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Open Ultimate Trainer Takes Over!

Mew Mew Princess~

Mew Mew Strawberry
The Pokemon Master...The Top Trainer...The Ultimate Ruler?! The Pokemon Master has taken over the entire world of Pokemon by defeating the orginal king in battle, or so everyone thinks.

It's actually unknown how, and everyone makes this assumption since she was the Pokemon Master, after all. But it's actually much deeper than this, and the truth has to be revealed one way or another.

You are a trainer who is going to a High School for Trainers- Liza Denson High School, named after the Pokemon Master, and now Queen of the Pokemon world. It just so happens, your school is following the command of her, and you eventually venture out with your schoolmates to the castle, but it's very far away.

You must uncover the truth, and find out how Queen Liza Denson actually became Queen Liza Denson. But beware, her servants have been trained under her command, and they're pretty strong.

Role- you must be either a Trainer attending the School, or Liza's servants. Which'll you be? It's up to you.

-No chatspeak, please~
-Keep cursing to a minium, thank you!
-No Godmodding, Charecter-Controlling, etc.~
- Have fun!
- You can have at least 1 Lengendary on your team!
-You can have as many charecters as you want! If we're already far, and you want another charecter, by all means, make it!
-Put Power Whip in your post somewhere to prove you've read these!

Apperance: (Pictures allowed, but text works too, and you can have more than one if your charecter changes clothes occasionally)
Occupation: (Student or servant? Also 10 teachers allowed before no more, and even teachers have Pokemon!)
Bio: (Not nessecary~)

My forms:

Name: Kioko
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Occupation: Student
Crush: I have to wait for other people~
Ruby- Charizard- Female
Crystal- Glaceon-Female
Dusk- Poochyena-Female
Personality: Loving, kind, and a bit tomboyish, Kioko isn't afraid to admit her mistakes and flaws. And very sporty and adventurous.
Bio: Kioko lived with her twin sister and a very rich family, in a big city, and was used to being spoiled. When her parents said that she and her sister had to go to Liza Denson High School, she was resistant as heck, but finally went.

Name: Lekio
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Occupation: Student
Crush: James William "Will" Archer, but she won't admit it. It becomes a bit more obvious later on.
Candy- Persian-Female
Chocolate- Absol- Female
Lollypop- Vulpix- Female
Butterscotch- Shaymin- ???
Cherri- Furret- Female
Carmel- Zangoose- Female
Personality: Quiet and sweet, Lekio doesn't like to get dirty much. She also loves candy.
Bio: See Kioko~

Name: Tessiai 'Tess' Winters
Age: 17
Gender: Female
, only her hair is down to her knees.
Occupation: Student
Crush: Christopher~
Celebi- PshychicVine-Female
Flygon- Sandstorm-Female
Azumarill- Bubble- Female
Jolteon- Zap-Female
Persian- Claws- Male (Crush on Candy)
Personality: A tomboy, she's like Kioko in many ways, and is best friends with Sarah, Ayumi, Lekio, Kioko. She's not shy at all, and is a daredevil, and also loves to battle.

Members- iphillip1-Dr. Ruby Leher/ James (Link) Leher/Andrew Rumsfeld
Time Psyduck- Dr. Seth Wilson/ Gwenfrei "Gwen" Jones/ Albert Adams
Full Metal Cookies- Lavi Baker/ Wyatt Baker/Elizabeth 'Riza' Sanders
Evoli- Zelda Hawley
Mewtwo-Mystari (Mysti) Allyssa Endris/Christopher (Chris)Allen Renalade
Darksong- Aria
Dark Flamez- Sarah/Ayumi
Bakuphoon-Valor Conrad
Lucas 755-Ned Nadalas
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Name: Dr. Ruby Lehrer
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Appearance: Whilst teaching he teaches he wears a Tux. When he Is outside of School he wears normal trainer clothes.
Occupation: Teacher of Pokemon Battling
Crush: None yet. Power Whip
Personality: Revered, and Quiet. Very easily angered and can be violent. He can be quite agreeable with those he deems good students. He is seen as a leader among other teachers.
Bio: He got his Ph.D in Pokemon Battling from Ketchum National University.
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Time Psyduck

