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The "Fwee" Thread

I posted a random picture I found on my Tumblr. It has 113 notes and counting. I only have 7 followers.
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okay so school had a semester pep rally today
i was like 'okay, i won't have as long of a science class so whatever'
school cheerleaders and step team performed and i was like 'okay that was cool'
then some people from band start performing and it was amazing
they played the james bond theme, that's why
Yesterday I had a quiz bowl meet/competition and my team won \o/ this would probably be more exciting if I was able to post it yesterday too but!
oh man oh man I'm excited
if I'm good enough, I might get PAID actual MONEY for drawing things sdgsdfsdf
just gotta do some sketches and see if they want me for the job
aaaaaa please ghhhh I need this
money is gonna be flowing into my general direction as soon as I sign papers and get things drawn. fuck. yesss.
I Will Wait isn't a sad song for me anymore it's a very very happy song and this makes me incandescently happy because it's such a great song and it sucked being sad every time I heard it
Crosspost from the NS TF2 thread:

New Naephak said:
So I was in StmyD's new video today, seen here as Newt Pippington Britishhooves. I was mostly playing as Spy, though I apparently went Demo near the end to give BLU a taste of my Scottish Handshake. Anyways, strangely enough, Awptimus didn't give me much trouble that round, but that Pan Sniper did (along with the apparently omniscient Pyros as I was ringing.)
In the end, fun was had by all and I scored pretty high.

It was good enough that I was in the server of a semi-YouTube-famous TF2 player while they were recording, but having your profile name show up very clearly not even 20 seconds in just takes the cake. Also I assisted him with a backstab, which is a bonus.
Dust Bowl Dance is a very simple chord progression with a lot of room for screwing around with the notes. This makes me very very very very very very very very very very happy
I've had an excellent so far birthday today! My little sister even put some gifts in the car before I went into school and a friend sent me 19 cheesy jokes. I'll be celebrating later, too! :D!
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