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The Birthday Center

Aww! Thanks, guys. This means so much to me. To be honest I never thought I'd live to see a hundred and... wait, how old am I again?

MD's birthday is today (November 15)!
Happy Birthday. :]
Thanks. Just what I needed! Now to make some ridiculous modifications to his body...

Music Dragon! A berry or a berry bag for you, sir.
Hmm. A Sitrus berry would be sweet. (Or would it?)

Music Dragon, anything $15 or under. Your pick.
Well, how about a pizza?

Happy birthday! Take an anything, Music Dragon.
Hmm... Let me think... Actually, the only thing I want right now is a slice of pizza.

MD, have an anything.
A pizza would be cool. Hey, wait a minute, don't you already owe me one?
You're a hundred and four, if the date on your profile is to be believed (hint: it probably isn't).

Pizza = cheese = Lunatone? If my reasoning is terribly flawed, well, here, pizza. Mmm.
Oh, you know, that wouldn't be too bad. They're fascinating creatures. Dumb as rocks though.

Pizza=Italy=Italian=Languages based on Latin=French=Bagels=Breakfast=Eggs=Exeggcute

If that's not at all to your liking I still have exactly enough to get you one anything.
I like Exeggcutes, actually! So much that I... already have one. Hmm. But the more, the merrier, right? Hey, you don't happen to know of any shady research facilities where they combine two Exeggcutes into an Exeggcute with twice as many eggs, do you?
Can't say that I do. I think that the hive minds of the two separate Exeggcute would end up feuding and it would be trying to do the opposite of itself at most times but on the other hand you'd have spares to eat if you got really hungry.
(Music Dragon gets a virtual pizza of no worth. I have no creativity :/)

Anyways, Phantom and Clover! Happy birthday to you both~

You two can have free reign with my bank account, which with the reffing I finished should total about... $14. I could also ref something for you (which I'm terrible at but), or you could specify an undefined more expensive thing that I'll earn up for you in a few days.
Happy late birthday, Phantom~ I'll offer $20, a randomly chosen Pokemon or something of your choice.
Phantom, a mystery box. Except you get to decide what's in it.

it's kinda like an anything and kinda like a mystery box so it's an anything box
Today is my birthday! :D If anyone wants to get me something: I'm fine with anything you get me, really, but I do have a wishlist on my profile if you're not sure what to get.
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