I can see the ending
Name: Dr. Seth Wilson
Age: 57
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall and of a medium build, with small but noticeable stomach. When working in a lab or teaching, he is in a lab coat, a shirt (usually white, but there are others), and black trousers and shoes. On field work he has dark green walking boots, trousers, shirt, and jacket, and a grey overcoat. He also wears glasses which darken outside. He has greying blond hair, blue eyes, a lean face with some wrinkles, but not a lot.
Occupation: Teacher - Pokémon Science (Like a cross between biology and animal welfare. But with pokémon instead of animals)
Crush: None (Widower, his wife having died a few years ago. He is over her, but not looking for love)
Ned - Tentacruel - Male
Molly - Gastrodon (East Sea) Female
Arthur - Heracross - Male
Echo - Starmie - None
Cora - Staraptor - Female
Uxie - Unknown
In addition there are a number of other pokemon in the labs at the school for education and research purposes.
Personality: Enthusiastic about his subject, but a bit absent-minded when he gets obsessed about something, although he is generally laid-back and organised.
Bio: He is qualified as a Pokémon vet, and has an PhD in Pokemon biology. He has been teaching for over 25 years and has taught a number of notable trainers.

Name: James William "Will" Archer
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Apperance: Tall, with black hair and brown eyes, and a thin but muscular body, he wears a black trench coat, shirt, trousers and boots, and has a pear of sunglasses which he wears unless he is peaking to someone who has his respect.
Occupation: Student
Crush: Lekio, but he won't admit it to himself never mind anyone else
Leonard (Gallade) - Male - An idealistic and charismatic leader type, but tends to rush in without thinking about things enough
Gilbert (Lucario) - Male - More practical and cautious than Gallade, and the two are good friends.
Blake (Blaziken) - Male - A violent and unpleasant pokémon, he shows respect to no-one except James
Carlisle (Machamp) - Male - A large and powerful fighter, but rather gentle and caring
Meriwether (Tyrouge) - Male - Small and unintimidating, but actually rather powerful, and also a comedian
Edmund (Poliwrath) - Male - Quiet, tending not to speak unless absolutely necessary, he is in fact the most powerful team member
Personality: Antisocial and rude, he has respect for very few people.
Bio: He won't say, but he wants to be the best there is.

[I may add more characters later]
[Power Whip?]
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eeh why not

Name: Lavi Baker
Age: 38
Gender: Female
Appearance: Lavi is tall and of an average weight. She has long, curly red hair and brilliant green eyes, and pale skin. She's pretty, with a rounded face and full lips, but not overly beautiful. She can usually be found wearing a white tank top under a plaid flannel shirt, and well-worn overalls.
Occupation: Teacher of Pokemon Handling (Learning how to handle your Pokemon outside of battle, for breeding, flying, etc)
Crush: She's married, her husband owns a bakery chain.
[Yuuka] Shaymin (F)
Ability: Serene Grace
Not really one of Lavi's Pokemon, Yuuka has adopted Lavi as a friend that she visits on occasion.
[Havoc] Furret (M)
Ability: Keen Eye
Usually found around Lavi's neck, Havoc was named for his habit of making as much mess as he can. He was Lavi's first Pokemon
[Rinri] Leafeon (F)
Ability: Leaf Guard
Rinri was given to Lavi when she was a little girl as an Eevee. She evolved into Leafeon when the two were training in the forest.
[Jasmine] Floatzel (F)
Ability: Swift Swim
Jasmine is rash and strong, rushing into battle without thinking, and usually winning.
[Edward] Luxray (M)
Ability: Intimidate
Edward is brave, and very protective of Lavi and her team.
[Wyn] Riolu (M)
Ability: Inner Focus
Wyn is the baby of the team, and is still very young. He's not very good at battling.

Personality: Lavi is motherly and gentle, able to see the good in anyone. But, if someone harms her Pokemon, or someone weaker than them, she won't forgive them. She is a skilled battler, able to keep her head in the thick of a bloodbath.
Bio: She was raised on a farm, and is very capable at handling Pokemon, both wild and tame. She married young - she was 18 - and settled down in a small village, but they moved to a larger city when her husband's bakery when national. She has a teenaged son, who goes to Liza Denson High School.

Name: Wyatt Baker
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Wyatt is a tall boy, like his mother, and is rather thin. He has shoulder-length brown hair, usually bound back in a ponytail. His eyes are a dazzling green. He usually wears tight jeans and a band tee that reads 'Metal Sound'.
Occupation: Student
Crush: none as of yet
[Berlin] Vaporeon (F)
Ability: Water Absorb
Wyatt's first Pokemon, she's Rinri's daughter.
[Munich] Toxicroak (F)
Ability: Dry Skin
An adept battler, Munich is usually teamed with Berlin.
[Ho-Ne] Marowak (M)
Ability: Lightningrod
Ho-Ne is very strong, and brave. He believes very strongly in honour.
[Corbin] Staraptor (M)
Ability: Intimidate
The team scout. He's oddly shy for a Staraptor.
[Totter] Spinda (F)
Ability: Tangled Feet
Totter is an odd bird, but a good fighter and very friendly nonetheless.
[Maes] Houndoom (M)
Ability: Flash Fire
Maes is a father figure to the younger Pokemon. He was Wyatt's second Pokemon.

