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The "Fwee" Thread

so, there's a new fall out boy album coming out in may

not sure if I'm dreaming or this is really happening. this is amazing. :D
The Gojira concert last night was... just... incredible. I was right up at the front, dead center. It takes a lucky bastard to catch Devin Townsend's guitar pick. It takes a super lucky bastard to catch not only Devin's pick but Joe Duplantier's pick. I am a super lucky bastard.

On a related note I am temporarily deaf.
Tell me your secrets O wise one.


1. Start a new game.
2. Select your first Starter Pokemon (Cyndaquil, Totodile, or Chikorita).
3. Play through the game until you get to the point where you can freely catch Pokemon WITHOUT SAVING at any time.
4. Catch a wild Pokemon (any kind, doesn’t matter).
5. Now deposit your Starter Pokemon into a Pokebox
6. Now repeat the Clone Cheat from above, by turning the Game Boy off after you have selected “Change Boxes” while the game is saving.
7. When you turn the Game Boy back on, if the cheat worked correctly, your previous Starter Pokemon will already be in the Pokebox that you placed it in when you turned it off.
8. Be sure to move any Pokemon other than your starter that was in the box, to your party before doing this glitch. As the Starter Pokemon will replace it.

Here's a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIcwdgDDSao

Only works in vanilla Gold or Silver, though. Not Heartgold or Soulsilver.
aaa i spent the whole bus ride home today talking about zelda with someone i barely knew (except from elementary school)
i knew it was a good idea to put the triforce on my honours art folder.

go see it

all of you

(at least the movie, just for little-Batman)
I get to see this next month on broadway :D.Carnegie hall with Whitacre next month!

Also, I'm slowly bringing my Algebra grade back up. My teacher is going to put in test corrections, and today's quiz (That I think I did good on) over the weekend. Also, she put in the grade for a worksheet that I lost (though I did do), because I stayed after school for a day. Huzzah!
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