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The "Fwee" Thread

I don't think it affects breeding, just wild shiny rate.
At least some research thread on Smogon seemed to suggest the Masuda rate with the shiny charm is closer to 1/500. :O

EDIT: Just had a super intense battle with some random passerby!
We were both down to our last pokes, he had a Wash Rotom with almost half its HP left and I had my (shiny :3) Tyrantrum, poisoned and not much HP left. Miraculously a Crunch managed to take the washing machine down. These kind of battles are the ones I like. :D

EDIT #2: WHOA HEY I set my wireless modem to 3G only and apparently the signal is so much better here that I can actually trade and battle at my own apartment now? awwww yisssss
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I was invited to attend the West Point Military Academy this week. I've never before considered a career in the military before, but this has changed things. Under a year to consider, however. Could be quite a good thing ^_^
Good luck with that! What part of the military would you be considering?

finally some tangible progress to obtain a new 3ds or fix my old one.
thank you world
Just watched Cosmos... words cannot describe how amazing it was. My face was the same as my avatar's throughout. And it was just the first episode.
My mother called, and says she's okay with me being transgender.

Well, that's one effective way to snap me out of a near-suicide attempt.

Now I think I'll be alright:)
^yasss zodiark you go girl^

even though I was a blueblood in my old tennis group and now I am a mudblood in my new one, I believe I can scale the echeladder to become the fuschia blood skylark
I had an excellent morning ^_^ Well okay there was a hiccup but other than that it was excellent. Hopefully the hiccup will be resolved soon! D:
There are 9 short-term study abroad programs. One of them is the exact reason why I wanted to study abroad in the first place: arts and arts history in Italy.

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