popped in Silver, and on my way to get Lugia, the colors kept inverting, I was able to capture him, but my game boy, but my game boy froze, I tried overwriteing the file, but it didn't change anything. I should have used my brothers game boy, perhaps I would still have them. They were so young, and it was all my fault, I will keep there memories alive in SS. I also lost a Charizard in Blue. I had gone a 3 day no saving marathon, but on Thanksgiving night, my cousin bumped in to me and it fell to the ground, causing the game to freeze. I lost him, and every other pokemon I had, and to this day I blame myself for not paying attention. I lost a Porygon 2 over the GTS. I thought it was worth it, but now I remember traing him, winning battles with him, and now, he's most likely just rotting in some random person's pc box. Now just give me a bit of time to grieve.
Killer, Kyutipi and Scyko.

Killer was a l100 Swampert, and was also the only l100 Pokemon I ever had. He was insanely powerful, and could kill the League all by himself. Kyutipi was his comrade - the Milotic I woke up to find one day, as my mum had spent all night trying to get it for me (yes, I am eternally grateful!). Alas, I accidentally saved over that game. I cried when I realised, as I had also lost a Kyogre, a Rayquaza, a Latias and Skar the Skarmory.

I only knew Scyko for a bit. She was a Scyther from the Bug Catching Contest in HG. I won with her! Unfortunately, I was playing at my cousin's house, and my uncle turned my DS off before I could save.
RIP my Rayquaza that I lost somehow possibly because of cloning. It was the first I ever caught. I screwed up in Ruby and Sapphire but now I have another in SS but poor Rayquaza.
Almost RIP all 2oo-so Pokemon on my HG. On Sunday, I dropped it on SOLID CONCRETE. "The game was damaged or corrupted. The save file was deleted." About an hour later: "The save file was corrupted. The previous save has been loaded." It's amazing how durable Pokemon games are.
My Pokemon Silver team:
Lv 100 Typhlosion Lv 100 Lugia Lv 97 Suicune Lv 98 Ampharos Lv 97 Gengar Lv 99 Dragonite

The Typhlosion was the first Level 100 I ever got. The team was lost after my friend accidentally knocked my GBC out of my hands on onto concrete and the game was destroyed.
RIP my dear Charizard, Rui from LeafGreen. :(

Named after the support character girl from Colosseum (who when I was a kid was like my new favourite character ever because she reminded me of Misty and... er, looked cute. And somehow this didn't trigger any "HMM AM I GAY" questions in my head), I only remember her vividly because I remember going through my entire LeafGreen box and renaming EVERY POKEMON I HAD with a Japanese name, because I was going through a Wapanese phase. The Lavender Town music haunts me. D:

Ahh, Rui. You were so very pretty. And made me start trying to get a female starter in every game afterwards. What. A. Legend. <3

...okay there are tons of other Pokemon I'll miss, I just can't remember them too well. But I'm rather attached to my SS game at the moment (especially Wesley the Scyther and Adachi the Crobat), so I'm sure I'll be back when I idiotically delete the save file one day.
RIP my shiny Bellsprout from Gold/Silver (I forgot which), as well as all the rest. Darn it, why did the airplane have to have those games? I got so attached to those little pixels... T_T
Is it okay if I do a pokemon I never actually caught?

I was playing my sapphire version, like in the second grade, and I was headed to the sky Pillar (Is that right?), when I ran into latias. Now naturally, like all second graders, I sent out my level 70 sceptile, because it was always in the lead of my party, because it wasn't level 25. I wasn't aware that latias was legendary (come on, I was like ten) so I had my sceptile use leaf blade (awesome move, btw). so after I fainted it with one hit (Ten year old me: YES!)
I looked it up in my guide book because I hadn't seen anything like it before. I then found out that was a legendary pokemon. Like a year later, when I had the Firered/ Leafgreen guide (I think it came out then...) I was looking through the pokedex, and then is when I found out that latias is a Dragon-type pokemon. and an awesome one at that! I was a little more upset the, but I don't mind too much now. (turns on platinum version with the Action replay, selects the "pokemon modifier" cheat, enters the number 380. Teehehe...)

R.I.P. the latias I can never have...
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My beloved shiny Fearow, Treasure. He got deleted when I let someone borrow my FireRed.

I got a random encounter shiny fearow as well,migrated it to diamond and now i dont know where it is.I think that I started a new game since platinum was out with my Three random encounter shinies I had migrated from Sapphire,Emerald,and fire red
RIP to every single pokemon I had collected over 2 years, most importantly my LV 90 dragonite, LV83 event lucario, my arceus, my latias and my LV 70 event jirachi. all because I lost soul silver. en memoriam.

EDIT: cancel this post, because, as of 7/27/10, I found the game. Hallelujah.
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Early possible Farewell to my first PMD team, Suzanne and Leo, a Shinx and an Eevee. I might restart it. If I do, May you frolic through the Hidden Land forever, happily.

Also goodbye to my very first pokemon, Piplup, and my lvl 40 Drifloon.
I lost my Platinum game, with only 4 badges. May you wander about the Valley Windworks forever, peacefully.

I get so attached to these games that it's not even funny.
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You forgot to mention if the battery dies.
My Silver, died a few years ago my best game of the entire series, played side by side with my best friend on her gold. We would trade with each other for breeding purposes, or for pokemon we could not find, and we sat side by side during a sleepover as we both beat the jhoto elite four.

I lost all my pokemon from both the silver game and my best from my very first pokemon game file ever, yellow. This included my three prides, all level 100

Windy - Pigeot; traded from my yellow and the very first pokemon I had ever caught. I had had his name picked out from the moment my best friend had showed me her yellow and her pigeotto in it named Gusty. Not long after is when I begged my mom for the game as well.

Norbert - Dragonite; My best friend caught him for me in what was it called, Dragon cave? The cave you need to find Clair's father in before you receive her badge. I had not been able to find a dratini search as I might and she had already caught one for herself. So she graciously caught me one as well, Norbert. I remember I had been watching American's Funniest Home videos with my mom as we used to like when he evolved from Dragonair to Dragonite. He was named Norbert after the Norwegian Ridgeback in Harry Potter(long long long before we find out he was actually a female which was in the final book I believe).

Muffin - Furrett; first pokemon I caught in Silver, Silver was my first journey into the jhoto world being the second of the games I have ever owned after yellow. So I remember my surprise when she first evolved. She did not originally have a nickname, I must have been unable to come up with one when I caught her because I always nickname unless it's just a dud to be traded of course. So for a long time she was only furret. But then some time after I had finished the game, I decided she needed a nickname. I looked at her colors and realized muffin was a good fit.

I had beaten the Elite four around 17 times, and had a full pokedex with several shinies(although I sharked half the pokedex and all the shinies, I was anxious to test a theory that you get celebi for completing the pokedex, false of course).

I will always miss that game :'(
R.I.P. my PMD team, Vaporeon and Torchic. I will miss you forever.

*sigh* If only PMD 2 could impress me as much...
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