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The "Fwee" Thread

I wrote chapter-like things. FINALLY. Now if my beta would just hurry and read it so I can post and get all the review-crack ever.
Finally beat the hard path in Starfox 64! (well technically i beat it in the 3DS version but oh well) Also money for easter is a nice thing.
zombies are running rampant! ahhh!

best part of that game since i joined.
I got to go home from work early! But because I was way way super dizzy and sick-y XP But I feel better now, so I might just go back... XP
AWWWW the survey for this class gives "other" as a gender option I'm really happy that this is my favourite course
Life in the real world was too bad. It snowed (wow am I late on that one), I got a cool new pen that also acts as a thermal stylus and I finally figured out EVs! Yay! (The latter of which involved 2% calculator work)
I can play Age of Empires 2 now!

I wasn't exaggerating when I said seeing it on steam made me squee. When I saw it update today so that I could play it, I started grinning madly and got all goosebumpy. And I did that thing where you put your hands in the air in sort of half-fists and wave them a bit.
I am babysitting an adorable baby and I am just like dying because she has so much personality! :3
I'm not getting a new roommate! :D

I mean I like to have someone around to talk to and I'm sure the potential guy was really nice but mostly I really like having the room to myself with twice the space for my stuff
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