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the space around the stars


has a BONE to pick with you
Re: bipolar pimps???

Thanks, you two! C:
If you want a wallpaper version, just pm me with your screen resolution and I can make a fitting one for your personal use P:
(The original size is way bigger than the one I posted so it's easy to scale down for crisp wallpaper-goodness)

and, as promised, one-a-day collage v4:

I'm most proud of the sea-dwelling wiggly flatworm one :B


has a BONE to pick with you
Re: bipolar pimps???

Aw, thanks C:

Today I experimented with corrupting things! Here, have some Wordpad-powered nightmares:


yesterday's and today's drawings of the day:

oh god fuck I'm getting a massive LSD Dream Emulator vibe from this
I guess I don't need to be sleeping tonight ;u;

a photo of my face (this is the only image of myself I'm willing to show you people :D):

QUICKEDIT: also I think it's fucking creepy that my eye survived the treatment mostly intact when the rest of the image is a garbled mess

yayy£yy !""""#####

here, have a fancy Erno gif

a self-portrait:

man I wish I could take a time machine to the eighties
I could be SO RADICAL
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has a BONE to pick with you
Re: bipolar pimps???

Time for yet another POTD collage!
this time with HUMAN PARTS (also some other things)
I'll put this one under a hide tag because there's a butt here.

hell, I might as well throw a beautifully censored version so that this post doesn't look dull:

EDIT: just did this, it's a little test. May do something finished tonight if I don't get too lazy.

EDAYTE: yesss now I can sleep
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has a BONE to pick with you
triple-post time weeeee, I guess the butts scared all the people away

Time for yet another one-a-day drawin' collage:

Probably gonna so some more spriting now so I might not have more stuff to post here in a while (who knows though, I may draw something if inspiration strikes). :O


has a BONE to pick with you
Thanks C:
I might draw some pokemons after this month is over, because NaNoWriMo is kind of eating away my art times. :P

two batches of one-a-days, because I forgot to post the previous one (or maybe I was all 'I'll wait until I've managed to draw something else too' but that didn't work)



Uncensored version under the hide tag, as I'm pretty sure not all of you share my fascination with inflamed, open wounds :D tbh I'm not even sure what's going on there, but it's still neat.

also here's a little teaser of a christmas-themed drawing I'm currently working on
(sorry, my brain automatically goes into FULL CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY YEAH CHEER mode as soon as the weather gets cold and snowy D: )

comments are as appreciated as always! C:


has a BONE to pick with you
woops that one drawing still isn't finished :V
at this rate, it'll actually be christmas when it's done, hurrrr

time for a new collage, this time it's kind of fruit-centered (well, half of it)

and a bunch of characters from my NaNoWriMo novel

plus a proper cover for my novel

I swear I'll have something more finished the next time I post! :U

EDIT: here's proof I have actually been working on that christmas drawing

the bg is just placeholder, it's not going to look like that in the finished version
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disaster pigeon
The edges of the jackfruit (starfruit?/green fruit thingy?????) are kind of sharp compared to your reference and could be blurred a bit more, especially the right edge of the full fruit thingy.

But 's just nitpicking really; your pineapple is especially gr8 (the skin things could be closer together but nice textures on that and in general really) and your NaNo character designs are also really interesting and whoa.


has a BONE to pick with you
hnnnnng thank youu C:
it's a carambola! Carambolas are funny.
And yep I guess I should've blurred it a bit more. You have sharp eyes :D

here's the tenth one-a-day collage, featuring purple potatoes, a velvet mite and kaffir limes plus other random stuff

this means I've kept this up for 80 days despite all other stuff. (!)
Gonna keep paintin' yeeee (also sorry again for some of the more half-assed ones like today's, I just wanted to get them out of the way because other things)

Writing (and trying to write) has eaten away almost all my usable time, but soon I shall be free. You can expect some other art next week since NaNo is ending this friday O:

EDIT: here's a fractal planet thing I did for wallpapery purposes! It's composed of three different fractal renders and some Photoshop fairy dust.
I did the fractals with Apophysis, as usual :P

I have a way bigger version if anyone wants to use this as their desktop bg
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has a BONE to pick with you
PROMISE TIME IS OVER I finally fucking finished this one:

(click preview image for the full big picture)
asdghashgd I almost lost faith and motivation when I was drawing the ladies but then I just got rid of one of them and it helped. Thus, the drawing was finished (damn time).

also I forgot to post this one on time, collage numero un- no wait 11:

to be posted: fluffy things? maybe? yes??


has a BONE to pick with you
wooops forgot to post this one on time:

Fuzzy things and... less fuzzy things (click preview for full):

they're a bunch of creatures from an alien race I made up and blah blah nobody cares :Y


has a BONE to pick with you
new year, same old shit! I will never stop doing this, you know

potd collages 13 & 14:

I'm rather fond of the pear

sketchy stuff:

to be drawn: 9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors fanart? maybe?
I finally managed to get into the game and play all the endings and... ashgdahsf

EDIT: yep
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has a BONE to pick with you
CONNECT FOUR- oh wait make that five

obligatory lousy 6th gen starter sketch! might draw the legendaries too

photoshop filter barfed sketchy thing:

potd collage #15

also filled the IMPROVEMENT MEME (dA link because huge)
feel free to comment on the old ones and make me feel super ashamed of myself okay


has a BONE to pick with you
everything has been super stressful and horrible! and kinda still is but I'm just gonna post some of my poop anyway. Maybe I could even get a comment from someone no shhh that won't happen

poops of the day:

a running animation from our animation class last week (the 3d model was given to us by the teacher but I did the animation and funky colours myself):

also I participated in the Global Game Jam this year too and made graphics for a game BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF ART
I didn't sleep much during those 48 hours *<*

comments? anything? UnU


New member
Your stuff is really great! I have trouble telling apart the photos and your daily paintings! There's a few instances where the dark colors are too prevalent compared to the photos, like the dark green in the eel and the dark in the purple-black fruit. And the caramel popcorn painting seems more liquid than the photo, too. Beyond that your stuff looks great and I love seeing your new stuff; I'm just an awful commenter.


has a BONE to pick with you
Thank youuu C:
Yeah, with some pictures I kinda go overboard with contrast :P
and oh btw if by caramel popcorn you mean the white thing with red liquid, it's actually something else (doesn't stop it from looking super delicious though) :D

not much to show, so I guess here are some more potds:

and this sketchy... thing I guess I haven't shown you peoples yet? (photobucket's broken for me and I can't see any of my previously posted art so it might already be there but I'm too lazy to check)

(inspired by this song that I absolutely love okay)

I might be a bit less active here atm because I'm drawing things for real money and it's kind of a priority. Deadline's on the 31st of March so I guess before that I might not draw other stuff. I might be wrong too, depends on how fast I do stuff and ajknsfjanf afdsdsdgfognj yeahhhh *drifts off into darkness*


has a BONE to pick with you
Yep I totally took my sweet time drawing those things, but they're done and I'm happy yeah! Money is on its way and now I can draw ~other things~

Here are some more recent PotD collages (not all of them because there are tooo many and I'm tooooo lazy):

And various sketches of things:

And silly Ouendan/AA crossover things (thanks, tumblr, for the ideas):

I also finally dusted my tumblr and decided I might actually use it for posting my art stuffs. At least I'm gonna try and remember to post my stuff dunno :U


It's gotten to the point where I can't remember if the top set or the bottom of PotD is the original. Good job. *applause*


he, they
The nose PotD is really good, the hairs around it especially. If that's a nose. (Second row, second from the right.)