Personality: Wyatt's a loner, and very quiet. He usually can be found writing in the notebook he carries with him. Other kids don't really notice him and he prefers it that way. He loves his Pokemon very much, and is very good at taking care of them.
Bio: He was born on his mother's farm, so he learned about Pokemon from an early age. Him and his parents moved to a big city when he was ten.

Power Whip! All New! Delicious!

Also, the first post stretches the page sideways - could you remove some of the '----' stuff so it doesn't? It's annoying to have to sidescroll to read it.

also HOLY MCJESUS this post is HUGE


feeling nostalgic
Name: Zelda Hawley
Age: 15
Gender: Female (Dur hur hur)
Appearance: Zelda appears to try to look as different from the character she's named after as possible. She has bright red hair (which she has in a braid 24/7) and blue-green eyes. She's tall and skinny (Referring to herself as "a shrimp") and very pale. Zelda loves wearing different ponchos and skirts, or occasionally jean. She alway has on a necklace with a class ring, (Her mother's) a plastic foot, and a gold cross on it. Underneath she likes wearing a black tee-shirt with a snarling Mightyena on it, just to surprise people. Her nails are close to an inch long, and filed to points with light blue nail polish.
Occupation: Student
Crush: Zelda is almost proud of not liking any guys. An encounter with somebody name Link will most likely end up with him being strangled.
Personality: Zelda generally greets others by saying, "Hi, I'm Zelda. If you ask me where my boyfriend Link is, hum the Zelda theme at me, or ask to see my left hand, I will personally club you to death with the nearest large blunt object." Probably because of this, to most people she seems "goth" and somewhat scary. She doesn't care, and seems to enjoy freaking people out. If people are friendly and she likes them, Zelda can be goofy and fun, if somewhat sarcastic. She has a strong sense of justice and is very loyal. If (she thinks) something is wrong she will do everything possible to try and make things right.
Bio: Zelda's parent are generally considered to be absolutely nuts (By herself as much as others), which was "proven" by the fact that they named their kid Zelda, after a character in a video game. She was home schooled before she started going to Liza Denson high school. She got Katniss as a birthday present for her 14th birthday and found Kitty in the woods behind her house, curled up inside a tree.
zomgpowerwhip. :O
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Mage of Blood
Name: Mystari(Mysti) Allyssa Endris
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Apperance: May I edit a trainer for this?
Occupation: Student
Crush: I'll choose when there are male sign-ups of my age.
Pokemon: *goes to make a Trainer card*
Personality: PO
Bio: N/A
Other: Power Whip


Back in action!
Name: Aria
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Sapphire has short black hair that goes down to her shoulders. She has a blue bow in her hair, on the left side of her hair. Her eyes are large and blue. Sapphire is quite short, and is about 4 feet 11 inches. She wears a yellow shirt with a Meowth in the middle of it. She wears blue jeans, white socks, and plain white running shoes.
Occupation: Student
Crush: Wyatt Baker

Gender: Female
Ability: Sticky Hold
Item: Leftovers
Moves: Surf, Water Pulse, Mud Bomb, Hidden Power

Gender: Female
Ability: Rock Head
Item: Smoke Ball
Moves: Sucker Punch, Slam, Low Kick, Rock Slide

Gender: Female
Ability: Own Tempo
Item: Cleanse Tag
Moves: Faint Attack, Slash, Captivate, Attract

Gender: Female
Ability: Blaze
Item: None
Moves: Mach Punch, Rock Climb, Flame Wheel, Close Combat

Gender: Male
Ability: Swarm
Item: Big Root
Moves: Sing, Perish Song, Bug Buzz, Leech Life

Gender: Male
Ability: Inner Focus
Item: Quick Claw
Moves: Fly, Poison Fang, Air Cutter, Bite

Personality: It varies; one moment, she can be jolly and friendly; and the next, she can be sassy and argumentative. Bio: She doesn't know about the move Power Whip.


