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The "Fwee" Thread

ahahahaha WOW I was trying so hard to get a shiny Buizel for my sister as a little surprise gift (first shiny she ever saw was a Buizel - which was owned by an in-game trainer, urgh). Tried hatching eggs in Black, got bored, tried chaining in Diamond and failed miserably. Then I happened to check that there was a Spoink swarm on Route 214. Thought 'why the fuck not' and went there.
And guess what? Shiny Spoink at a chain of 16.

ohgmgng this is perhaps even better than getting a Buizel since my sister's fav colour is yellow and Grumpig's shiny form happens to be a very delicious yellow :D
also the very first time ever I've gotten a shiny via Pokeradar
Night out tomorrow! Also, I gots me a jawb in my local shop, yay. No paying for heck knows how many buses to work for meee.
My birthday party starts at 5:00 this afternoon!!! I'm so fucking excited!!!!
Also, I discovered PewDiePie's videos.....they are the FUNNIEST FUCKING VIDS I'VE EVER SEEN!!! XD
passed all my finals with a 93+ score so yay for that

also, passed the Algebra ECo with a 97, so now I have one highschool credit finished in seventh grade
so pat on the back
Several things:
1. Decided to come back, finally.
2. Just found out that SSB4 will be out for the 3ds, so I will not have to wait until the Wii U goes down a hundred dollars in price.
3. Found my lost copy of White 2, just about to battle Drayden.
4. School year is almost over. Unfortunately this will be one of the last times I see my best friend :(
never played Animal Crossing before and purchased New Leaf

was very confused at first

now I absolutely love it

and with the money left over I got a DW bracelet and Derpy bracelet

I am the Doctor of Muffins and no one can tell me different
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