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The Clue Game

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OK... I know
that Butterfree does a "new year's thanks" to people, but the last mention thing I don't get. I looked in the 2006 and 2007 sections and didn't find anything that stood out...

And for 8... It's not where Deoxys in general comes from; like, where do you get that form of Deoxys before D/P/Pt?
9 was ultra-hard for me. xP The proper grammar would be "which gets Tyranitar;" it would mean that one version of something has Tyranitar and the other version of it doesn't. (Enough or do I need to be less vague...?)

OK now I'm on 23. I know it has something to do with something that Mewtwo has that Mew doesn't... but that's it.
It's a list of version exclusives, where half of them are from one version and half of them are from the other. You just need to find out which version gets Tyranitar and one half of them (its counterpart gets the other half.
Got through 9&10, but stuck on eleven

EDIT: Got through eleven, twelve is a toughie.

EDIT: I keep posting and then figuring them out. Thirteen?
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Notice the word "disaster." Does that remind you of a certain Dark-type Pokemon? I think it was chosen for 13 on purpose... :P
The description says it all... "If behaviour ain't good, there ain't no clue for you." So what do you need to get the clue?
Note that this is a query string... it goes [word1]=[word2].
Actually, I think you should check the URL. It might still have your previous answer in it since it's a query string; delete all the stuff after the question mark and then try entering the answer again.
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