New member
Name: Sarah
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Occupation: Student
Crush: Will wait first

Houndoom-Katia-Female-Watcher over everyone, and Sarah's first Pokemon. Katia is a quiet pokemon who's hiding a fierce inner image.
Ninetales- Hannah- Female- Katia's best friend, Hannah's very loyal, and won't rest until what she needs to do is done.
Zangoose- Razor-Male- A playful pokemon with a crush on Aurora
Lucario- Aurora- Female- A Pokemon who's pretty quiet, and is very strong. She has a slight crush on Razor.
Buizel- Rocket- Female- Very young, Rocket hasn't had that much expeirence with battling, but is learning.
Lugia- Twister- ???- A loyal Pokemon, Twister would never betray anyone that it's close with.

Personality: Quiet, Sarah is known as pretty much a goth by her friends, and scary to others. She's very active, and loves sports. She will also get into tons of mischief~
Bio: Coming soon to a page near you.

Name: Ayumi
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Occupation: Student
Crush: Looking~

Shaymin- Flora- Female- A Pokemon that Ayumi found in the forest when she was younger.
Bulbasaur- Apple- Female- Ayumi's second pokemon, and hasn't evolved.
Meganium- Pansy- Female- Ayumi's first Pokemon, and her loyalest~
Tropius- Tropic- Female- Ayumi's friend, Tropic is a joker.

Personality: Fun-loving, Ayumi is a girl who loves to play, and in turn, gets in a bit of trouble everyday. She also loves Grass types. She also wants at least one of her Pokemon to learn Power Whip.
Bio: Coming soon.

Once I make these Bio's I proabably add more charecters, so be ready~
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Name: James (Link) Lherer
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall, Stocky, Strong. He has Golden blond hair and wears green a lot, which is where his nickname comes from.
Occupation: Student
Crush: Zelda Hawley. It is well known that Link loves Zelda, which adds to his nickname, But Zelda doesn't seem to even notice his existence.

The Son of Dr. Lherer's Blaziken it was Link's 1st pokemon, and best friend.

Again, son of Dr. Lherer's Pikachu.

This Pokemon was Given to him by his Mother when he was young, it is the only thing he has to remember her by.

It was the first pokemon that he caught on his own and raised it from a Pidgey. It will evolve soon

Evolved from his Kirlia, he is very proud of his gallade.

It was the a rare find, this shiny dragonair, whom he raised from a Dratini.

Personality: Brave, enjoys adventure.
Bio: He was orphaned when he was 2 and was put up for adoption. He was adopted by Dr. Lherer, who has raised him like a son ever since.

Again, Power whip.
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feeling nostalgic
Crush: Zelda Hawley. It is well known that Link loves Zelda, which adds to his nickname, But Zelda doesn't seem to even notice his existence.
Lol, this should be interesting. Although it may end up with him tied to a chair in the basement, but I digress. xD

Mew Mew Princess~

Mew Mew Strawberry
All accepted! Yes, Mewtwo, you can edit a trainer for Mysti! Oh, and you must stay in school for at least 2 days before you venture off~ Now for Liza~

Name: Liza Denson
Age: 25 (Young master and queen, huh?)
Gender: Female
, but don't let her apperance fool ya!
Occupation: Ruler/Queen/Pokemon Master
Crush: Andrew Rumsfeld

Mew-Star-Female- A Pokemon who is like her trainer- Fooling apperance, which is hiding a tough interior.
Vulpix- Marshmellow- Liza's first pokemon, and the one who is like her the most.
Dragonite-Tsunami-Female- A Pokemon who is very playful when not battling, which Liza doesn't mind.
Infernape- Knock-Out- Male- A very fiesty Pokemon
Espeon-SunLash- Female- An Espeon who is always cool, calm, collected, and powerful.
Milotic- Aquamarine- Female- A beautiful and powerful Pokemon, she's quick to anger.

Personality: Full of herself at times, hotheaded, and bright, Liza knows how to use her powers to her advantage. She's also sly, and cunning.
Bio: Liza comes from a wealthy family, and 3 brothers who were excellent trainers. She had more skill than the whole family, and ended up becoming the master and queen. The way she became queen is unknown, but she's not trying to let anyone find out.
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Mew Mew Princess~

Mew Mew Strawberry
We'll need at least 2 servants before we start~ If we don't get any, we'll just start Monday after I come from school, probably, which is about 4:00, but I'll probably be on around5:00.


I'll make a bad guy.

