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Suggestions Wave goodbye to your secret crap, dumbass!



quick doodle (about five minutes?) or my new RP chara, Ada. She's an Albino Espeon.

SPAGGLE ED is entirely Zora's fault go blame her.

And some more icons. Haven't done these in a while. But my offer still stands! Any of the icons in the first post are gankable, and just ask and I can edit one for you. If you're looking for a specific Pokemon I don't have yet you can ask too.


Back in action!
That albino Espeon looks like something I would do in a few hours, but you did it in five minutes. :D I like the way it looks realistic, like it's just a sort of edited cat. The fur is done very smoothly, and I like the highlights on the eye.

The rainbow-ish Ed one is hilarious. XD It looks like someone ran him through a car wash with rainbow paint or something. That's really the only I can describe it, at least; if water had been dumped on him, he would be colored all over. The way his automail is drawn simply also adds to the effect; it makes it look... all... not-serious and crazy. :P

Oh, and also, I'd like to use a Vulpix avatar but the place where I want to use it only allows maximum dimensions of 64x64.
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see ya

Ada. Looks. GORGEOUS. I adore your take on a realistic-looking Espion, and the anatomical-correctness of it makes me very happy. :D


Tragically unbeyachted.
Eeee, I haven't posted here in ages (because I am a terrible person) and you've gotten so much better so quickly <3 Your human faces and bodies in general are complete love. Your Scouts in particular are completely adorable.

I'm so glad you draw creepy, creepy things. The kitty at the top of this page is especially excellent (very Tim Burton), though I love the colouring and design of the green multi-eyes monster-thing.




A quick sketch of a chara I'm signing up in Mewtwo's RP. I seem to have forgotten how to draw women.

A quick bust shot of my Medic, Emil, for practice. I may be getting his design down finally.

Linking this because lol slash :B

A Skymin!

also, dragons

I'll have some pen stuff I did on my trip later :B


Back in action!
I don't see anything wrong with the people; the faces look great, especially Cherry's expression. Is that her name? That's what it says in the corner so that's what I'm calling her. :P I like Emil's face, too, though. And for some reason, I also like the way the drawing fades out at the bottom.

Skymin: I love the way you do wings and cat noses... they look excellent somehow, especially the wings with their feather definition. I like the eyes, too; they seem to be simple and yet show a lot of emotion. The back legs, the hips at least, look very wide, however. But it might just be the position of the back legs... ooh fluffy tail :3

And I also love the detail on the dragons. I think the horns are especially well done. They look very realistic. I don't really see anything bad about them, since they look so cool.

You seem to have a style with eyes that makes them very expressive :D


will remain confined to the pokemon topics
I love that Marowak. One thing though, what is happening with the hands? The one hand is like the knuckles on one side and then it... doubles back on itself and the claw is on the other side? Or what?


...It's a thumb? *blink* You need those to hold things?

..ANYWAY stuff

my Medic Emil as a Clefable. because I CAN.


a sort of...study I guess? I drew myself as both male and female, to compare. I is a fugly :c