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Sad Things You Do To Your Pokemon Without Noticing

Sometimes I just force them to breed and them release them. So sometimes the baby never knows its mother... And thinking of the interspecies breeding thing, it might creep them out a bit.
Sometimes I name them terrible things. I needed to breed my Tyranitar to get a Larvitar, but it was male, so I went and caught a female Pupitar and named it Babymomma.
Well I did catch a Zubat and chain bred it several times so the baby(CountDrake, my Crobat who is currently at level 67)would learn Rain Dance and then I ended up deleting Rain Dance for Venoshock of all things.
By the way:
Sometimes I name them terrible things. I needed to breed my Tyranitar to get a Larvitar, but it was male, so I went and caught a female Pupitar and named it Babymomma.
That made me laugh so hard.
By the time I got to the second Gym Leader in White version, I already had a team working for me. For the rest of the game I only used that team (until I beat the Elite 4). That means only six pokemon got love and care, and I just kept catching others to leave them in my PC for forever. Once I beat the Elite 4, I started training others for fun.

Oh, and when they keep missing because their accuracy was lowered or they fail to pull off a move with low accuracy, I call them absurd names under my breath. I feel kind of bad now...>.>
I surf on a fainted Pokemon and then fly away, leaving it there in the sea (or at least that's what the game makes it look like). I am also a major supporter of Pokemon incest as I force the mother to breed with her son while the creepy daycare guy watches them :O
Oh yeah, I'm really guilty of breeding. Great-great-great-great-great-great grandmothers are the guiltiest, in my PC box. I hope that they all get confused and think it's someone else, and do it anyway. They must, because the line keeps continuing. That, or for some reason the male thinks his great-great-great-great-great-great grandma is hot. Which is wrong, on many levels.
I interbred my Pokemon. *shudders*

I force the sons to rape their mother and make the fathers rape their daughters. Its gross I know.
We also force them to stay inside these tiny little Pokeballs and come out and battle at our command... At least that's what Team Plasma and N would say.
I tend to breed an absolute ton of chilluns and only use the one out of potentially 30+ that has the really good stats I want. The rest are then usually GTS fodder (if it's a remotely in-demand mon) or, worse, trading fodder for a game I'm planning on restarting.

Sometimes this happens when I'm breeding for a specifically gendered offspring (especially if I want gender+ability on something like Togepi) and I feel like China/Henry VIII in reverse. "A MALE? What good is this?".
I'm the Pokémon equivalent of a puppy mill, except instead of for profit, I release the majority of their newly hatched selves free of charge.

Otherwise I'm a caring, loving, perfectly law-abiding Pokémon trainer. Honest.
I think making my pokemon fly me places while they're unconscious is pretty damn cruel.

It is huh? Yesterday my Kingler in SS had to surf me while fainted. I didn't mean for her to, but she was defeated by the mofo swimmer with the TWO gyradoses on the way to Cianwood. Luckily it was right outside the city so she only had to go a short way in that weak state. There's also the fact that that Kingler's name happens to be Sashimi and if you know what that is it's probably a cruel name. Though I honestly didn't call her that because I think of her as food, I weirdly find it pretty sounding for a name.

Another cruel thing I did was once begun a ruby file with the intention of only being basically a pokemon pimp. I started with a torchic (which I had forced female via soft resetting) just so I could give it as a cumbuskian to my best friend to help her breed.

I have also several times in various versions withdrew a pokemon only to use cut because in almost every version there is at least one area that requires it (Ex. Ilex forest in jhoto, Eterna Galactic Headquarters in Sinnoh) and it's been a while since I have carried a pokemon that I use which either can have cut or I want to have it without access to the move deleter.

Lastly I believe my SS might be the first game where I have allowed my pokemon in catch-up training to faint so many times. I did not mean for this to happen but while catch-up training my Hoothoot, Ratatta and Meowth (all evolved now) they fainted several times.
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Oh, there's also the thing where I send out a "meat shield" so I can heal someone stronger. That never gives me the fuzzy feeling inside. Never.
Any Pokémon I get in a GTS trade that doesn't come with a nickname is doomed to leave the PC box only for breeding (to get a not-permanently-named-the-same-as-its-species critter of the same type) or when being traded away again for something else.

And of course, whoever traded me those poor nameless Pokémon would be able to post "I never give names to anything, even if I raised them since birth. I just call them by their species all the time." (Hey Dog, go catch this ball! Cat, don't jump up on the counter! Go away Human, I'm trying to get the computer to work!)
I capture Pokemon and leave them in my party for an entire, long,journey and don't even use them once.
Naming my female Gyarados Lizzie is pretty disturbing if you know the reasoning. Yet it's oddly fitting... oh god, it crosses the line twice.
Well, I guess i have whole pc boxes i haven't trained. Yet...

For the record, though, i think i'm a pretty nice trainer. The pokemon i use for battle get to battle a good amount, sometimes i'll even train them to close to level 100, and i try not to let them faint and i heal them at the centers and stuff :3

But, I am guilty as charged here.....i'll probably restart my white 2 after my first win to try out hard mode LOL i haven't started white 2 yet, though....(actually i've been wondering if i feel all bothered over what pokemon to start with and stuff o-o; cuz i keep waking up feeling sick and i know i've went through stuff like this over pokemon games a few times in the past....though i think i got over it for awhile. hmn. its best i keep doing things to calm myself and remember that games are meant to be fun and not stressful xD; also restarting over and over if i feel disatisfied is fine too its not like i'm gonna have super rare wifi pokemon later on in the game anyways o.o; )
Judging them according to their natures. It's not like they can control their personality, but I'm still kicking that timid Gyarados off my team.
I guess sacrificing pokemon to win time to time in facilities counts. Not the nicest thing, but in facilities, they probably don't mind too much......we all wanna win, at like, any cost overall. Ya know? You feel less guilt knowing pokemon in general like to fight as much as their trainers.....<333
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