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The "Fwee" Thread

You know it's your day when you find out that one of your friends who is a staunch evangelical Christian is also a pro-choice feminist. :D
did i tell you guys my sister got a boyfriend and they're both super excited about Earthbound on Virtual Console and are apparently starting a Satoru Iwata cult????

they're hilarious and adorable
Just finished job applications and stuff. Had a serious thinking session on whether to say this in "Fwee" or "Grr."

I think I ended up here because jobs are good. I need a job. The first step has been taken.

And now... The waiting. .___.
VM and Poly is there a connection here hmmmmm.

I just realized that my Windows 7 OS partition isn't fried like I thought it was! Yessss.
spent the whole day at carowinds for band riding rollercoasters and overall had a good time! but our band didn't do that amazing :/
and yay for new squirtle plush and stuff from hot topic.
Went snowboarding today with my sister and her boyfriend. First time I got out this season, most likely the only time, unfortunately. But still, it was fun. And now I'm sore. 8'D
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