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The "Fwee" Thread

watched a Very Potter Senior Year with friends at friend's birthday party!
oh and we explored the local mall and Kroger.
I won the graphics tablet on eBay that I so wanted.

Also my singing voice is kinda coming back!
My vacation has been extended! I will be in New Mexico until March 31! This will be one of the only times I can log on, by the way. But this has been a fun vacation, except I am really sick. XP
yaaay my voice is coming back

and my graphics tablet should come either tomorrow or the day after

So...I'm a silly high school teenager, but nonetheless. So my best friend and I...well let's just say I have this issue when I get sad, and it causes me to argue with her over stupid things. Angel that she is, she puts up with me anyway. But...Friday, we were texting, and the arguing went on for two hours, because I simply would not drop it. And she suddenly just said, "Goodnight, Love you." and that was the end of the conversation. She didn't reply to my texts the next day...or the next...etc. So we're on day five, I had a conversation today after school with her. Basically two hours of arguing with me was the "Final straw that broke the camel's back" and she "doesn't want to put up with my shit anymore". I don't blame her for not talking to me for a day, getting away from me, taking a short break, she's deserved it. No doubt about that. But for so many days...and the part that REALLY got to me, was when she told me how nice it was to not talk to me for once...I wanted to sit in the corner and cry. I'm a sophomore in high school, I'm a little over 6 feet tall, nice wide shoulders, with a beard I keep meaning to shave. I do not look like the guy who sits in the corner because his best friend basically says she tired of putting up with him....but I am, and I don't know what to do...I tried offering to take the camel to the doctor, asking if his back could be healed...her answer was maybe....

It took me a week, but I got her back! I got my best friend back! We texted all night last night, and it was lovely ^_^ Gosh I'm in such a good mood :) WOOOOOO!!!!!
Ahh, just discovered Azumanga Daioh.

It was worth the dark years of unwatchedness and undiscovery.

I rewatched the whole thing the other week, I envy you.
It's one of those shows I want to watch again immediately but I can't because that would just be silly.
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