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The Clue Game

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It's in the site section and it's not where you think it is. Look everywhere.

I think it has something to do with Charizard's nose. I looked at the random polls and one of them asked if you could see Charizard's nose.
But I still need the answer :\

EDIT: I figured it out and now I need #8.
15 has me completely stuck. x_x
It's probably really obvious once I figure it out. :/
STILL don't get 15. I've looked at the page I'm supposed to, but it just doesn't make any sense to me.

Like others say, it's in a place you REALLY don't want to look. Can you find a place like that?
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I still have no idea for 14, even with the help. This is probably because I have no idea where you catch the Pokémon and even if I found out I wouldn't know which one comes first.

Oh, and KawaiiKun, to make a spoiler you just type this:

[spoiler=the bible]Jesus dies[/spoiler]

^Comes out as
Jesus dies

Obviously replace the spoiler and the part after the Equals sign.

EDIT: Somehow, I got Clue 14.
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There's only one condition in the question. Keep trying!

I think it might be a query string clue, but I'm not sure because it hasn't said anything about query strings.
I blazed through all the clues 'till 15. Now, stuck. >< At least I got past 4 this time. *is an idiot and didn't think at all*
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