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Song Choice Mafia II: Playing With Fire



The Showhouse has seen its share of murder now, after two symphonies turned sour. Sacrifices to appease the Beast that lurks in the shadows of the great hall, deaths planned by angered songs... The Showhouse has been avoided for a long time since the last event, but now it has opened again, in a beautiful show of light and shadow, this time ran by a mysterious woman with flaming red hair and copper skin, her gold dress falling down past her feet.

After the doors shut, however, she reveals her true form - the flickering lady of flame that cut down the last batch of songs in her wrath, unhindered by any obstacle. And now, she wants a good show...

Hot Mess has granted you all special powers, based on your lyric and timbre, with which you will try (futilely, she adds) to worm out the ones she has given her...special favour to.

And so it begins.


-I have no number of roles, really, but no more than 20 players.
-The roles are going to be a bit...different this time. There will be many custom or combination roles, and some may be interconnected in special ways...
-You MAY NOT communicate out-of-thread
-If you feel like it, you can RP a little or whatever! Have fun! :D I may get in on the act even.
-When sign-ups are complete, there will a 48 HR first night. All nights and days after that will be 24 HRS.
-No lyricless songs, since for the most part I will be drawing the roles from lyrics.
--On that note, please no non-English songs if you can help it, though if you reaaaaaally want to use one, you MUST provide both youtube and TRANSLATED lyric links.
--As well, provide at least a lyrics link when you sign up.
- Inactive kills are possible.
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