Name: Andrew Rumsfeld
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Occupation: Servant in disguise as a Teacher
Appearance: Use your imagination

Favorite Pokemon

Starter Pokemon

Generic Pokemon

Most Powerful Pokemon

Generic Pokemon

Personality: Acts normal but is really very devious
Crush: Lisa Desnon
Bio: Lisa's childhood best friend, he helped her rise to power, and is the only person who knows how she got there.

Time Psyduck

I can see the ending
I'm going to regret this when everything kicks off but:

Name: Gwenfrewi "Gwen" Jones
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Apperance: Small and thin, with medium length brown-blond hair (to about 2/3rds of the way down the upper arm) and pale blue/grey eyes. Wears a white shirt, long black skirt and shoes most of the time, although she does have other clothes for when the usual dress in inappropriate
Occupation: Student
Crush: James (Link) Lherer, but she doesn't think she stands a chance
Rose - Roselia - Female - Gwen's first pokémon, met as a Budew and befriended.
Carrie - Lucario - Female - Formerly belonged to Gwen's father as a Riolu, but became close to Gwen and given to her as a guard, at which point Carrie evolved
Candace - Chansy - Female [I swear this is not deliberate] - Gwen's first captured pokémon, and provides motherly support to Gwen.
Towy - Togepi - Male - An extracurricular project, set by Dr. Wilson to encourage her skills as a pokémon breeder.
Mesprit - Unknown - Met and befriended by Gwen as a very young child, then met again when she started at the school. Mesprit acts as a guide for Gwen, especially when people attempt to take advantage of her.
Personality and Bio: Very sweet, a bit shy, and with a very small voice, Gwen cares deeply about the emotional welfare of everyone else, which made here a natural breeder but a poor battler. However her mother was beaten by Liza Desnon and wants reveng through her daughter, and wanting her mother to be happy, Gwen has tried her best to to well, with some success.

Name: Albert Adams
Age: 77
Gender: Male
Apperance: A medium hight, and rather thin, with thin grey/white hair and grey eyes. He has a fairly wrinkled face, but not excessively so. He wears a black pinstriped business suit most of the time.
Occupation: Servant - Butler/Head of Staff
Crush: None - he's a bit old
Luther (Luther Wymond IV) - Arcanine - Male - As loyal to Albert as he is to Liza, Luther is the Great-Grandson of Albert's first ever pokemon
Chad - Machamp - Male - Chad and Albert have been friend for many years, having met a long time ago. Like Albert Chad is getting on a bit
Oliver - Rapidash - Male - A thoroughbred racehorse, Oliver is Albert's pride and joy, and was purchased with the money given by Liza's parents opon his departure
Personality: He is an efficient but discreet man, and often seems to show up exactly where and when he is needed, but just before anyone realises he is. He is very loyal to Lisa and would do anything (including murder) for her.
Bio: Having worked for Lisa's parents, he was around for all of Liza's childhood, however when her parents promoted a younger man over his head he quit his job. He was later employed by Liza as she felt she could trust him. He doesn't know how she got to power but he hasn't asked - tradition tells him it's not his place to ask.
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oh, yes, quite right. Liza. Not Lisa.
Evoli, can you make one more character to be a 25-30 year old teacher to be Dr. Lherer's Hottie?


what the heck I'll make another char

Name: Elizabeth 'Riza' Sanders
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Riza is a well-built girl, not too tall, not too short. She has long blond hair that she wears in a high ponytail, and brown eyes. She usually dresses in jeans of some kind and a dress shirt, as well as a blue jean jacket.
Occupation: Student
Crush: Aria
[Sputnik] Metagross (X)
Ability: Clear Body
The strong silent type. Capable of crushing foes with a single blow
[Talon] Armaldo (M)
Ability: Battle Armor
Talon is really a sweet guy, even if he looks tough and heartless. He loves to carry Mokie around.
[Shimmoku] Froslass (F)
Ability: Snow Cloak
Shimmoku is very quiet, to an eerie extent. She tends to faze into objects and emerge without notice, startling others.
[Breakneck] Garchomp (M)
Ability: Sand Veil
Breakneck is very smart, calculating how each move will turn out before executing it.
[Kusanagi] Rotom (X)
Ability: Levitate
Kusanagi is a pure fighting machine, mowing (excuse the pun) it's foes down without thought.
[Mokie] Azurill (M)
Ability: Huge Power
Mokie is just as brave as the members of his team, even if he lacks size.
Personality: Riza is very strict with her Pokemon, but that doesn't mean she doesn't love them. She is intelligent, and knows when she should or shouldn't take an action.

New and Improved Power Whip! Now with more Whipping!