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Super Smash Bros 4

all the characters are going to be on both versions of the game, but the stages will be different; the Wii U version will primarily use stages from Nintendo's console games (exactly why i'm hoping for a Bionis/Mechonis stage from Xenoblade) and the 3DS version will primarily use stages from their handheld titles (ie; spirit tracks. idk if it's 3ds exclusive yet, but there's footage of gameplay in OoT3D's Gerudo Valley. it's possible it'll show up on both versions since OoT is also a console game but we'll see)

unfortunately, the limitations of the 3DS is also going to affect the Wii U version

on the upside however, they're removing tripping entirely!
okay good, exclusive stages are more acceptable (at least to me). kinda sad to see tripping go though, it added a random factor that i really liked.
Wii Fit Trainer and Villager are kind of absurd, and not in a good way like Mr. Game & Watch or ROB were. Do they at least have actual names they could use for them? They might actually work as silly joke-ish characters if they at least had NAMES instead of some generic title. I mean, they even made up a name for Mr. Game & Watch (I'm pretty sure all the old Game & Watch games weren't intended to feature a specific character, just a generic stickman design that could stand in for anyone) just so they'd have something that sounded like a name. Hearing the announcer yell out "Wii Fit Trainer" would probably make me physically ill.

I would think at least the Animal Crossing villager would have a default "used if you don't enter your own name for him" name they could use... (And please don't bring up the "Pokémon Trainer" fiasco as an attempt to defend no-name characters. This is a Pokémon board--we all know that guy does have a name and that they randomly chose not to use it. Red and Link are in the same exact position... but people would go nuts if they renamed Link to "Hero" in Smash Bros., while somehow "Pokémon Trainer" is tolerated...)

Having entire Pokémon species as "characters" is bad enough... I can accept it with Pikachu since that's the series mascot and it's always going to be in the games, and Red's Squirtle/Ivysaur/Charizard in Brawl were okay because an 11-year-old ordinary human Pokémon trainer isn't going to be fighting for himself. But I've always hated that a random Jigglypuff (of all things) is playable in SSB, and replacing actually-an-individual Mewtwo with generic-member-of-species Lucario bugged me too. Having generic type-of-human characters on top of the generic species-of-Pokémon characters seems like it's pushing it a little too far.

Megaman looks frickin' amazing, though. Everyone expected him to be in ever since they first announced 3rd-party characters existing in Brawl, but just because something's "expected" definitely doesn't mean it's bad. Really looking forward to seeing how he works, and wondering how they'll fit in so many different abilities (choose a Robot Master ability or two to put in your B-move slots before battle? one at a time but you can change them mid-battle? Street Fighter-esque button combinations instead of the standard SSB controls? Actually that would kind of work since he's a Capcom character...)
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it's shown in gameplay that several of his attacks are normals, aerials and smashes while others are specials (i imagine the hard knuckle, having a meteor effect in the game, would be an aerial down A, and Flame Blast looks like it'd be his down smash)

also considering the villager and wii fit trainer have no set names it kind of makes sense; pokemon trainer made sense because not everyone names him Red, and not everyone /knows/ that his 'canon' name is Red (and even then, it isn't even really canon, that's just the name everyone adopts because it's the constant name in presets and it's what the special manga uses). tacking the 'Mr.' at the front of game & watch worked because he was that exact same generic stickman design they used throughout all of their game & watch series. it's the same deal with the villager and wii fit trainer for the above reasons i mentioned, they have no set names, but it'd just be weird to have someone named 'miss wii fit' or some shit like that

also, the pokemon thing is typically determined by popularity in japan, jsyk. Lucario was one of the more popular pokemon in gen 4, plus it got its own movie, so they took it and ran with it and came out with a very nice character in the end (and believe it or not, Jigglypuff's actually pretty popular). honestly smash is supposed to be a game where multiple characters from their well-known series can duke it out with each other, and even if they're "generic", they're still exactly just that, and the game is still doing exactly what its original purpose was. should they decide to throw in the Avatar from FE:A, it'd be a very welcome addition (granted, s/he's a 'generic' who can become any nearly class in the game with a default name should you be too lazy to name him/her yourself, although it'd be more prudent to add their child, Morgan/Robin, since outside of gender, s/he has no restrictions on what class they can come out to be)
I can tell you guys that the 8 original characters will be in the game plus Mega Man. That has already been confirmed by a few sources like Pokebeach and Serebii. It will be for both the 3DS and Wii U. On both games all the characters will be tne same but the stages will be different on both versions. On the Wii U the stages will be focused on the console games like the Wii N64 etc and the stages on the 3DS will be focused on the handheld systems. Gameboy DS Advance etc. That is all I know for now. Also you can connect over Wi-Fi to past versions and brawl your friends. For example you could connect to someone that is playing on Brawl on the Wii with your 3DS. Your 3DS would act as another controller XD.:)
Luigi was just announced today, as if anyone expected anything less

and apparently people did, because people were legitimately surprised during nintendo direct this morning
if he was a secret character they wouldn't have announced him :B

he'll probably be an unlockable though, always has been. i guarantee you only half of what they have announced now will be available from the start, going by the older games
Sorry, I meant unlockable. ^^; But he was a starting character in Melee. And I'm pretty sure at least one of the three newcomers is a starting character.
Sorry, I meant unlockable. ^^; But he was a starting character in Melee. And I'm pretty sure at least one of the three newcomers is a starting character.

I don't think he was a starting character in melee, I remember unlocking him required ending the first level in adventure mode with a certain digit in the seconds bit of the timer.
But he was a starting character in Melee.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaactually if I remember correctly he was unlockable! (Google corroborates me on this one. 800 versus matches or finish the mushroom kingdom stage of adventure with a two in the seconds)
Luigi was a secret character in both Smash Bros 1 & 2. Not sure about Brawl because I never played that one yet. Chances are he will be a secret character again. Although you would think by now after being a secret character for so long he would be part of the original 12 characters from Super Smaash Bros for the N64 XD.:)
he was an unlockable in Brawl as well, and Ness, C. Falcon and Jigglypuff have all also consistently been unlockables since day one. granted, unlocking characters was a rather simple feat in Brawl, all you had to do was run through the adventure mode, which takes at most a weekend, depending on how you play

if they maintain Lucario from Brawl, i feel as if they may integrate the Mega evolution in some way

i feel like they'll... maintain at least one of the newcomers from Kirby, if not both D3 and Meta Knight. perhaps the Lord Starcutter will be a stage, or Magolor an assist trophy
From what I saw on the main site yesterday it looks like we will have some pretty odd characters. Mii is an odd character and same for Wii Fit Trainer XD.:)
So Princess Peach is going to be back (shocking!) and I must say I really like her design.

She kept her frillier dress from Brawl but it's gone back to a brighter shade of pink which I prefer. Well in fact pretty much everything's brighter for every character. I like brightness.
I don't particularly want Lucario or Zoroark or a 6th gen heavily marketed Pokémon, because I want games to age well. If they include a Pokémon that isn't going to be particularly "now" in five years then it'd be silly.

Pikachu is the mascot so they have to include him (her?), Jigglypuff is well known and it featured in the anime often. Pokémon trainer uses the Kanto starters which are well known by pretty much anyone with an interest in Pokémon and Mewtwo was the original super-strong ultra-rare end-of-Pokédex Pokémon.
So yeah I hope they being back Mewtwo or just don't include another Pokémon character unless it's an iconic one.

I can't think of one though :(
Maybe Missingno.
Also, Jigglypuff isn't leaving. It's been there in every installment, it's probably got a free ride for this one.
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