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The "Fwee" Thread

I'm pretty sure wi-fi passerby work the exact same way as streetpass passerby. Ergo, you can get eon tickets from them.

Which is why I'm not particularly worried about getting myself an eon ticket - it's bound to happen eventually.
How can you tell if you've gotten a ticket?

The news Pokénav app tells you, also the delivery woman appears in the Pokémon Center.

Speaking of streetpass - do you still get Pokémiles from it? Maybe it's just because not as many people have ORAS yet as XY but I don't seem to have got any Pokémiles yet.
My Global Link profile suggests you do get miles? I guess it's just less common so far. Maybe after the Christmas season. (I got Ruby with Christmas money :p)
As a friend pointed out to me, the spread of the Eon Ticket is much like the spread of a highly contagious disease- the odds of you getting it go up exponentially with time. However, if people would like, I can go online for a bit on Thursday and Friday night (I have midterms to study for beforehand) to try and pass the ticket. I'm not sure if I actually have to have it in my possession to pass it, though. It's still being held by the Pokecenter lady and I want to reset the shiny beldum for a good nature and decent IVs, although I'll try and get that done to test it out.
Had a problem where my laptop fan stopped working for months thanks to it being strangled by dust, got it working again thanks to me slamming my laptop screen shut! Who says excessive force isn't the answer to everything? :D
Just came out to my mom as bisexual. Went pretty well, turns out she thought I was gay?
Ohhh sweet jesus I'm glad I bought this fleece/faux fur blanket it's so heavenly soft and silky on the fur side and I just wanna touch it forever
I guess I can just call it an early birthday present for myself instead of an impulse buy, right? :D

edit: oh fuck now I'm old! gj me for staying alive this long
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Apparently I have been on this forum for over a year. Time flies!
Whoa, what? I feel like you're still kind of new, somehow. Well, here's to a few more years.

On a somewhat related note, apparently I missed my three-year-anniversary here, by a considerable amount of time. It seems so strange that when I first joined, I was only eleven years old and still getting infracted for bumping ancient roleplays. That seems like so long ago, already.
So I got twenty dollars for my birthday yesterday, and, seeing as how today in school is our final day for lunch for the semester (half days don't have lunch, boo), I brought my friends at the lunch table soda and cookies. And then, since I still had an entire bottle of Diet Coke unopened, plenty of spare plastic cups, and the fact that it was the last day for study hall ever (next semester, they're getting rid of it!), I gave some soda to my study hall class (which was only, like, six people, so that was enough for a single bottle!).

It just feels so good doing something nice just to be nice!
Aaand I've officially graduated (on time)! Even got a 250€ stipend, which I most certainly didn't expect. :O
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