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Post your desktop.


What it says on the can. PrintScreen over photos of your desktop...
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basically i name things 'untitled' or 'IMG' or mash the keyboard unless they're applications. also have any of you tried having the bar thing vertical instead of horizontal? i tried it like three months ago and it rules! last week i tried organising my desktop and i got bored halfway through, which is why some things are in groups and most things aren't

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@uv: I have a left-oriented bar set to auto-hide, so when I get a message on Skype, it pops out like a notification. I find right-oriented really annoying because if I swing up to x off a screen, it pops out and blocks me. The pic up there is from before I switched but otherwise my desktop is the same and I'm too lazy to make a new one.

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vertical taskbars kind of irritate me, so i only have a normal horizontal taskbar set to auto-hide, checking Skype every five or ten or so minutes if i'm not playing a game or something


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Yay for the info at the top left not showing my weather like it's supposed to. Anyways. Yeah.



I like to keep my icon-thingies giant because I am blind. XD


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what version of xfce is that?!

I'm on Ubuntu with Unity now so my last screenshot is way outdated.


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I have made some minor renovations that I feel make my desktop fit to share with the world.

Also, Egoraptor.


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You think you're organised with your desktop space...........

I have a rotating wallpaper, so sometimes it's Persona-related, sometimes there's some Pokémon, and sometimes there are half-naked pictures of Darren Criss. Confetti! It's a parade!

Kratos Aurion

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any pronoun

...yup. The wallpaper cycles through a series of miscellaneous reshiram and zekrom images, although this is one of my favorites. Probably about time I changed to a different theme, but eh. Taskbar is semi-organized but I should probably tidy that up a little, too.

Might come back with screenshots of my Ubuntu desktop assuming I actually remember.