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The Battle for Asber

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Far overhead, six figures are outlined against a sky gone a cloudy yellow-green as the legends' reality-warping powers drag meteor after meteor from the unwilling air. Blazing missiles pelt through the air on all sides, trailing plumes of blue and purple flame as they streak towards the city below, now protected by a patchy network of energy shields as its citizens rally to its defense. Laboring up through the draco meteor shower are those few who have chosen to go beyond simply holding the line, who have chosen to risk their lives in an attempt to defeat the legendaries in the only way they know how: in a pokémon battle, of course.

The referee leads the way, bending meteors out of their path as they approach the nondescript tract of sky where the legendaries have chosen to make their stand. Just in her wake, Fisher the aerodactyl flits, bursting with excitement and more energy than ever as he enjoys the boost in speed granted by the choice scarf tied jauntily around his neck. Also around his neck are ole_schooler's arms, as they cling tight to their skittish pokémon, trying to convince him to calm down and lay off the acrobatics, without success. The Omskivar, riding behind ole_schooler, looks more than a little queasy, but even an overly antsy aerodactyl is a preferable mount to his own three-foot vespiquen, who trails behind. Buzzcomb's wings buzz away at their top speed, but she simply can't keep up with the aerodactyl. If the bug is annoyed or apprehensive, her expressionless face gives no sign of it. Speeding meteors are reflected a thousand times over in her faceted eyes, and she rises steadily, following her new trainer into a desperate fight.

Next comes Mawile, legs slung over his gallade's shoulders as Leo levitates both of them with his psychic powers. It's an awkward arrangement, given that Leo's shorter than his charge, but physical stature means nothing to his psychic abilities. The pair are outlined in a faint blue aura, rising more slowly, but much more steadily, than the flying pokémon above. Mawile leans out from his perch, staring down at the region below. It certainly is beautiful; as distanced as he is from the destruction, the leaping purple flames are turned from menace to spectacle, though the meteors in close proximity are a grim reminder of the real danger he's in.

Bringing up the rear is Monopole the metagross, the last two trainers seated cross-legged on its broad back. Superbird is bumming a ride off Grass King, his own pokémon perched on his shoulder. Meta the ditto is in constant, restless motion, overcome with excitement as it bounces back and forth from one side of Superbird's head to the other, burbling away to itself. Now and again it heaps up on itself to the greatest height it can manage, extending pseudopods balled into fists towards the legends overhead, punching the air and chirping indistinct threats at its opponents. When a meteor comes tearing straight through the middle of the group, scattering pokémon and trainers in all directions, the ditto lets out a squeak of fright and leaps up to hide itself amidst Superbird's hair. A tentative blob of pink rises up from the middle of the trainer's head and grows a pair of nervous eyes as, with a faint humming from its anti-gravity systems, Monopole makes a course correction and returns to its upwards trajectory, not worried in the slightest by the close call.

They're close enough now to make out their foes. Three humans, hoods thrown back and deranged smiles on their faces as they jeer at the approaching pokémon, Kusarigamaitachi rimmed in a purple aura as it floats by Mewtwo's side, Kratos Aurion seated at the base of Giratina's skull, holding fast to the gleaming points of the dragon's crest, and Pathos hovers near Darkrai, for all appearances unsupported. As the trainers array themselves before the three legends, Giratina looming over them all, Negrek flies higher still, setting her aerodactyl to circling above the group as she holds her referee's baton high and yells a final offer of clemency down at the renegades below. When she is answered only by sneers and threats, she brings the baton down, announcing the start of the battle. The trainers scatter, shouting commands to their pokémon, and the legendaries split up themselves, choosing prey from among the potential targets and preparing their opening attacks. In the background, the meteors continue to rage down, whizzing dangerously close to the battlers but, for now, held at bay by the power of the referee and the terms of the battle.

Team Legend

Kratos Aurion (O)

Giratina (X) <Levitate>
Health: 1000
Energy: 1000
- Hmm, what tasty-looking little morsels.

Pathos (O)
Darkrai (X) <Bad Dreams>
Health: 1000
Energy: 1000
- Kekekeke...

Kusarigamaitachi (O)
Mewtwo (X) <Pressure>
Health: 1000
Energy: 1000
- So, you are the insects who think you can defeat us...

Team Asber

The Omskivar (O)
Buzzcomb (F) <Pressure> @ Expert Belt
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
- Calm and self-assured.

Superbird (O)
Meta (X) <Limber>
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
- Bursting with excitement.

Grass King (O)
Monopole (X) <Clear Body> @ Leftovers
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
- Humming along steadily.

ole_schooler (O)
Fisher (M) <Pressure> @ Choice Scarf
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
- Darting about with restless energy.

Mawile (O)
Leo (M) <Steadfast> @ Expert Belt
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
- Grim.
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Is this all the strength you humans can bring against us? Is this all the resistance you have to offer?

Very well, then. I grow tired of slinging only words against this pathetic little force of yours. Come on, then, come to us, higher and higher, where we will kill you by intent rather than coincidence.

I have been waiting far too long for this, humans, and you will not stop me.
you forget the long-range two-way radios we've sent with our representatives!

[size=-3]I think they're long-range radios, hey, how do these things work again[/size]
Good luck, guys! I'd love to help you out, but I just bought this chai latte and if I move around too much I'll spill it all over myself. I'm right behind you though.
I will enjoy chewing on your flesh. This is the best fast-food place I have ever been to. Great service; the food is literally brought right to you.
I will enjoy chewing on your flesh. This is the best fast-food place I have ever been to. Great service; the food is literally brought right to you.

i'm not food D:

Although if you want to chew on platinum, my sk*Assassinated*
Unless you want a cold ghost as a side drink, a steel burger, and jurassic fries, you won't be munching on any of us any time soon!

Team Asber, Lets do it! Let's rock their world! LET'S ROCK THEIR WORLD!

*ahem* but yeah, Team Asber, let's do it!
I fear you humans are the overconfident ones. Rethink what you've said; using bugs against gods. It has been tried before, and we're still here.
Gods? We made one of you OURSELVES. Spiritomb is more of a god than Mewtwo! Because that's all it will ever be! Two to Mew! Spiritomb is the combined force of the Damned! Cursed to an eternity bound to a stone and my posession! He will obliterate Mewtwo to prove who the real god is!
gods are silly.

and this silly behavior, on both sides, is inefficient.

we must and will triumph. but that is no reason to act irrationally.
If not this, what reason is there to act irrationally? I say we act irrationally now, finally. We seek destruction and we take it where we can. You all are just a part of the game.
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