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The Dark Knight


New member
I dont get to see it till Sunday because my friends parents went out of town. And I was gonna see it tonight. >.> It looks so freaking awsome...


World of Glass
Was going to see it but ended up seeing Wall-E instead... still, Heath Ledger! I must see it just so I can see his final movie... :(

Black Yoshi

I saw that movie last night, and I LOVED it! That same night, I watched the old batman movie. The old one sucks in my opinion. BUT!!!! I think Harvey is going to have a medical bill beyond that of any you'll ever have!:p


The Soviet Mudkip
The Dark Knight is, without a doubt, the greatest comic book superhero movie ever made, and quite possibly the best movie of the year. Now for an in-depth review of

The Dark Knight

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.

To put it simply, if you got rid of the capes, this would be an amazing crime-drama. The plot is intense and surprisingly character-driven for a superhero movie. The actors don't just play the roles, they became them. Especially Heath Ledger. And every twist and turn in the movie just makes you gasp more and more. The only problem with it, I felt, was that it ends a little too perfectly, it's going to be hard to make a sequel with the ending The Dark Knight had. I didn't even mind the long run-time either. I actually experienced the opposite, with every new scene my feeling of suspense and dread that something terrible was about to happen only grew. And terrible things did happen.

The characters development is the real selling point in this movie. The movie has incredible sequences of dialogue and when the fight sequences start, they're brutal and to the point.

Heath Ledger, in my opinion, is now the definitive Joker. No disrespect to Jack Nicholson, but not even he played the Joker as effectively as Ledger did. He brought the character to heights never before achieved, and those heights can probably never be reached by another actor (The sad irony of the role). The Jokers mannerisms, his speech, his body language, all the little quirks that Joker has add to the character, and from his first on-screen showing, to his final, powerful scene, he always steals the show without even trying to. Easily upstaging Bale and Eckhart. The Joker brings a raw, powerful, twisted, beautiful, insane, and sane perspective to the characters. He is the one thing that truly understands Batman and has the unique and amazing ability to bring out the absolute worst in someone.

Aaron Eckhart played Harvey Dent amazingly as well. (A fresh relief from Tommy Lee Jones's awful portrayal of him). Chris Nolan captured Dent's inner conflicts and his origin of Two-Face perfectly. The only thing I disliked about Harvey Dent/Two-Face is how they used him at the end. They could of done so much more with him, so the end result disappointed me a bit. I still loved Eckhart's performance though. And the effects for Two-Face were much more gruesome than I had expected they would be, but this also helped in showing his two-sided nature and how he really wasn't the White Knight of Gotham that everyone thought he was.

I find that Bale's portrayal of Batman is the truest and best of the many actors that have donned the cape and utility belt. Although his Batman voice just got irritating after a while. He still captured Batman/Bruce Wayne's personality to the T, giving the character a depth that hadn't been reached before by any of the other actors. He also showed that Batman, despite being the cause of all the events that took place, is Gotham's true defender, and that he would have to be one thing to the public in order to be the other thing that the public needs.

All in all, this is an amazing movie, with an amazing script, amazing actors, an amazing director, and I wouldn't be surprised if it won Best Picture at the Oscars, because this is without a doubt, the best movie released yet this year.

I give The Dark Knight, 5 Hammer and Sickles out of 5


Yes We Can!! Obama Wins!
The movie was perfect. To bad it was disturbing especially to Heath Ledger. I think he played the roll excellent and no one will be able to change that.


New member
Epic. :D I was thinking of not going, but the Joker is my favorite villain, so I went. And it was a nice spin on the character.

Arylett Charnoa

Barely existent.
I just saw it.


Now I can see why everyone likes it. There was so much emotion, so much suspense! I felt myself dreading how things could get worse at every seen, my heart was pounding like mad when the Joker made Batman choose between Harvey and Rachel and when he rigged the ferries with bombs and told them that one would have to blow up the other in order to survive. When the criminal threw the detonator out the window, I was so touched.

I loved Harvey Dent, he was my favourite character out of all of them. (Wow, I must be the only person who's favourite character isn't the Joker.) And I was really sad when he got blown up and turned into Two Face. But I liked his whole thing of flipping a coin to see if somebody would die or not. There was a lot of symbolism in that. First, both sides were the same and clean, which meant that Dent took control of his own fate and that he was pure. Then when one of the sides got blackened in the explosion, that's when he gave up his fate to chance and corrupted. But I was to the point of tears when he stuck a gun to Gordon's son's head and killed all those people.
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actually very huggable
Staff member
still, Heath Ledger! I must see it just so I can see his final movie... :(
not his final movie

I wouldn't be surprised if it won Best Picture at the Oscars, because this is without a doubt, the best movie released yet this year.
hahaha a superhero movie winning best picture that'll be the day

also, can I borrow your time machine?