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The "Fwee" Thread

Overall, pretty good day today. Some serious, melancholy introspection, but I went grocery shopping (picked up HELLA cereal) and got some new pants. Had pesto&pasta for din-din and will probably get a burrito as well. Yum.
dinner was also lovely! and despite my coat-related woes and vague threats of glueing my pockets shut it was a wonderful day
You hear that sound? That's the sound of my precious 4th and 5th gen pokemon falling gently onto my sister's copy of X.
daaang I can't wait to get them into my game but I have no choice uuuuuugh. I hope my sister gets her internet sorted out so that I can trade my fabulous babies onto my own game dhgfshdfshgf

gonna pet that shiny Palkia aw yea *wink wonk*
(he was my first ever shiny! C: )

sweet, sweet Pokebank *u*
okay we didn't get the WHOLE day cancelled and it was pretty much a waste cause most profs cancelled anyway but sleeping in was nice!

(also what do you mean it's been three days and i still have a silly grin about one of my classmates fanboying over someone it was cute okay I HAVE AN EXCUSE. even if i wasn't there for it.)
Maybe having short hair is not so bad.

I can walk outside without it in a long braid or ponytail or anything.

And it's a billion times easier to wash.
I finally found my 3DS! And now I have two Celebis ♪ The second one is from my 2DS.

Also I drew over seventy Pokemon last week! And I'm drawing a comic for some reason and that's going well.
I had a pretty good day. One of my classes was cancelled, Chinese was entertaining (我今天学了“几月几日星期几”,也学了“有没有空”), I had a meeting with one of my professors and sorted out some paperwork for a project, and I just ... was happy. Which is weird. Extremely unusual. I had a good dream last night, I guess, so that had some effect.

other than that, i'm doing better in math i think
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i'm so giddy and very happy that my friends convinced me to go to this party like twenty minutes late (you probably saw my stream-of-things-happening if you follow my tumblr but! i don't think i fully explained it SO)

so there was a sockhop that a few of the theater majors were throwing! fifties clothes and all. i almost didn't go because i didn't have anything that qualifies as 'fifties clothes' but one of the hosts was all "nah we don't give a shit come anyway!"

so i grabbed the most vaguely retro thing i owned and walked across campus to the party (and almost froze to death) and the first thing i noticed was that everyone looked adorable i am not even kidding like my classmates are adorable in general but so much cuteness in one room could not handle it argh

so i was dancing for a while but i decided to sit out for a bit because it was getting late and i was kinda tired, so I'm sitting there people-watching for a bit and a slow song comes on.

and our resident playwright-to-be (who i'll admit i'm pretty fond of) walks over to where i'm sitting and holds out his hand

we danced for the whole song and i kinda almost spun into a table but it was really nice and i haven't stopped grinning and internally squealing

i mean idk if he likes me since he danced with p much everyone at least once but he did seem sad when i left so?
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